Hill goes to battle with CAPSLO

March 22, 2014
Adam Hill

Adam Hill


Editor’s note: Read a letter from Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo to the board of supervisors that includes a statement by Supervisor Adam Hill at the bottom of this article.

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill publicly chastised and threatened his fiancée’s employer this week, prompting the organization to notify the board of supervisors that Hill is running a misinformation campaign geared toward influencing public officials.

Last week, Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo CEO Biz Steinberg demoted Hill’s fiancée Dee Torres from her position as director of homeless services to a newly created role of homeless services manager. The demotion came with a more than 20 percent reduction in pay and followed multiple allegations of mismanagement of a program that is currently operating under a deficit.

Dee Torres

Dee Torres

On March 18, Hill sent his legislative assistant Hannah Miller to a homeless advisory committee meeting held at the CAPSLO offices. Miller read a statement chastising CAPSLO for demoting and humiliating Torres shortly after she voiced concerns about the safety of volunteers and homeless services employees.

In addition, Hill’s statement called CAPSLO’s leadership trio of Steinberg, Jim Famalette and Grace McIntosh “obnoxious and counterproductive.” He accused Steinberg of spending thousands of dollars on travel while neglecting the underprivileged whom the nonprofit is supposed to support.

At the end of the statement, Hill warned that the controversy created by the “egos” of Steinberg, Famalette and McIntosh would continue to be an issue with elected officials, the media and donors.

Twenty-two people attended the homeless advisory committee meeting Tuesday.

On Friday, CAPSLO fired back in a letter to San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bruce Gibson, a close political ally of Hill’s. The letter authored by CAPSLO Board President Frances Coughlin noted the nonprofit’s “serious concerns and disappointment” with the actions taken by Hill.

In the letter to Gibson, Coughlin commended Steinberg as an inspiration in the battle to end poverty. She chastised Hill for his actions regarding Torres’ demotion.

“The tone and tenor of this letter, the insulting commentary on our CEO Ms. Steinberg and her management team, and the implied threatening nature are unacceptable and we take exception to his statements,” Coughlin’s wrote. “We also call on Mr. Hill to discontinue his campaign of misinformation to influence other elected officials in an effort to discredit CAPSLO’s reorganization of its homeless division.

“We believe his recent comments, emails, and texts reflect a personal conflict of interest inappropriate for an elected official of our county.”

Letter to Bruce Gibson by CalCoastNews

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If memory serves me correctly, Debbie Arnold sits on the CAPSLO Board. I would expect that anything involving funding from the Board of Supervisors on any level for anything as it relates to CAPSLO, she too would be required to recuse herself from voting. The same should be true of the City Council; Carlyn Christianson also sits on the CAPSLO Board and should recuse herself from any votes related to funding.

Adam Hill only recused himself a few select times before but now that he made an ass of himself once again, part of the excuse/apology is to recuse himself from voting on CAPSLO matters (I’ll believe that when I see it)

Just an observation………

Let him put his “apology” where the sun don’t shine. Why hasn’t anyone mounted a recall

campaign against this phony self-centered moron? Jeez, I wasn’t even in his district. Heck,

I’m not even in the country right now and the man makes me ill from here.

Adam, it just dawned on me…as a kid, you must have frolicked in the Hudson River, you know, being a Jersey Boy and all. And that explains everything.


I’m not a supporter of Adam Hill but let him apologize, see if he makes fit. I am pleased though that Adam Hill saved Ontario Ridge Trail of Pismo Beach, we have to give him credit for that. https://www.facebook.com/Save.Ontario.Ridge.Trail

Hill saved Ontario Ridge? LOL!!! How? By liking your FB page? Hill didn’t do squat. And he has already thrown out—once again—another lame, meaningless apology.

<a href="http://www.sanluisobispo.com/2014/03/25/2990154/supervisor-adam-hill-apologizes.html"Adam Hill apologizes for criticizing CAPSLO: “And while I am a heart-on-the-sleeve kind of person, often, unfiltered candor is the worst way to proceed. It is a lesson this Jersey boy has learned.”


