What does Supervisor Adam Hill really think?

January 16, 2014
Adam Hill

Adam Hill

Adam Hill’s opinion of some people in San Luis Obispo County was published today in the New Times and the Santa Maria Sun. It speaks for itself.

Here’s how it starts:

“Not only the superficially educated and narrow-minded, not only bumpkins with bad breath and worse teeth, not only the gullible and aggrieved, not only those who are nostalgic for a past that never was, not only those who are afraid of losing control—the fire-breathers, the weapons-collectors, wearers of bespoke body armor, anonymous online trollers, lovers of Ayn Rand novels for whom the gift of literacy is truly wasted, not only the teacher’s pets from cardio-prayer class, and the self-appointed scolds of free speech and the memorizers of parables about power…”

Link here to read more.

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This is what happens when someone wakes up one day and decides they’re a writer of prose but forgets to get a second opinion.

Well i guess that any malignant dwarf like Adam Hill would have a huge inferiority complex and would need to degrade others but other dwarfs would have the intelligence not to publicize their abnormal condition as we see with Mr Hill. Does anyone know his educational background. This little diatribe of his is classic pseudo-intelligectual dribble worthy of a high school drop-out with a dictionary

I agree that he may have an inferiority complex but there are plenty of small men who don’t and large men who do. I think he may just be trying to be edgy – perhaps imitate some other edgy writers he’s read, but failing miserably at it. New Times must hate him or they wouldn’t have published this … thing, whatever it is.

Not only half-witted academics whose need for love and approval manifests itself though bids for public office

This guy is completely off his rocker. The truly sad part is that he got elected in the first place. He’s not all there, in my (still Constitutionally-protected) opinion. What a piece of work. Yikes.

Who the #$*# does this guy think he is?

Alright, I’ve had just about enough of this… I’m going to start talking to some key people in the community and see what we can do about this guy. The “good ol’ boys” have been asleep in the backseat long enough and it’s time to wake up and deal with this problem.

Adam, your ego probably has you blinded, and you probably think you’re some kind of force to reckon with, but you’re about to get a rude awakening.

Adam is off his meds again.

Close. He is on his meds. I’ve said it many times. Adam should stay away from any form of communication when he is drinking or stoned.

It sounds like Hill not only doesn’t respect a large portion of the folks who live in our area, he also holds a great deal of condescending and arrogant hostility towards them.

Just another pound of evidence to support the belief that the last place Adam Hill should be sitting is on the SLO County Board of Supervisors.

It is often said, we hate most in others what we dislike in ourselves. I’m surprised our Sage of Slo (pun very much intended) didn’t include those who write run on sentences.

Truly a smug, self satisfied, arrogant neo-con A-S HAT!

What is nor-con about this guy? I what of thought him to be a progressive

re: neo-con,

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Adam “ant” hill a Democrat? Well, just goes to show you how really clouded party lines have become when we can’t tell one-from-another. Surprised? Nope, not at all… They’re all puppets for the same puppeteer… BIG MONEY!!!

Just sayin’…

Gee, sounds like some of the posters here…

Just sayin’…

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