Supervisor promoting new water pipeline

April 27, 2014
Bruce Gibson

Bruce Gibson

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson is spearheading plans to construct two water pipelines to provide surplus water from Nacimiento Lake to the county during times state water is in short supply.

At a cost of about $3 million, the almost mile-long pipeline is projected to bring emergency water supplies to Morro Bay and multiple public facilities on Highway 1 in northern San Luis Obispo County. County public works engineers are completing plans for the pipeline which is slated to only be used when state water is unavailable.

Gibson, a vocal opponent of desalination, is in favor of the project because it diversifies water sources for several facilities currently dependent on state water.

Nevertheless, at times of severe drought, both state water and Nacimento Lake water are in short supply. The state Drought Task Force is recommending desalination plants on the Central Coast.

“On the Central Coast, they have in the past looked at desalination,” said Bill Croyle, director of the state Drought Task Force. “So if we lose our groundwater and surface water, we are going to go to the ocean. It is going to be expensive, but you bring in mobile plants and fire them up.”

Several years ago, the $176 million dollar controversial Nacimiento Water Project pipeline was completed. While promoted by some San Luis Obispo County staffers and officials, opponents of the pipeline argued for a desalination plant contending that during a serious drought water levels at the lake would be miniscule.

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Such a pity mean people just can’t resist this site to vent their ugliness. I think this is a terrific ‘forum’ for expressing views, sharing our ideas for a better community, but no the nay sayers just need to fill it up with dirt. Fortunately, I’ve learned the people I think have some interesting things to say and only read them, unless I goof and read thinking ‘hey, this guy may have a point’….oh well, so many good people in the world, our world!

Hey Gibson! Good luck sucking on a muddy bottom with your 3 million dollar straw. Do you see something the rest of us long time SLO county resident don’t see?

It’s not Mr. Gibson’s 3 million dollar straw, the 3 million is from the taxpayers, but then again Mr. Gibson has always been good at spending other peoples money, whether the money exists or not. So unlike the non existent money Mr. Gibson always spends because he just figures he can tax, fee, and come up with some other way to siphon more money from the taxpayers, it should be interesting where he comes up with the non existent water.

All this venom over a lousy $3 million? No way. You all just hate Gibson, and will jump on any wagon going that direction. This piddly little water line might help, might not, but either way, it’s nothing compared to what govt spends money on. Remember when SLO city spent $1.5 mil on pretty sidewalks for one block downtown? I’d rather have a pipe for twice that if it could keep my faucets running.

No water to put in the pipe,so why waste the money on that,opps cause govt dorks like to waste our money.

Several years ago Morro Bay had the plans and permits to construct a dam in the upper reaches of San Bernardo Creek,but Ohh no they attempted to put wells in Toro Creek before even checking with Standard oil to see if this was doable,Standard finally shut that stupid idea down,at the same time MB is working on plans for the state water line assuring us this was the grand fix,they of course didn’t want to hear about the years when there would be no water to put in the pipe,now if a dam had been constructed,water for a couple citys could have been stored and if possible if MB had been able to do both at the same time we would have had our share of state water,but a gibson pipe line to nowhere doesn’t cut it.