Pismo Beach breaks its own bed tax revenue record

October 9, 2013

pierpismoFor the third straight year, the city of Pismo Beach eclipsed more than $1 million in bed tax revenue in the month of July.

The city raised a record-high $1,088,089 in transient occupancy tax (TOT) revenue in July 2013. It marked an 8.5 percent increase from July 2012 revenue.

TOT is assessed on hotel, motel, vacation rentals and recreational vehicle stays in the city. Pismo Beach has a 10 percent TOT rate.

Bed tax revenue funds the Pismo Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau, which advertises the city and promotes events.

“This million dollar benchmark has been a goal of ours for a long time, and we are thrilled to have reached it,” said Conference and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Suzen Brasile.

Pismo Beach became the first city in San Luis Obipso County to raise $1 million in TOT in a single month in July 2011.


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the lesson here is for Grover Beach.

Grover, you can do everything Pismo is doing but better. It’s all opportunity for you. And it all starts with a huge pier. From there it will snowball. Guaranteed.

You have the incredible advantage of Oceano Dunes right next to you. 100,000 people every weekend looking for something extra to do.

If it takes a million or near million to fund a visitors bureau, I call for an immediate public audit to find out how the visitors bureau of a dinky place like Pismo can chew through that much taxpayer dollars. A few billboards and a web site and a little more shouldn’t set anybody back one million.

Also, am I the only one that thinks it’s obscene when someone crows about collecting a record amount of TAX ?

The goal, folks, is to run things and conduct your town promotions on a modest budget instead of taking one dollar out of each ten that vacationers spend. Municipal GREED.

Finally, if the article was remiss in mentioning that some bed tax funds also go to Pismo city coffers, well then I’m too lazy to look up the city revenue budget to educate myself on this fact. Most tourist jurisdictions DO flow some bed tax into the general fund.

I can think of at least three regular customers that take long showers.

If I’m thinking correctly, these tourists are attracted to Pismo by the scenic coastline that the City has marketed to them, and the focal point of this scenic coastline, at least for families, is the pier and surrounding beach area. So why is this beach covered with trash and horse manure all summer long? The trash cans set back near the boardwalk are usually overflowing, and there’s nobody – not even a high school-aged intern – out there doing trash pickup on the beach, except for the very few people who voluntarily pick up trash when they see it. Even worse, kids are playing and swimming right next to horse crap. I’m no expert, but aside from being plain disgusting, this must be a violation of some public health law. People are required to clean up after their dogs, but for equestrians, it’s just bombs away! It seems to me that instead of looking the other way while their golden goose is defiled, the city, the state, and the people who brag about how much money the hotels are making should actually go take a look at the beach every once in a while, because it’s our local crown jewel in South County and it needs their help.

Interesting point. I never noticed the equine land mines before, probably because I never saw a horse on Pismo…

People should police themselves anyway, but I’m afraid our fellow state residents from the east often do not share this philosophy.

BTW: with “cch” I am reminded of CCH Pounder – one of my favorite actresses.