June 22, 2011 Adam Hill apologizes for calling organization ‘racist’ “I want to apologize to the COLAB members who took offense to my recent, admittedly strident generalizations about racism. I can and will do better, because it’s an important subject that needs to be talked about openly and honestly.”

January 24, 2012 Hill refuses to apologize for impersonation of political rival.

December 21, 2012 Hill apologizes after accusing Thoma of fear-mongering, selfishness and dishonesty. “I have too often, and to too many, expressed myself in a manner too offensive,” Hill wrote in the apology. “There are no excuses I will hide behind, and my critics and adversaries also deserve my apology and my pledge to adopt a more civil and decent attitude when communicating on any issue.”

Sometimes Supervisor Adam Hill calls people names, but then demands apologies from those who call him on it:

January 22, 2014 After Forbes Magazine decries Hill’s scorching letter calling his constituents all manner of names, Hill demands a “full retraction and an apology” within 10 days.

As I say, Adam Hill is the resident doofus on the SLO County Board of Supervisors.

That was no apology, this dough head needs to recuse himself from all matters of the BOS!

Again, Adam Hill writes his Viewpoint in The Tribune this morning, somewhat apologizing for his behavior but blaming it on his compassion and emotions as a Jersey Boy!

Adam, you can only apologize so many times for your erratic behavior and then it becomes obvious that you are either insincere or need to seek professional help. You have reached out and attacked members of our communities, public officials, homeless advocates, homeless clients, local leaders and now, even the people who have stood by you when we knew you stepped over the line.

I think it is a good thing to recuse yourself from CAPSLO and the homeless political issues but something tells me that won’t exactly happen the way you state. Your record speaks for itself!

That was not an apology, that was excuse making.

Where is the apology for the poor legislative aid, Hana, who he forced to endure that instead of manning up himself. No self respecting Jersey Boy would do that.

Just another page from the Adam Hill “I’ve learned my lesson” collection

I was giving him a little elbow room, but trust me, I totally agree that he should publicly apologize to Ms. Miller for putting her in that position. This whole rant was wrong on many level; using his office for his personal benefit (Dee), verbally assaulting CAPSLO (whether you agree with them or not), not being man enough to deliver that speech himself, and then, let us not forget he won’t give a copy of the letter to CAPSLO for the record just to mention a few.

A Jersey Boy? If that were true, he’d “Walk Like a Man,”realize that “Silence is

Golden,” and get rid of his “Rag Doll.” Instead, he keeps telling her…”Lets Hang On.”

Hill was too cowardly to make the appearance himself, as evidence by sending his aid to do his dirty work.

Re: The Tribune and Adam Hill

They both are in bed together as well.

After reading the Trib’s article Monday and following all the real news here since January a year ago, this is clearly evident. After all this time, the Trib finally is putting out a few articles about Dee, Adam, and Capslo; yet each one of the articles never points out the true focus of the matter.

They cover his butt, essentially. Saves toilet paper!

This is a great starting list of the people who are doing the most to destroy what so many people in this county have worked so hard to achieve. As long as any of these people are in office the people, in their respective jurisdictions, lose. Everyone must to all they can to unseat these “care nothing about the costs to taxpayers” officials. We must do all we can to unseat Gibson, Hill, Schmuckler, Irons and Christine Johnson. If we don’t many seniors will lose all that they’ve worked for so many years. Call people and help save your neighbors from the damage that these people are doing. If their term is up this voting season volunteer, send contributions, make calls and do all you can to end the damage that they’ve already done.

This is why it is important to honor boundaries Bruce. That way, when you express concern over Adam’s behavior with CAPSLO, you don’t disqualify yourself because of your own behavior.

Faster than his fiancee’s demotion! More powerful than a former director. Able to trip and fall in a single bound! “Look! Up in the sky!” “It’s a bird!” “It’s a plane!” “It’s Medallion Man” Yes, it’s Medallion Man … strange visitor from another planet, who came to San Luis with powers and abilities far below those of mortal men! Medallion Man … who tries to change the course of elections, control the homeless with his bare hands, and who, disguised as Adam, county supervisor, fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way!

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