SLOPD adds DUI cop

November 18, 2013

carThe San Luis Obispo Police Department added a position dedicated solely to catching and arresting drivers under the influence of alcohol.

New DUI enforcement officer Tim Koznek made six DUI arrest in his first two nights of work earlier this month, according to the police department.

“Each DUI arrest is a potential tragedy averted,” Police Chief Steve Gesell said in a news release. “This officer’s primary purpose is to hunt those that choose to endanger themselves and others by getting behind the wheel impaired.”

The department received a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety to fund the position and selected Koznek for the role. Koznek previously received several Mothers Against Drunk Drivers awards as a SLOPD officer.

A recent Office of Traffic Safety study of California cities with populations between 25,000 and 50,000 found that San Luis Obispo ranked 18th out of 93 cities in having the most alcohol related crashes.

Koznek works nighttime hours on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.



Hooray! Corruption!

I love when law enforcement becomes even MORE politicized than it already is! Woohoo! There’s no way ALL LEO’s could keep doing this as part of their over-compensated JOB, no. We have to have SPECIALISTS! WoohoO! Corruption! Malfeasance and abuse of public trust are alive and well in SLO!

Good ‘ol boys, indeed.


Easy to go after the approximately 30% of driving accidents with alcohol implications (and that does not prove that alcohol was the cause, just that it was present) and ignore that speeding, poor driving skills and cellphones that cause far more fatalities than alcohol.

Demon Booze! The low hanging fruit in a mass of denial by incompetent drivers.


I seriously doubt that anyone, anywhere feels or thinks that driving under the influence is okay and nothing should be done about it; we have a new position on our police force where the officers sole focus is on stopping impaired drivers and so many of you cannot help yourselves from ranting on about how fellow officers might be given a pass, or how this officer might sit outside restaurants waiting to nab those who might have had “one” too many, or maybe this new position is filled by an officer who might be too zealous in his enforcement of the law, and, oh, by the way, doesn’t he have a brother or cousin on the force already? Sheesh.

Anyone who gets behind the wheel that has had ANY amount of alcohol should be ready for a reckoning; you might think you are fine, that there are no effects on your ability to function; are you really the best person to make that decision, a decision that could result in an accident that causes property damage at the least, bodily harm to another likely, and death to an innocent person at the most extreme possibility? I don’t want to run over or into by someone so impaired that they cannot operate their vehicle in a safe responsible manner, and I certainly do not want to lose a loved one in that manner either. I say good luck to this officer, I hope you catch everyone stupid enough to get behind the wheel with alcohol in their system period. And I do not care if you are a member of law enforcement or a reporter- don’t do it, period.


Fellow officers might be given a pass? Bob remember the CHP Captain in Templeton? Yea doesn’t happen? Right.

That said you are right that we need to be responsible for our actions.


I’m not saying that it hasn’t happened in the past, that it won’t happen again in the future; the assertion that that is a good reason to NOT have an officer focusing on DUI offensives seems petty and dismissive.

Yes, I remember the reports of the CHP captain in Templeton; various rumors of Sheriff’s Deputies, police officers from cities up and down SLO county- I still say if you are operating a motor vehicle under the influence, no matter who you are or what your “station” is, you should be caught and have to face up for your actions; if you are tested and found to not be above the limits and you have not demonstrated that you are totally incapacitated, you don’t necessarily have to be arrested, but do be aware of what you are doing.


Aren’t there TWO Kozneks already on the force? Is this a third one? I thought nepotism was against the law. Who do you think he’d call for backup other than his brother or cousin? What a great opportunity to abuse the public and have it covered up. Just what we need – more law enforcement going after MONEY. But at $90K+ per year. SOMEBODY has to pay their salaries. Now the city of SLO has a compensation committee that is meeting to determine what their salaries should be – as if they aren’t high enough.

Thanks CCN for the heads up on this.If this is the same officer I am thinking of he is a real jerk.

Jorge Estrada

What was that drink, a Fuzzy Koznek? I hope he can find a sober person in the car should he catch a boderline pilot.

Here at home booze is big business, so much so that it is a college magor and soon to be an on-campus business opportunity too. I remember the time an Ensenada Police Officer told me that my breath smells like beer. I replied,” look all around you, do you see a water bar”. I refuse to pay him anything but my smarter friend paid him two dollars so that we could drive away.

Here at home, you go to jail and spend about 10,000 dollars to drive away. With the grace of God, a serious dislike for hang-overs and smarter years, I have never had that experience.


what a great job! lurk outside a restaurant


SLO’s very own Drunkenator…


Let me start off by saying this. Both Tim Koznek and his a**hat brother are totally corrupt cops. If you’ve ever had the experience of dealing with them, you will know what I’m talking about. Koznek likes to call his brother for backup when something doesnt go his way. Both Kozneks will make sure to let everyone around you ie your neighbors, business partners, or any surrounding members of your community about what they are charging you with. They will literally turn around and be like “yeah we are arresting him for this…” No privacy, no regard for the constitution. Koznek is a f***ing bully cop with a giant inferiority complex. Speaking from personal experience, he is a total scumbag. He wanted to taser a blind man on fathers day who was looking for his sons house. I saw this and stood up for the blind man. Koznek didn’t like this and in result attacked me in my own front yard, on fathers day at 12 in the afternoon, threatened to break my arm and take me to jail, all for using my freedom of speech and for standing up against his police brutality. The guy and his idiot brother are both scumbags, who ride around on their high horse, ore in this case their brand new chargers/tahoes scouring whatever dirt they can find and fine. Eff’ you Koznek you worthless sack of sh*t


“This officer’s primary purpose is to hunt those that choose to endanger themselves and others by getting behind the wheel impaired.”

But they forgot to add, unless “those” are fellow LEO’s, then we give the rides home, do not perform any sobriety checks, do not have them take a breathalyzer, or draw blood, or make any official reports, which if anything is ever found out it can be thrown out by a judge.