Prison realignment gets state scrutiny

July 18, 2013

prisonsAn obscure state panel, the California State Sex Offender Management Board, has convened in Sacramento to study the social implications of the so-called prison realignment policy now being introduced by corrections officials. (Sacramento Bee)

The realignment has been initiated to meet federal judicial orders to reduce California prison populations in order to provide better health care for inmates.

Brown’s plan has proved controversial. Opponents of the plan contend it will cause dangerous felons to be released.

One of these individuals, Abel Maldonado, used a photo of a sex offender when he staged a press conference to illustrate his opposition. That May 8 event occurred shortly after the San Luis Obispo County resident announced his intention to challenge Gov. Jerry Brown next year.

The former lieutenant governor said he will support an initiative designed to prevent the realignment plan from taking effect. That initiative is planned to appear on the same ballot as the governor’s race.

Maldonado has insisted his actions were not political.

The realignment plan releases felons imprisoned for low-level, non-violent crimes before completion of their terms, in order to free up more beds.

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Okay, so let me get this straight. If a person goes to prison as a felon under a low level, non-violent crime, then they know more than likely that they will be released sooner than later relative to their actual prison term? Great!

Seemingly, there now is absolutely no incentive not to break the law in a “low-level non-violent ” way because the felon can laugh at the judge when he hands down their prison terms!

JUDGE: Joe Blow, the state of California sentences you to 5years for Criminal violation of a restraining order regarding your ex-wife.

JOE BLOW: Okay your honor.

ATTORNEY: Joe, psst! Listen, the prisons are overcrowded, so you’ll be in and out like a hamburger so you can continue to stalk your ex-wife real soon, okay?!

JOE BLOW: Oh yeah, I forgot why we low level non-violent criminals love California!

Another state board and another chance for officials to double dip into the taxpayer well. Come on Gov. Brown eliminate most of these boards and really cut costs, and not the claim of cuts by only cutting the expected increases in budgets

Last time I looked at the number of boards, there were like 2 to 300, with at least 5 to 10 members each and their compensation was really high. Most of these appointments are political rewards for their support during the election process. A real scam to the taxpayers.