Tim Donnelly calls Velie CPS case payback

February 8, 2014


In an interview with CalCoastNews, gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly explains his reason for sending San Luis Obispo County Child Welfare Services a letter condemning their treatment of the family of CalCoastNews publisher Karen Velie.

“It was absolutely criminal what they did taking those kids away from their mother right after their aunt died,” Donnelly said. “What this really was was payback because she did an expose on corruption”

Watch the interview:

Tim Donnelly

Tim Donnelly

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So you download someones video, rebrand it as your own and post it on the same page?

wtf is that about?

You don’t like reruns, kettle? We just cut it down to the point. Sorry if we hit a nerve, they like the short versions in Washington DC. SLO will be known for it’s corruption worldwide in another couple of months. The “Restructuring of SLO County Government” is the inevitable near future. Stay tuned!

That is not a rerun, CCN cutting it down and putting it up again would be a rerun.

You doing it, is a copy n paste with your branding, your links, your youtube channel, not the same at all.

I think it is clear that in this case, a County department was used by a supervisor as a weapon against someone he was trying to silence. It’s sure not the only example. I have heard other stories about supervisors calling County staff and ordering them to do things that are not legal, but that serve the supervisors’ objectives.

However, there are other reasons why, in other cases, CPS would unreasonably grab someone’s kids. They are associated with what, in the places I have worked, is referred to as “empire building”. The head of a department wants to grow the department – get a bigger budget and more staff, because that’s how the department head gets a bigger salary. The more kids CPS can claim to have “saved”, the more ammunition the department head has to grow the department and his/her personal income.

I think Donnelly has picked himself an excellent cause. There is probably a lot more abuse going on in CPS around the state than we hear about

Loved the interview. I have contacted Donnelly’s office and offered to assist as a volunteer with his campaign effort. I love this guy.

Yes, great interview! I wrote Assemblyman Tim Donnelly and thanked him for his time

and candidly speaking the Truth in his interview with Mr. Josh Friedman–his genuine

passion in seeing to oversight in CPS/CWS.

Great to continue to encourage San Luis Obispo Director Lee Collins and his staff to be

investigated for the conduct of the Department’s actions and to be held accountable.

Examples like this story are the reason why limited Government matters. Personal vendetta’s by public employees are far too common.

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly on Fox News – Auditing CPS – You


Nice—- Mr. Friedman! FANTASTIC JOB!

Commenters: Never underestimate whose ears this shall fall upon…

Thank you Assemblyman Tim Donnelly for your genuine care and

speaking out–the TRUTH– when it comes to the Velie case and the state of condition

Child Welfare/Protective Services is in . I am hopeful that you and your colleagues will

continue to expose the detrimental destruction CPS/CWS has on families which gravely

impacts society as a whole!

I wonder how Mr. Leland Collins (San Luis Obispo Director of Child Welfare) and his

counterparts answer to Mr. Donnelly’s grievances in this said interview?

A great effort by Josh Friedman but until a national news outlet (20/20, 60 Minutes, Nightline, Anderson Cooper, etc) covers these issues involving Adam, Dee, Bruce, his mistress/assistant…nothing much will change.

CCN has already extensively covered Chittygate here in Paso, Kelly Gearhart in A-town, and all the other county messes but they’re pretty much a lone voice in the wilderness. SLO County seems to have a lot of corruption that will just continue unless a nationally-known journalist/TV personality picks up the stories.

I agree that broader exposure is needed, but this is a good step in the right direction. Getting a candidate for governor to speak out on an issue like this is no small feat, and could very well eventually result in more publicity. Also, don’t forget that Forbes story on Hill. That’s national coverage.

As accurate as that is pasoparent is, it calls into question of how much power “We The People” on a local level actually have over those that are suppose to represent us. It appears right now that it would be little if any at all.

More and more national media is driven by ratings that are conversely driven by either sensationalism or fear and I’m afraid that the small town affairs of San Luis Obispo just doesn’t fit the bill. It may one day, but I’m afraid that something very serious will have to occur where many are affected and national implications are involved before SLO gets that type of attention.

As long as the likes of KSBY, The Tribune and the other “main stream” media based in our county choose to under-report , marginalize our outright ignore it, well, we should strongly support the likes of CCN and see to it that it is not driven out by those it threatens.

If you hear something, if you see something, if you know something, drop Karen, Josh and the rest of the CCN a line or two and let them know.

Just Sayin’…

I’m hoping Donnelly will adopt reform of CPS as a campaign issue, and use what he saw here in SLO as an example of why the reform is needed. If that happens, then through him, we may very well see our power over some of the bad guys increase exponentially.

Oh, you can bet that there are national news investigating Hill. Stay tuned!

Josh, my Friend! Great job! I think it’s people like Karen, and you, that have folks in our local political system of bullies lookin’ over their shoulders. As long as you’re hated, marginalized (“CCN is nothing more than a blog” Dee Torres said time and again while trying to bully me, until I said I was calling you, Josh! Then she about shit….) and otherwise “dismissed” by these band of thugs you know you’re doing your intended and needed job. Journalism is about asking the tough questions and holding those to the fire that represent us…


Just Sayin’…

Well done, Josh! I think that was a great interview. However, I suspect there are a few people here in SLO County who didn’t appreciate it much, and are getting a little worried about now. :)