SLO pedestrian killed was Cal Poly student

February 11, 2014

cal polyA San Luis Obispo man killed early Saturday morning while walking on South Higuera Street was a Cal Poly student. [Mustang News]

Kent Boswell, 22, was a business administration student at Cal Poly. Boswell was walking on South Higuera Street shortly before 5 a.m. Saturday when a vehicle driving on Los Osos Valley turned southbound and struck him.

Responding police officers performed CPR until emergency personnel transported him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police identified the driver as 25-year-old John Hooper, of Arroyo Grande. An investigation is ongoing, but officer suspect neither drugs nor alcohol factored into the collision.



Its cuz the old grumpy folks are too busy driving around looking for parties to call in to the police that they can’t pay attention to the road.


This article raises more questions than answers.


Exactly. It’s 5 a.m. and drugs and alcohol aren’t involved so what in the hell happened? A person is dead. How does that happen?


This article raises more questions than answers. Was Boswell literally walking “on” South Higuera Street so of LOVR? If so, why wasn’t he on the sidewalk? Or, was he crossing the street? If so, was he in the crosswalk, or jaywalking? We may never know.