Man injured in collision with a semi-truck

June 29, 2013

slo crash 2A man is in critical condition after the Ford Thunderbird he was driving collided with a semi-truck at the corner of Chorro and Peach streets in San Luis Obispo on Friday afternoon.

The injured man was driving eastbound on Peach Street before he turned north on Chorro Street and collided with the semi-truck. Police determined the injured man failed to yield the right of way to a Pacific Beverage truck driven by Jose Ramirez-Joropeza from Paso Robles.

Jose Ramirez-Joropeza was not injured in the collision.

San Luis Obispo firefighters extracted the driver of the Thunderbird from his car. He was transferred to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center suffering from significant internal injuries. The injured man’s name is not being released until hospital personnel can notify his family.


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People drive like crap in slo all day, every day. Such nice cars and horrible driving skills

At least he was close to Sierra!

This was bound to happen. Why was that semi even there? This is a residential street, not a truck route. Trucks aren’t supposed to be there. But after years of the police department’s ignoring the issue, this is the inevitable sort of result. GET THE TRUCKS OFF OUR RESIDENTIAL STREETS AND BACK ONTO TRUCK ROUTES!!!

So instead the driver who does not yield can run into a minivan full of kids?

To and from delieverys is legal, and I believe there is a store off of Chorro just before getting to downtown.

hijinks, take your meds. Maybe the semi was a moving van. Or maybe it was delivering a large appliance or item of furniture. There are many legit reasons for it to have been there. People who go off on a rant such as you have here reveal not a sense of logic or grasp of any facts, but only their ability to spout off.

The delivery truck had every right to be there.

The story stated, “Police determined the injured man failed to yield the right of way”.

Go ahead & blame the truck & the Police. That makes a lot of sense.