Carjacker credited with vandalism spur in Arroyo Grande

April 15, 2014

carjackOn Friday morning, one or more vandals in Arroyo Grande targeted 19 vehicles, punctured 42 tires and broke a bus window, an outdoor wall display case and a classroom window.

The damage totaled more than $7,000. All of the vandalism occurred in the areas of Arroyo Grande High School, Lady Family Mortuary and Saint Patrick’s Church.

On Sunday night, Arroyo Grande police officers responded to a stolen vehicle call in the 200 block of South Mason Street. Pismo Beach officers then stopped the vehicle, which was occupied by a 16, 17 and 21-year-old males.

During the ensuing investigation, Arroyo Grande officers determined that the 17-year-old had committed vandalism on Friday. The officers charged him with grand theft auto, possession of stolen property, providing false identification to a police officer and vandalism.

Officers are continuing to investigate the vandalism and are unsure if other individuals contributed to the crimes.

Police booked the 17-year-old in the San Luis Obispo County Juvenile Receiving Center.