Nipomo businesswoman running for supervisor

October 10, 2013
Lynn Compton

Lynn Compton

Nipomo resident and co-owner of an agricultural supply business, Lynn Compton, will run for the recently filled District 4 San Luis Obispo County Supervisor seat.

Compton, who has operated Valley Farm Supply for the past 15 years, applied for the vacant District 4 seat following the June death of Supervisor Paul Teixeira. Last week, Governor Jerry Brown appointed former Arroyo Grande Councilwoman Caren Ray to fill the seat.

The district, which includes Nipomo, Oceano and parts of Arroyo Grande, historically votes conservatively. District 4 constituents elected current Republican Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian prior to electing the Republican Teixeira.

But, Brown appointed the liberal-leaning Ray, who has already cast a key vote to extend an ordinance restricting water usage in the North County.

“We all know the governor has handpicked my opponent in this race,” Compton said in a campaign kickoff speech Thursday. “It is imperative that our next county supervisor be chosen and supported by us, the community, and not appointed by Sacramento politicians who continue to adopt burdensome regulations and unreasonable policies that drive our local businesses and job opportunities elsewhere.”

Compton, who has both agri-business and law degrees, said she is running on a pro-small business platform.

Despite the recent appointment of Ray, a primary election for the District 4 seat will take place in June 2014. Ray’s term ends in January 2015.

Ray has not yet announced whether she plans to mount a campaign to keep the seat, but she is widely expected to do so. Compton is the first candidate to publicly announce her campaign for the supervisorial seat.


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Now we know why Debbie Arnold could not accept global corporations as a threat to our water basin. Her family business has been selling grapes to the Robert Mondavi wine corporation. See the rest of the story in New Times,

I am very disappointed that the public was unaware of the activities that in my mind constitute a conflict of interest. Unfortunately, our “milk toast”county counsel doesn’t consider anything a conflict of interest including Adam Hill’s vote for CAPSLO funding. We need a new county attorney who has a better grasp of “conflict of interest”.

According to Ms. Compton:

“It is imperative that our next county supervisor be chosen and supported by us, the community.”

Hmm. If I’m not mistaken, Caren Ray won a city council set in Arroyo Grande. Was she not elected by the “community”?

Prediction: Ms. Compton has no chance.

GalaxyTraveler says: “Was she not elected by the “community”?”

Ray appointed to AG council seat

“Councilman Chuck Fellows cast the dissenting vote, favoring applicant Tim Brown who tied with Ray in a numerical rating system used by the council to narrow the field of seven applicants.

The majority favored Ray based on the close alignment of her political philosophy with that of Ed Arnold Jr., who resigned his seat last month, as well as her experience on the Planning Commission and the diversity she would bring to the job.”

The political philosophy of Ed Arnold?

Former Arroyo Grande City Councilman Ed Arnold out on probation

Thanks for the background information. Some people apparently aren’t aware that Caren Ray was appointed to the AG Council to fill Ed Arnold’s position, and has never been elected to anything, just as Lynn Compton has not been elected to anything. It’s an even playing ground for these two candidates.

Caren Ray was up for election in 2012 as was another councilman and the mayor. The city was so satisfied with their work, they ran unchallenged and the election was cancelled. The only city in the county where that occurred. It does get any better than that. Ray has legislative experience and has stood for election. Compton can say neither.

Thanks for this info. I was unaware of this “election” and that indeed, Caren Ray was elected in 2012. Since three of the candidates ran unopposed, however, I would assume that the AG Council has not been doing anything important or controversial, thus the lack of interest in the election.

Am I wrong? What major problems did the Council handle?

Well Citizen, that’s an interesting suggestion but a bit flawed. Certainly legislative action does not have to be controversial to be important. While controversy make entertaining news, it does not serve the constituents well. If legislative action is carefully vetted and stakeholders are given a voice in the process then unnecessary and unproductive controversy can be avoided while the needs of the majority are served. I would suggest this is the legacy of Caren Ray in AG and the city as a whole. During her time on planning commission their reputation went from one of difficult obstructionist to effective consciencious business friendly. When she arrived at council the disruption of Arnold came to an end and an effective council dealt with many potentially contentious issues without great uproar.

I do not think spurring controversy is what we need to look for on our leaders.

Lynn Compton is not serving to represent residents that did not elect her, she is running for office. She is campaigning for their vote of confidence so when she does get elected she will represent the citizens of the 4th district. Until then the 4th district has an appointed person that aligns with the Governor, Gibson and Hill, enough said.

