Missing APCD board members spotted

July 25, 2013

photoTwo San Luis Obispo County supervisors who claimed that they were unable to attend an Air Pollution Control District Board meeting Wednesday morning were spotted at a gathering that afternoon in Pismo Beach.

Supervisors Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill, who both said they could not make it to the APCD board meeting earlier in the day which caused the meeting to be cancelled, attended a San Luis Obispo Economic Vitality Corporation (EVC) gathering Wednesday in Pismo Beach at the Ventana Grill restaurant.


Bruce Gibson, center, at EVC gathering

The event began in the afternoon and lasted into the evening. Gibson and Hill were spotted around 5:30 p.m.

Hill was also spotted around 11 a.m. Wednesday, when the board meeting would have been occurring, having coffee with Caren Ray, an Arroyo Grande Councilwoman and candidate to fill a vacancy on the Board of Supervisors.

San Luis Obispo Councilman John Ashbaugh, who said he could not go to the APCD meeting, attended the event in Pismo Beach as well. Ashbaugh said he could not make the board meeting because he was teaching at Alan Hancock College at the time.

Ashbaugh is San Luis Obispo’s alternate APCD board member. Regular board member Mayor Jan Marx announced in advance that she would be out of town Wednesday.

When asked by CalCoastNews why he could not attend the APCD meeting, Hill walked away. Gibson left the event before that.

Gibson and Hill are currently trying to regain the majority on both the Board of Supervisors and the APCD board.


Adam Hill, center, at EVC gathering

If either of the two supervisors, or Ashbaugh, chose to attend the APCD meeting Wednesday, the board would have met.

The 12-member board needs seven members present to achieve a quorum. Following Gibson and Hill’s decision earlier this week to skip the meeting, only six members were committed to attending.


John Ashbaugh asking a question at EVC gathering

If the APCD board met Wednesday, Gibson, Hill and/or Ashbaugh likely would fallen in the minority on key votes because their political allies were out of town.

The APCD board next meets in September. By then, the Grover Beach City Council may boot its mayor, Debbie Peterson, from the board. Peterson is a political foe of Hill and Gibson. Hill has publicly chastised Peterson on two recent occassions for her active involvement in APCD issues.


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What would have been wrong is to allow a vote to be ramrodded through the board when key people on the board were on vacation and could not participate. Kevin Rice was hoping to make that dirty deed happen but didn’t count on Hill sitting out in order to scuttle the voting. What was wrong was not canceling the meeting when it was known long beforehand that Smukler, and Marx couldn’t make the meeting.

All this was was typical political gamesmanship and in this case Rice was outmaneuvered and is trying his best, with the help of his mindless pawns and tools, to turn this into a sheeeit storm and leverage it for his own selfish purposes.

Kevin, what exactly is this “lie” you are accusing me of? If there really is one, for the sake of readers, please extract it and quote it for us. In lieu of that, I would have to conclude that your accusation is highly ironic. So, please quote it and provide evidence of it’s “falsehood” or apologize to the readers you are misleading. Thank you!

What a farse you are! The burden of proof is on the one making a claim. YOU provide evidence or we can conclude you have nothing.

By the way, the “key” members of the Board that I refer to include Noah Smukler, Jan Marx and John Ashbaugh. And you KNOW they are key, because you tried like heck to push a vote through when they were scheduled to be absent.

Me thinks thou doest protest too much…FAR TOO MUCH! You got outmaneuvered Kevin; face the music…

If you will cheat on something as important as your marriage vows I guess it’s par for the course that you will cheat on other things.

I believe that Gibson made it very clear to all of us, he was not cheating because it was “an affair of the heart”. At least that’s what he claimed to the Tribune. Apparently there’s a big difference.

Dear Adam & Bruce:

Next APCD meeting will feature wine, cheese and Senator Monning. See you there!

To make it a really fun event, KR will bring the bud.

Budweiser bad. Guinness good.

I gave you a thumbs up for getting the joke.

Kevin Rice is a perfect example of what is wrong with the system. Isn’t he a fireman somewhere? He must be on one of those 3-4-5 days off stints while others are being paid overtime to fill in for him. Or he has nothing better to do at work but monitor CCN.

It would be interesting to see where his emails are generated from.

Mr. Holly: You may not agree with K. Rice on this issue, but you have absolutely no reason to attack h him personally, no matter how foolish your attempt is. Kevin is deeply concerned about where this county is headed and devotes a great deal of time to researching the local issues, IN ADDITION to the time he spends in his profession. Frankly, you’ve got a lot of gall when you try to besmirch his character because of his profession as a fireman. And how do you contribute to the community? Mr. Holly, simply stated, you should be ashamed of what you wrote.

Chris, it is YOU who should be ashamed! Tell us who employs YOU to spew your extremist right wing militant, war and torture promoting propaganda in various media!

Chris, since you bring up the issue of “contributing to the community”, how about you tell us what you consider to be Kevin Rice’s “contributions”, if any? And what about you? I know you promote the use of torture by our government and defend politicians such as Dick Cheney and George Bush–and you might consider THAT a contribution–but beyond those things what do you count as YOUR contributions, if any?

At least Kevin Rice puts his name to his opinion. How about you, WiserGuy? Really to come in and play with the adults?

Ah, that tired bromide !

Kevin Rice’s ‘name’ could be Einstein, and his opinions would still be reactionary bloviating.

Dave, I don’t crave public recognition and adoration for my viewpoints nor do I wish myself or my loved ones to be harassed.

Using a nom de plume is standard operating procedure and condoned on this forum and others like it. Why do you single out me for insults for doing what is common and acceptable on this forum? And whether I am an “adult” or not, is irrelevant.

When I use my well-known nom de plume to state my opinions it does not inhibit you in any way from responding in this forum as you might wish. However, by design, it might be preventing you from responding outside this forum in ways that I find unacceptable and/or putting myself, my loved ones, or my property in jeopardy. I make this decision based on past experience and the experience of others who have faced unpleasant consequences directly related to people who post on and/or read this and other local online forum.

So, bottom line, please respect my non de plume just as I accept you using yours, “Dave.” If you disagree with or have something to add to what I write in this forum, stay on point and address THAT, rather than trying in vain to ferret out information about my private life.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if you are the same “Dave” who is promoting and stands to profit from a project called “Authors Anonymous”!

There’s that dreaded word again……profit.

You so full of bs unwiser, the fact is that no one admires any of the crap you spew. Give us a break…love and admiration of your family lol. Isn’t Barak and his NSA cronies in charge…gw and dick Cheney have been gone half a decade dimwit.

Gibson looks a little ticked off about having his photo taken, no?


In reference to your comment about Fonzi’s “style is above reproach”

I just sent you an email that you might find of interest.

Gibson and Hill and a couple of idiots.

I bet Debbie Peterson gets to slide on her “anonymous” petition BS because the “pro-dunes-destruction” folks will make the Gibson/Hill nincompoopery into an overblown big deal.

I don’t support their type of politics, but I assume that APCD board members are allowed to miss meetings, and don’t need notes from their mothers to do so.

This isn’t about anyone needing a note from their mothers to miss a meeting, miss smarty-pants. This is about what may be collusion for attain a personal political agenda. And where there’s collusion, there’s often intent to thwart or defraud.