Field of dreams fades in Santa Maria

August 8, 2013

baseballAn independent baseball scout and agent from Morro Bay now says he won’t be helping bring a professional baseball team to Santa Maria because city officials there have not been cooperative. (Santa Maria Times)

Jim Hayes had been part of an investment group looking into the possibility of pro ball. But Hayes said this week that he has been unable to find a suitable place for competition.

Hayes had wanted to field the team at Elks Field, but noted that he would need a more stable commitment from city officials before he could begin forming a team.

“Santa Maria is not a good fit anymore,” he told a reporter. “I feel like I’ve been spinning my wheels. I felt like nobody wants us.”

He said the deal-breaker was his inability to secure a long-term lease from the city, adding that he plans to look at other locations to place a team.

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Pelican1 and unlisted, How can you comment on a subject you know absolutely nothing about? Were either of you at a meeting where public funds were discussed? Subsidizing and public funds were not discussed, just the use of the field and upgrades without touching any public funds. As one of Jim’s collegues, I feel it is unfair of you to post these kind of comments when it is obvious that you have no knowledge of any of the many discussions that took place since last September.


Is this REALLY the appropriate time to entertain such a proposal? Cities and municipalities are fiscally underwater…and you want to field a sports team subsidized by public finds? Strange…very strange.

How dare the city refuse to subsidize his business venture! That’s downright unAmerican.