Rally to return publishers grandchildren

December 16, 2013

Citizens of San Luis Obispo County gathered outside the courthouse on the morning of December 10, 2013 to call for the release of CalCoastNews publisher Karen Velie’s grandchildren from Child Welfare Services custody. Protesters then entered the SLO County Board of Supervisors meeting and addressed the board during public comment.


Later that day, Velie was permitted to visit with her children for the first time in four months. CWS is in the process of returning the children to their family.

The children at the SLO Children's Museum in June, after building their rendition of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The children at the SLO Children’s Museum in June, after building their rendition of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


JB Bronson

What pathetic drivel from Lee Collins at the BOS meeting, well over the two minutes the public was allowed.

Mr. Collins said enough to demonstrate the department he has shaped has lost its bearings.

Mr. Collins-There either is, or isn’t endangerment to the child. There is nothing subjective about that.

Conditions need not be perfect and imperfection is not a criteria for removal, or continued placement.

Is there endangerment that can only be remedied by removal, or not? The answer in this case is apparent. CWS must understand the question.

fishing village

I’m so glad, children need love and deserve happiness.


So Glad to see this!! Just know there are so Many more of us SLO county residence that were unable to make this Rally, that stand behind these people and their cause to not only investigate CWS, but insist on changes and remove those responsible for such a vengeful act. Lee Collins and Tracey have ZERO business directing DSS and CWS. We need people who will follow through with State Laws rather than their own ego based agendas. NO more lying by manipulating files, No more vicious attacks on the public and its own employees. Stop using children as pawns in vindictive games! Change needs to happen now!


I am so glad that the kids are coming back to their family. Now we cannot let this just fade away, people need to be held responsible. A crime was committed, an investigation needs to be held and punishment needs to be administered. If we do not do this it will happen again and again. One of the most important elements for a just society is that criminals must be stopped and punished!


It’s wonderful to know that the kids are coming home, but absolutely disgraceful that it took public demonstrations and interventions from people like Mr. Donnelly to make it happen.

I hope that this will result in a serious look at CWS and at CAPSLO by agencies that cannot be controlled by the creeps in our County government.

Jorge Estrada

This is all a very ridiculous expenditure of tax dollars. Dirty cops are a far greater threat to the public than imperfect households. I understand the need to remove children from the danger of violence and drugs but a industry set standard for living is a bit rediculous. Hard times an trancient needs are a normal facet in life yet it appears that our social services are tapping any opportunity they seem necessary to justify their employment.

I know nothing of the details in this case so to repeat myself, Child Protective Services needs to show proof that the children have been regularly exposed to drug abuse, regularly exposed to violence or simply return these children to their mother.


Typical over reach of the state. This is why I say we ALWAYS need to be vigilant of what our government is up to. Karen has done a lot of this work for us and they go after her. Heck we have the state keep returning kids to meth parents and we are concerned about Karen? Give me a break.

Thanks Karen for keeping us informed and stay strong!!


A great example of how ordinary folks can do extraordinary things by bringing these kids home.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.