High speed pursuit suspect hit by a truck

February 6, 2014
Cameron Hein's Facebook photo

Cameron Hein’s Facebook photo


A 39-year-old man who evaded Arroyo Grande police during a high-speed chase on Tuesday was hit by a truck while fleeing San Luis Obispo police on Wednesday.

San Luis Obispo police officers discovered Arroyo Grande resident Cameron Hein walking on Los Osos Valley Road near Highway 101. Hein then hid in some bushes before attempting to flee by running across the highway.

A truck hit Hein who was then transported to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center and placed in the ICU unit. He is currently in stable condition with multiple broken bones.

Hein, who a relative said suffers from mental health issues, was under an arrest warrant because of a failure to follow the conditions of his probation including checking in with his probation officer and an alleged car theft. Nevertheless, the owner of the alleged stolen vehicle said they lent the car to Hein and that the allegations of theft are unfounded.

On Tuesday, Arroyo Grande police officers followed Hein from his home and attempted to pull him over in his truck. Hein then sped away leading officers through Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach and Pismo Beach before officers terminated their pursuit on Northbound Highway 101 at Spyglass Drive.


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This story and the comments posted saddens me. I am in the mental health profession and once again I wonder, have you all seen the SLO the Stigma billboards? Do you realizes that mental illness is a condition that no one asks for, any more than someone wants cancer or diabetes. Where is the compassion and empathy for those with a life altering condition that often changes their life in horrendous ways? Yes, their mental illness sometimes causes them to commit criminal activity, but does that mean they should not be afforded the dignity and respect that we all, just by virtue of being human and created in the image of our Creator should be afforded. While some of you can only think about who is now paying for his hospital bills after being hit by a truck, how many wonder what kind of services are available to someone who needs ongoing mental health care in this county. Do you know or care how difficult it is to get medication if you are not insured? Where do people go when they need a few weeks of stabilization in a mental health facility since the only one in this county is really not for long term care? Mental Illness is an illness. It is treatable. Often the very symptoms a person has causes them to not want to seek treatment. It is a difficult situation but we as a society have to be better than just saying those with a mental illness should be locked up, or don’t have a right to medical care or are the throwaways that no one cares about. I am a Christian and a political agnostic and all I can say is Jesus said ” What you have done for the least of my brothers you have done for me.” And yes it does saddens me that others who are Christians are often the first to think of their pocketbooks before thinking about their brothers.

Mr. Hein endangered the lives of innocent people as well as the police in a high speed chase through Arroyo Grande, and you’re worried about his being treated with dignity and respect?

His father is an MD in the state of Washington, and I think Mr. Hein would be better off under the guidance of his family (and a medical doctor), rather than left down here in California where California taxpayers foot the bill for his escapades and fail to treat him with dignity.

I don’t wish harm on anyone, I’m just tired of having to waste tax dollars that could be used for constructive purposes on people who don’t play by the rules. How much in total do you think Mr. Hein has cost us over his lifetime? Multiply that by the thousands of Mr. Heins out there across the county. It’s like the three strikes law; people against it think those people are being sentenced to life for stealing a piece of pizza, no, they’re being sentenced because of a lifetime of crime, how many second chances do you think people should get?

70X7 for stealing food


I wish Mr. Hein all the best, and hope he has a complete and speedy recovery. When people for what ever reason try to evade capture the end result is never good.

There are a lot of working people having meltdowns trying to keep a job, put food on their tables. Now another tax imposed in the form of Health Insurance some people feel this tax as” the last straw.”

The hospital bill for Mr. Hein’s bad judgement, and his irresponsible actions could possibly end up in the hands of the taxpayer. When people are having to worry about their own family, and how they are going to cope with their own bills, and family health care. Any compassion that should be shown is instead replaced with insensitivity and anger.

Why don’t you just go pull the plug on him?….it is apparent to you that he isn’t worth ten bucks out of your pocket. We live on a sickeningly low frequency planet. People would rather take their dogs to the groomer than pay to save someone else’s life. And even worse is this: it got 5 likes. I say this: let’s give all of you a mental illness. Let’s watch you have a meltdown, have something horribly confusing and painful happen to you….with you at your very lowest and relying on others…and then let you watch as others complain about paying your hospital bill out of their taxes. I had such a nice day today….this was just heartbreaking to see. People used to respect human life.

Indigo: I agree with most of you sentiments, but wishing for something awful to happen to someone as some sort of karmic retribution can only led to the same possibly for you. There have always been haters, unfortunately there always will be, even some who think they are Christians. Yes, it is a shame that people feel that way, and yes, they will most likely have to come to terms with their own shortcomings one day. Don’t let them drag you down though.

Great, and guess who is picking up his medical bills? Right, us.

So, your solution is to let the man die in the road ?

Got it.

I hope that you never need help or compassion …and if you do, dont ask me.

Don’t worry about me, I take care of me and mine, unlike half of America. I have plenty of compassion for those who deserve it, just not the takers that think they’re owed a living.

what if you are wrong?