State parks spending $1 million to fence Oceano dunes

March 20, 2014

dunesCalifornia state parks is spending $1 million to erect 15 acres of fences in the Oceano dunes off-road vehicles area to slow the flow of dust into nearby residences. [KEYT]

For several years, state parks has battled the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District over regulating dust that blows out of the dunes riding area. In 2011, the air district passed the dust rule, which would fine state parks $1,000 a day if it does not reduce the amount of dust blowing onto the Nipomo Mesa. California Attorney General Kamala Harris is currently suing the air district over the regulation.

State parks plans to keep the fences up until July. Spring is the windiest season of the year, and air pollution tends to increase during the season.

Over the past couple months, state parks brought in international desert and dune scientists to help design the fences.

State parks also plans to install air and wind monitors to track the progress of the design.


Kevin Rice


Kevin Rice


“… emissions at project buildout … would have a significant adverse impact on … PM10 levels.”

“The project’s contribution to exceedances of local standards … is anticipated to remain a significant adverse impact.”

“Sensitive receptors in the project vicinity would be subject to adverse conditions resulting from increases in pollutants associated with the proposed project…”

Woodlands/Trilogy Development:

– 640 acres deforested

– 2,000 truckloads of logs

– 500 truckloads of slash

– 136,160 pounds of PM10 pollution due to construction

– 220,340 vehicle miles per day


Thanks to the APCD there goes another million bucks that cannot help feed the poor, or provide an education to needy citizens, or help build a de-sal plant or give a teacher a raise or any other numerous uses that would actually benefit the needy in this state.


Hmmm..just two years ago 60 of our state parks were slated for closure…NO MONEY.

Them throu7gh some miracle (audit) millions is found stashed away in the State Park coffers…and now. a $1,000,000.00 fence plus all the monitoring, reporting, and maintenance costs. It’s a miracle!

Kevin Rice

There was no millions hidden in the OHV Fund. There was $20,378,000 in the general State Parks and Recreation Fund (SPRF). You can read the Attorney General’s Report of Investigation yourself.

“The available evidence thus does not support a claim that OHV fund balances have been

systematically, intentionally under-reported to the DOF over the years, as has been the case with the undisclosed monies in the SPRF. … The SPRF fund balance reports involve admitted

deception (intentional under-reporting) while the OHV fund balance reports do not appear to

involve deception.”


Who cares who’s fund it was hidden in? It is all our money that the gov’t seized, hid and then cried that they where broke and needed more money.

I vote for taking it out of the fund that supplies welfare to the illegal aliens. There, that should provide a real quandary to the truly liberal among us.

Kevin Rice

Because Oceano Dunes is funded from the OHV Fund, that’s why. The stashing away of monies was in the “main” parks offices, not OHV.

Mr. Holly

Here we go. $1 million, yes $1 million to declare war against mother nature. I f they are not

careful the lady may just show them the power that she has and just blow the barn down.


Pass a law that the wind can only blow out to sea. Problem solved.


The Versaws lived in Grover, now that they live on the Mesa they sue. Shame shame NIMBY!!


Everyone has the right to seek to redress what they believe is wrong. It doesn’t matter when they moved into a neighborhood.

Unless the Versaws, when they lived in Grover, were ATV dune riders, then your comment doesn’t even make sense.


Larry raced off road vehicles in the desert.


That is akin to buying/build a home at the end of an airport runway and complaining about the airplanes. Real smart. {Sarcasm for those who live in SLO}


What will they do when the ATVs are finally banned only to find out that, gee, the wind still blows and, holy cow, it still carries dust particles with it?

And a million bucks for a temporary fence?



Does anybody have info about the components that make up the dust deposited not only on the Mesa, but in the AG area near the Mesa?

The crust that forms on the dunes is different from regular soil or other dust pollutants.

Also, is the dust right at the edge of the Nipomo Mesa (where the dust would likely hit first) worse than the dust problem further in the Mesa?


Are you suggesting that when the wind blows that the sand doesn’t naturally move around because of this crust? How do you think the dunes were formed in the first place?


Mary please don’t take anyone word or made up study go down to the Oceania beach and stand on the shore line facing the ocean on a windy day you can fell the sand hitting your face! this why for anyone that spent any time there the whole thing is a bunch of

fraud! I wounder if any of our supervisors have even been there?


Proof beyond a shadow of a doubt of the stupidity of our public officials! In multiple ways .


Why not replant the Eucalyptus trees that have been taken down in the area for developments? They served as a tall windbreak for the area.

But when you have State Parks with an agenda ( get rid of the non native plants) and local politicos with an agenda (get rid of the off road vehicles on the beach), the people complaining about air quality will continue to suffer.

Our forefathers just may have had some good ideas–like planting Euc Trees for windbreaks. Most of these tree windbreaks were not even on the beach, so people in the area need to consider replanting these windbreaks now, regardless of the fences and haggling about ATVs.


Replanting the trees would bring back some of the native hawks, as well, who have had to look elsewhere for nesting spots after the eucalyptus trees were removed.


Of course you are referring to those”native” Eucalyptus, right?


Good_One, Paso_Guy. Good catch of a tree-hugging post.

Falconiformes are opportunistic nesters and don’t detrimentally rely one bit on the absence or presence of mankind’s blue gum planting experiments.I bet red tails and red shoulders were here way before we imported specie E. globulus. from Australia.

Besides, Nuke the Trees; they block the views.

Kevin Rice

“they block the views”

…and blowing dust. And provide Monarch habitat.