What does Supervisor Adam Hill really think?

January 16, 2014
Adam Hill

Adam Hill

Adam Hill’s opinion of some people in San Luis Obispo County was published today in the New Times and the Santa Maria Sun. It speaks for itself.

Here’s how it starts:

“Not only the superficially educated and narrow-minded, not only bumpkins with bad breath and worse teeth, not only the gullible and aggrieved, not only those who are nostalgic for a past that never was, not only those who are afraid of losing control—the fire-breathers, the weapons-collectors, wearers of bespoke body armor, anonymous online trollers, lovers of Ayn Rand novels for whom the gift of literacy is truly wasted, not only the teacher’s pets from cardio-prayer class, and the self-appointed scolds of free speech and the memorizers of parables about power…”

Link here to read more.

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Too bad he isn’t a conservative or republican. He would never have been elected.

You nailed it Pelican :)

Pelican- Good one. Now, as long as we’re going there, then how ’bout this one as a fitting celebration of Hill’s decision to publicly unveil his legacy of lunacy:


Pelican- Yeah, that’s a great version of the song. I especially love that little newspaper hat that little Adam-boy is wearing as he sits on the floor in the corner singing his paranoid lament.

Look very closely and you might find that the newspaper he used to fashion his little hat is a copy of the edition of the SLO Tribune endorsing him for election to the Board.

Just when you think you’ve seen everything. Was this a badly off-mark attempt at humor?

No. This is the real elected Adam Hill. He will probably use the “humor” cover-up lure just like he did with the fraud phone message where he pretended to be his election opponent.

At least you thought about asking the question. Why didn’t someone over at the New Times ask Mr. Hill, “why did you write this letter to our editor?”. And then follow up from there. Questions along the line that, paraphrasing- “you seem to have gone off the rails”. Etc. etc.

They didn’t do Adam any favors by printing it, that’s for sure.

And risk the (campaign) advertising accounts?

Risk angering you know who?

Was there “anyone” who wasn’t insulted here (left, right, or center)?

So, is it purely coincidence that we suffered record-breaking hot air all throughout the area on the same day that Adam Hill’s opinion piece appeared in the New Times and Santa Maria Sun?

I think not!

I don’t know, seems like Adam has had a breakdown. He may be a danger to himself and others, thus it may be prudent to hold him under a 51/50 psych evaluation for his own good and to protect the community!


Yes, this is absolutely news for San Luis Obispo County! It becomes news because the delusional and disorganized thoughts, confused thinking, and seemingly dangerous behavior that Mr. Adam Hill has shown in this recent diatribe, is in fact, detrimental to him holding office in any capacity whatsoever in representing his constituents.

To make this embarrassing delusions of grandeur display of his within the public forum, explicitly shows the fact that Adam Hill has some seemingly serious psychotic problems that should be addressed before he continues in holding office.

To be facetious, was Adam Hill in need of a proof reader, or was he trying to be funny, or is he just inept in this blatant following example? “….. and turn to AM radio for the comforts of hate and heart-worming pet tales …” Heart “worming” pet tales, or heart warming pet tales? Either way, a slap to all animal lovers.

On a side-note, it would be remiss if every candidate in forthcoming County elections that would run against Adam Hill did not save this latest example of him showing psychotic tendencies, and biting the hand that feeds him!

Adam Hill, RIP.

Dave is a “friend of the animals”. That’s what Adam is referring to.


Excellent analysis.

His response is understandable, albeit blunt and insensitive, and a function of his unique position in this region. As a political representative of the regional minority elected to represent its solitary enclave (SLO) he is surrounded and regularly confronted by opposition. The opposition is extremely vitriolic and vocal as might be expected in these days of extreme divisiveness and a media-blitzed public. This is exacerbated by the fact the region’s majority political party is a nationally a minority and quickly falling out of favor with younger generations of voters resulting in frustration and fear. In a two-party political system that arguably thrives on moderation, he may even see his role to separate the extremists by isolating them as a means of moderating his opposition – understandable. Modern media can be blunt and insensitive and the author apparently understands this.

Fairy tales can come true, they can happen to you, when your in love……

“Great things are happening in SLO-as well as the surrounding areas of our community. Many members are beginning to step forward, push up their sleeves,”

Seriously? Please identify ALL the “great things” that are happening…I’m all ears.

My gawd! He’s another Jack Kennedy!

Thank you for the laugh.

we could use a Jack Kennedy about now.

Sure, but I would prefer a Frank Zappa about now. I hear Adam is a fan.

“The most important thing to do in your life is to not interfere with somebody else’s life.”

“Some scientists claim that hydrogen, because it is so plentiful, is the basic building block of the universe. I dispute that. I say there is more stupidity than hydrogen, and that is the basic building block of the universe.”

“It’s fairly obvious, since Richard Nixon, that there is no such thing as a fair deal for any voter in the United States — You’re just not gonna get it. It’s a joke — the people that you vote for, they’re the next best thing to criminals. But of course they have money for advertising campaigns that make them look a little bit better than they actually are.”

― Frank Zappa

If you think like a peanut, you’re a peanut.


THIS is news? Shame on you Cal Coast! What people are looking for is clearly in contrast to what you are writing about. We read the local news because we are intelligent members of the community; ready and willing to participate in a better world. Instead of spoon-feeding us idiocy and examples of mindless violence and dribble: give us something to work with from a cerebral standpoint. San Luis Obispo deserves better. Within our community, a heightened sense of consciousness, if you will, is being born. This elevated way of thinking is in conflict with senseless banter, for many are ready to forge a “new” sense of community. Great things are happening in SLO-as well as the surrounding areas of our community. Many members are beginning to step forward, push up their sleeves, and move forward. Many realize the government officials and the government system we have elected has either left gaping holes, or in some areas, failed completely. This is not a community who circles the drain-waiting for things to just spiral downward. This community is aware, intelligent and means to keep this community safe, prosperous and thriving. This is yesterday’s news: we are already aware that handing over power to people and publishing their “rants” leads to ego-induced psychosis.

Indigo1955, rather than shouting “shame” you need to know that CalCoastNews is probably primarily responsible for helping create what you call “a heightened sense of consciousness” in this county. No other media around here can make such a claim.

Shame on you for being one of them! It is time people start doing what is best for everyone and stop looking after what is best for just them and their friends!

Not only was it already published – in the New Times. Not only was it already news. Not only did Cal Coast News simply print a letter already submitted by Hill for the PUBLIC TO READ. Not only is it news, it is very interesting, very strange news.


As a community it is imperative we understand and “Appreciate” those WE put in power to make important decisions for our community. When one of those in power wavers SO far off the normal we MUST react! It is our only way to properly protect our citizens, community and way of life. Those in the government must understand they work for US! Some, can not handle the ‘power’ bestowed upon them. This is the perfect example of that scenario.