That was not the discussion. Ray has sat for election. She has shown she has the support of a broad base. She has the electoral support or AG which form some strange reason people forget is part of District 4. One would think Nipomo is the beginning and end.

So far Ray appears aligned with 3 of the board. And there is one far right mouth piece. Is that where Compton would line up?

Remind us how many A.G. voters cast their vote for her in the last election…. that’s right….


You call that “electoral support”, eh?

Kevin, rather than trying to trash the reputation of people who ha ve a fine track record in public office, why don’t you tell us a few things that Compton has done that leads you to support her?

Try to be POSITIVE for once. Thanks!

WiserGuy Show us how it’s done, lol. “Try to be POSITIVE for once”

No wonder you are hiding your real name.

WiserGuy says: “Right off the bat, Compton starts off her campaign slinging mud, talking negative rather than being specific about anything in particular that is positive that she would like to do. Just a lot of cheap cliches we hear over and over again from political puppets of the extreme right wing. Who writes her press releases, is what I want to know.”

Speaking of a lack of specifics.

Well when the electorate is so satisfied with the elected that no chooses to simply file a free form to present an alternative, then yes I would call that electoral support.

In fact it may be unanimous support!

Not much left to say when three fifths of a council runs and not a single person files to run against them.

Do you have any real links of this “her neighbors she has sued is over 50” or are you just spreading convenient made up rumours to advance your “team”.

“Truth Is” Now prove you words with facts or are you busy on topix?

No one was probing for her home address, thats creepy.

This is about your gossip and your lack of factual information to back up your words.

Vote For Lynn Compton. It is not a crime to vote for Lynn. This is a positive statement. Tell your friends to vote for Lynn. Go to her website and follow Lynn’s campaign and come to a future event and meet her, ask her questions, then vote for Lynn.

When the libs come out with their heavy (though trite) ammunition on the first day, it indicates to me that we have a viable candidate in south county.

Well I assume it works the same when attacks come from the other side of the aisle. Guess that means Caren Ray is a solid candidate

So basically both side’s have jerks?

If attacks are a measure of a viable candidate then Karen V for Supervisor.

Go team ????!

You mean you didn’t think she was a viable candidate previously? Why not?

Can anyone tell us if Lynn Compton has ever done ANYTHING to serve the public? Also, has she held a leadership position in ANY public organization? How has she demonstrated leadership skills? Sure, she co-owns a business with her husband and seems to have a good relationship with professional photographers,but those two factors alone don’t give the public any indication of what kind of a leader she might be or how she might tackle important issues.

Being on the Board of Supervisors is a big responsibility. Is it enough to know that a candidate is good at following a script and taking direction from political opportunists behind the scenes? Whose idea was it for Compton to seek this type of office when she has so little experience with anything of the sort?

WiserGuy says: “has ever done ANYTHING to serve the public?”

Oh look team adam hill is on the job using anonymous people to spin, how ironic.

So did you write that hit piece or was it sent to your inbox?

For the record I don’t vote for the right or for candidates who mistreat people.

I have no connection whatsoever to Adam Hill, so please, don’t try to marginalize me as such. My viewpoints are all my own, conceived independently through wisdom, insight and personal experience.

I only hope that all citizens will keep their eye on the enemy of local rural residents and farmers– global corporations that come in and buy up pasture land to convert to vineyards and use up all the water from the groundwater basins in the county.

Debbie Arnold is unwilling to admit to the obvious problem and sees the county regulations to save the aquifer as the enemy of local county residents. This is unfortunate and ignorant.

We have to deal with the real enemy before we can make sure that left wingers don’t go too far with regulations. Think of it this way. What if these global wineries were oil companies. Would anyone welcome them to the county to pump as much as they wanted without regulations and limits?

So out of towners are to blame for the water issues in the County. How about this, unless you are of “blue blood” in this country, then go home. Take some accountability. We have all profited from the investments of what you call out of towners.

How did you get “out of towners” from “global corporations”? There is a difference, you know.

Right off the bat, Compton starts off her campaign slinging mud, talking negative rather than being specific about anything in particular that is positive that she would like to do. Just a lot of cheap cliches we hear over and over again from political puppets of the extreme right wing. Who writes her press releases, is what I want to know.

Wiserguy, you nailed it! Extreme right wing puppet- exactly.

As opposed to a left wing puppet?

“Wiser” “letsgetreal” going on about pr and puppet’s, oh the irony.