Letter by Assemblyman Tim Donnelly to SLO County Social Services Director Lee Collins

December 4, 2013
Tim Donnelly

Tim Donnelly


Dear Director Collins,

It has come to my attention that allegations have been made that San Luis Obispo County Child Welfare Services seized the grandchildren of Karen Velie, a respectable local publisher, in retaliation for her news agency conducting an investigation into alleged abuse of power by county agencies.

Aside from the trauma inflicted on these children, especially during the holidays, this apparent act of intimidation is in violation of TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 241 ; “If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same…”

As a California State Representative, I have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and of California against all enemies foreign and domestic. In addition to the freedom of the press, the United States Constitution requires that legal proceedings be fair and that the accused have an opportunity to be heard before the government acts to take away their life, liberty, or property. Indefinitely removing children from their loving family without proof of a wrongdoing is unfair and an abuse of power.

Please explain by what authority this action was taken. Having a dirty house is not a crime and I am convinced that these children would be best served by a prompt and permanent return to their family. Numerous studies have shown that the stability and love that children receive in their own homes can never be matched by a faceless government bureaucracy.

Due to allegation of misconduct against the county, and the apparent connection to the seizure of the children, these children need to be returned to their family immediately unless proof exists that a crime has been committed.

I hope this troubling episode will be quickly resolved and will seek steps to ensure this never happens again in our state.

Thank you in advance for your prompt and thorough reply.


Tim Donnelly

Assemblyman ; 33rd District


Tim Donnelly is an assemblyman representing California’s 33rd district and is currently running for governor.




I wonder how many people who have made comments personally have had experience with CPS?


Donnelly hits the nail on the head when he references 18 USC 241. You would think that the civil rights division would be interested in this case. There are apparently indications that K. Velie is being pressured to moderate her reporting about certain parts of our County government. Indeed, there may well be enough evidence to initiate an investigation, in which case we should expect the DOJ to start digging into the story – unless?? By-the-way, East Germany and the rest of the communist countries often used child custody as a weapon to suppress dissent during the Cold War.


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It is time that Director Lee Collins takes personal accountability and responsibility for his department and staff alike!!! OVERSIGHT on Child Welfare.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. Many cases do not have this outcome…before I speak to soon. Lets wait and just see how CWS handles this case until they close it.

There should be no reason these children should be removed or are in the custody of the state-unless they are in “imminent danger.” A “dirty house” or “depression” does not equate to three child becoming dependents of the court.

It begins with a dirty house and then….keep filling it in as to the next reason they continue to keep your children.

I personally know, first hand experience…it begins with one accusation and then CWS has to meet the reason of removal so things begin to be falsified to support there petition for removal. And they will never say they made a mistake or are wrong.

You will be intimidated to jump through all the hoops (so called case plans) and depending on the case workers mood the outcome follows suit.

Trust me your child can be held hostage while you are left with no other option other than to comply with a social workers cookie cutter case plan-whether you agree with it or not….

I will not continue on, for now.. but I do want the TRUTH and to see JUSTICE for all these children. The one’s who have gone before and the future ones. A voice for the family’s in cases just like this who were given “gag” orders by the courts, claiming confidentiality.

It is injustice and it happened to my family. It must stop!!!!!!!!



CA Codes (wic:300-304.7)


WELFARE AND INSTITUTIONS CODE SECTION 300-304.7. 300. Any child who comes within any of the following descriptions is within the jurisdiction of the …

I am encouraged to see the continued good fight for oversight on CWS.


See Parentalrights.org.


“Constitution of the United States” does not apply to it’s Citizens in the “Constitution Free Zone of the United States”


Lee Collins came from a background of homelessness. slept in cars behind gas stations. helped others in that situation. he does his best.


We are talking about innocent children here with a loving family who have never been abused or neglected until they wound up in the CWS system. His best isn’t enough. If he was doing his best, he would have put a stop to this abuse of power. He is right there in the middle of it and no one is going to tell me that he doesn’t know what’s going on. To hell with Lee Collins, stop paying his useless butt with our tax dollars.


Lee Collins came from San Benito County with his Best Buddy David Egde! Edge gave him his position at DSS. And we all remember how Edge infected this county. They are 2 peas in a pod. Both self serving. He holds a position that should be humble and helping the people. but this is not so. The attitude is one of the God syndrome. He is manipulative and hurtful. And has authorized manipulations of files to “look better” to state investigators. ITs all about his own ego. Just ask his employees.


That fact has no bearing on this case. CWS was wrong, Lee Collins was in charge and needs to be answerable to failing to perform his job. Whatever happened to the concept of those in charge are responsible. It seems that government employees think they have no accountability for what goes on in their departments. Lee Collins should be fired and subject to civil prosecution!


I would like to read the way Mr.Lee Collins responds to the letter dated December 4, 2013by Assemblyman Tim Donnelly to SLO County Social Services Director Lee Collins, addressing the way Karen Velie’s case is being handled….

Mr. Collins is responsible for his staff and the outcome of each individual case.

“He does his best?”

Dare you to follow this case and see the outcome!


I know of a person whom had her children removed because her boyfriend abused them while he was taking care of them, both were using drugs on a regular basis, the mom was ordered into a drug program after an arrest shortly after her children were removed. Not even two months into the program her children were returned because she left her boyfriend. Yet the following month the mom was taken into custody after testing dirty for meth in court. She was given ten days and a strike in her program, (a program she failed to complete because she tested dirty a few more times) when taken into custody, she asked the judge for permission for her sister to keep the kids, a sister who was on parole; (not sure for what) She never had the children removed again. I know for a fact reports were made about concern for the the kids being exposed to excessive use of alcohol and drug abuse by the mom, but guess what?? Those kids are still in their mothers custody and were living from motel to motel, and house to house. A couple of months later the mom came in and told us she was leaving the state to go live with her much younger boyfriends family, a boyfriend she met thru another inmate while in jail. He was serving time in prison for armed robbery, they fell in love by mail, and now hewas about to be released. Compare that story to this one!!

I’m posting this on the other story about Karen’s grandchildren also!


This is fantastic! I am hoping this will help get these kids home where they belong.

Mr. Collins and his girls are incredibly arrogant. You have to know how bad it really is when their own employees DEMAND an investigation for wrong doing on their own Bosses! The employees have had to put up with retaliation from Mr. Collins, Tracey and Natalie. It has made DSS completely dysfunctional and has cost this county so much! Turned in by your own employees, they are screaming for help!!

How Heartless can you be to allow this to happen to these innocent children? Lee is used to hurting people, he has zero care for what is right. but He has gone WAY over the top this time. ITs SO Shameful!

Lee Collins has done enough damage. We need to send a huge message that self serving egos have no place in government entities. When you think you are above the law as he does, then you need to be ousted! You Must abide by law and NO More hiding behind the BOS!

I pray these kids can recover emotionally from this trauma. It will take a long time, but hopefully they will heal from these VERY deep scares they have acquired over the past 4 months!