Cal Poly radio station hosts offer genital photos in fundraiser

May 28, 2014

getting it onBy KAREN VELIE

Two California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo students, hosts on the university’s KCPR-FM radio station, offered photos of their genitals and rectums during the station’s April fundraiser.

Logan Cooper and Sean Martinez host KCPR’s sex talk show, “Getting It In,” which has featured topics such as how to ask for oral sex and ways to experiment with the same sex. During the fundraiser, the pair asked supporters to make $20 cash donations. In return, the pair would post the photos online on Snapchat.

“For only $20 dollars you can have a week of sexy Snapchats featuring the hosts of ‘Getting It In,’ ” the fundraising announcement on Facebook said. “If you have ever been curious about which one of us has a birthmark on our penis or which one of us has a tighter butt hole, this is your chance to find out.”

The pair insisted on cash payments.

“Assemble $20 dollars of CASH ONLY (checks, gift cards or pre-paid credit cards will be shredded justly and promptly.),” the announcement read.

CalCoastNews contacted the offices of Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong and university Provost Kathleen Enz Finken. Both offices promised responses from the officials. But later, both offices referred questions to the university’s media relations Director Matt Lazier.

“This fundraiser activity was organized and carried out without authorization from faculty and staff in the department,” Lazier said adding that most of CCN’s questions would not be answered. “As well, university administration is investigating the matter to determine if any student conduct violations may have occurred.”

Dean of the College of Liberal Arts Doug Epperson was not available to comment about the radio station, part of the university’s journalism department.

Richard Gearhart, the faculty member in charge of the station, declined to comment beyond saying that he had been directed not to speak.

Mary Glick, chair of the journalism department, said initially that she had started an investigation and that she had no idea how much money was raise, but declined further comment.

The college had been warned about the possibility of problems with the station several months ago. Department Coordinator Tess Serna said she informed Dean Epperson that the station had gone rogue and asked that her name be taken off of the station’s Federal Communication Commission license.

“I met with the dean in January and said they were not being supervised and something bad could happen,” Serna said.

The students could not be reached and their show was taken out of the station’s lineup.

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Why is it so many men assume that women want to see their dicks?

My Sister of Eve, Mary,

It’s a part of the Hebrew God’s procreation act. I would assume that any Sister of Eve would want to see the manly appendage first and foremost before any sexual relationship becomes a part of procreation. If said manly part fails in size and girth, then that assumes that the Sister of Eve wouldn’t have that great of a time in producing little Christian Soldiers in the name of Jesus.

Mary, wouldn’t you agree in this context?

I’m mad. Normally I appreciate Miss Velie’s journalistic efforts but not this time. She has gone way too far. Did she really have to confirm what women have suspected for years—that men think with their penises?

Doesn’t she realize how dangerous women are when armed with facts? There is nothing more lethal than an informed woman. Now I know why the TT has a story filter that only lets them report on ice cream socials etc. Its clear, unlike CCN they care about men.

Unfortunately this story never answered the question most important to all of us; which one of “Cal Poly’s brightest and best” has the birth mark? If CCN can’t tell us, I’m sure we will find out when these guys get offered life memberships in Caren Ray’s Hash House Harriers and she gives us an eye witness account.

As for the butt hole comparison question, maybe we should wait and get that answer from the Feds when they get through reaming them.

Says the dude called Sore Throat!

Bigger issue folks: tax exempt organizations must comply with strict accounting and gift acceptance guidelines. Does it sound to you as if this were the case? Shame on the adviser and the department for letting this occur.

What ever happened to wet t-shirt contests? No, not you guys, Bevis and Butt Head.

I noticed the first article under the ” You may also want to read: ” heading following the post …

“Cal Poly journalism department on the chopping block”.

These two student DJ’s may get more than they bargained for !