Former SLO police officer sues city

August 8, 2013

sloA former San Luis Obispo police officer who was fired after he pled guilty to misdemeanor charges of bringing misbranded Mexican prescription drugs into the United States, filed suit against the city on July 31. [NewTimes]

Former patrol officer Dan McDow, 35, claims that his rights to due process were violated, the city failed to serve him a copy of its decision to uphold his termination and that the penalty imposed by the city was “patently excessive.”

In his suit, McDow wants his termination overturned, full back pay, and for reimbursement of all costs associated with the lawsuit.

In 2010, McDow and fellow officer Armando Limon were stopped and detained while reentering the U.S. from the Mexican border town of Tijuana. The officers were attempting to bring more than 800 pills, including both uppers and diet pills, into the United States.



$10,000 says the city will cave on this. Marx will feel sorry for the guy and Licktig will say that it will be cheaper to settle the lawsuit with this drug dealer rather than go to court. Hell we would have to find the DA (Shea) and then wake him up and that would be very expensive.

Here we go again into the world of city welfare. They will want us to think its cheaper to cave into this guy than to do the right thing. If there is any chance at all that we would lose such an open and shut case then the city administrators that handled it should be fired. Or better yet, suspend Deb Lindens $200K a year retirement package that we taxpayers provide her. Lets sue Deb Linden for incompetence.


I seriously doubt that McDowner notified the city in a timely fashion that he & his fellow law enforcement officer were intending to smuggle drugs from Mexico, nor did he likewise inform the city that the responsibilities of wearing a badge were for him “patently excessive.”


Maybe he did. Maybe the call was, boss bringing you a package later tonight C.O.D, wink, wink


Go home and stay home, drug smuggler. You have no honor and have no business representing our city.


Shenanigans like this…and much worse, go on at the TJ/SanDiego border everyday…

24/7. Be glad you don’t live near that border crossing.


Well, its not like the average person tried to bring in 800 prescription pills illegally from Mexico, it was a law enforcement officer who has probably arrested people for the same deed before. If the men and women in uniform want accolades for risking their lives everyday for the public, they need to pay more attention to their impulse control off duty, don’t you think? The scrutiny never ends as a public servant, nor should it.


Is it just me, or do our public officials consistently exhibit a sense of elitist entitlement that (in their minds) exempts them from all sense of morality, legal responsibility, and accountability?

In the public sector hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his / her level of incompetence.

Mr. Holly

Get in line behind Mason.


C’mon dude, REALLY? Mason didn’t get sh*% except screwed by everyone. He was rightfully reinstated with no back pay, a ton of discipline and a load of attorney bills. Mason should have sued the city!


I think the articles show a deep disparity in treatment. Didn’t an Orange County fireman get fired for being involved in the unfortunate Huntington Beach surf contest riots. Yes, fired and not placed on administrative leave. Not hear, just pay them, then fire them, then rehire them.

Kevin Rice

Doesn’t seen excessive. Grasping at straws.


What nerve! Our “gubmint” employee system needs an overhaul and fast.


Start with the public employee unions, they likely put their seal of approval on this lawsuit