Should California inmates practice safe sex?

July 8, 2013

CMCshadowA California lawmaker has proposed requiring state prison officials to distribute condoms to inmates in order to limit the spread of HIV and other diseases. [ABC 10]

Democratic Assemblyman Rob Bonta’s bill, AB 999, would require the state Department of Corrections to make condoms available in five prisons a year beginning in 2015 and in all state prisons by 2020.

State law currently prohibits inmate sex, but the frequency in which inmates do have sex has led to a rate of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases that is much higher than the general population.

In 2007, a similar bill passed the legislature, but Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed it. Schwarzenegger, however, directed the Department of Corrections to institute a pilot condom distribution program for inmates.

Between November 2008 and November 2009, the state distributed condoms in vending machines at Solano State Prison.

The effect of the program on the sexually transmitted disease rate in the prison is unknown, according to the bill.


Sarah Bellum

Not mentioned above is the fact that “[t]he implementation of this program is contingent upon the receipt of sufficient donations by the department. All nonadministrative costs of the program, including the dispensers and condoms, shall be paid for through donations.” Which makes you wonder what to call the nonprofit that sets this up. Condoms for Crooks? Rubbers for Reprobates?


Does it really matter what these affectionate people do — so long as they don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses!

—Beatrice Stella Tanner Campbell


NO CONDEMS , LET THEM GO AHEAD AND HAVE THERE sex , and DIE OF AIDS , then we can stop supporting them , they are USLESS to society


Pfffft! How compassionate of you.

Some of these inmates will be released back into society. Since they don’t have a vaccination against AIDS, since it is very expensive to treat, and since it can be passed on to others in the general population, consider using condoms as an alternative to the non-existing anti-AIDS vaccination.


I am with most that I can’t believe we have to pay for this BUT then I had a thought on this and where we will be damned if we do and damned if we don’t. IF they get aids, the Government will require that we have to care for them. So depending on how many get aids, what will be more expensive? Giving the condoms and less aids patients or don’t give the condoms and more aids patients?

AGAIN DON’T mistake that I like ANY of this but this is how the system works now, so I say give me (the taxpayer) the cheapest option.

Mr. Holly

They have their own money to buy other personal items why are we have to pay for their entertainment? Does Mr. Bonta have any connections with San Francisco?


It is truly amazing that we have people like Mr. Bonta in Sacramento. There just has to be about a

gazillion things more important to tie up this legislature than this AB 999. The inmates are not incompetent; they know the risks; and yet they continue to have sex. Oh well!!!


This is a financial issue. AIDS is expensive to treat, delivered over the patient’s lifetime, and it can be passed on to people who have never been in prison.


Perhaps we should give them knife sharpeners, wire cutters and ladders, and Crack pipes too? Heck, if we are going to condone and accessorize one illegal activity, might as well condone them all!

Jorge Estrada

Now it is legal for them to Wed before bed and be imprisoned with their spouse, similar to many on the outside. One big difference is that the taxpayer will pay the spousal support in every case.



Perhaps if the state focused on using inmate labor to supplement state funded projects, rather than simply warehousing these felons, they’d be too tired at the end of the day to have “sex.”

When is the tail going to stop wagging the dog?


Maybe We should allow same sex marrage of inmates currently locked up…. possibly cutting down on the housing problems.


Sounds like a interesting idea, however the taxpayers would be on the hook for the cost of the wedding and divorce

Spirit Filled

When is a man too tired to have sex? Men are sex machines, ask any one of them. I’m 69 and was only too tired once, actually 12 times. I was in the hospital in an induced coma. Course I don’t know what was going on around me at that time. It was difficult to say no while in a coma.

God Bless you all