Fatal motorcycle accident victim identified

December 18, 2013

chalkCalifornia Highway Patrol officials have identified the man who died in a multi-vehicle crash near the San Luis Obispo Regional Airport on Monday evening as Scott Boaz, 53.

Around 5:45 p.m., Charles Davies, 80, made a left turn in front of Boaz’s motorcycle at the intersection of Buckley Road and Esperanza Lane, according to the CHP.

Boaz hit the rear of the truck, throwing him from his bike. Another car driven by Kevin Moore, 44, crashed into the motorcyclist, killing him at the scene.

Moore then crashed his car into a power pole, causing electrical lines to fall on the roadway and knocking out power in surrounding homes.

The CHP is continuing to investigate the accident, but has ruled out alcohol as a cause.


This is tragic, indeed. There are some dangerous roads out there behind the airport. Lots of people like to drive (or ride) at very high speeds. Some good friends live on Buckley and I’m always extra cautious around there.

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My husband rides a motorcycle and wears a lime green (bicycle colored), jacket. We have ridden motorcycles for years, one year to the State of Main, we noticed when we didn’t wear our ‘highway worker’s style vests’ that farmers drove out of rural driveways without seeing us. I know it isn’t ‘cool’ to wear bright, glowing clothing, but trust me it does help ‘be seen’. I am so sorry for the motorcycle rider’s family and wish them peace through their terrible loss. A brightly colored jacket may not have made a difference in this case, but if possible I’d like to see all riders wearing bright jackets. Love to the family of the rider.


your are correct bob, one has to wonder if something like a yearly drivers test after a certain age would have help prevent accidents like this, but also just being more considerate to other drivers is always a good thing


In regards to “being more considerate to other drivers”; how much time does it cost you to let someone go ahead of you; to not tailgate someone and simply be okay with the flow of traffic, even if it going slower than you would prefer? I will admit, I don’t always let someone go ahead of me, especially if they are one of “those” who keeps in the lane that is closing down soon so they can pass as many cars as possible before getting into the through lane- but, most of the time, I really don’t have a problem keeping an “every other car” rule and trying to be considerate.

As for the accident; perhaps the gentleman driving the pickup feels so bad that he may give up driving voluntarily due to his age, and quite possibly his having an issue with night vision. Yeah, a lot of speculation, but I hope this tragedy does result in something positive happening somehow.


This is a very sad story; the motorcyclist was probably just riding along when the driver of the truck made the turn in front of him at the very last second, most likely not even “seeing” him; was the age of the pickup driver a contributing factor? And how sad for the third driver colliding with the motorcyclist; that had to have been very traumatizing. And of course, very sad that a man died through no fault of his own. We all need to be careful and pay attention while driving.