KSBY political ad chopped, but participants still feeling the heat

May 27, 2014

UPDATE: The South County Advisory Council Chair Sandra Caughell responded with the following comment: “The concern was the reference to South County Advisory Council in Ms. Ray’s campaign ad. We as a council do not endorse any candidates for office or will we in the future, it is against our by-laws to do so.”


After receiving several complaints, including one from San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson, KSBY removed a portion of an ad showing governmental support for supervisor candidate Caren Ray.

While individuals are permitted to endorse and promote candidates for political office, government agencies are not. In addition, law enforcement agency logos are not permitted to be displayed in political advertisements.

In Ray’s original ad, which began running last week, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputy Matt Soenksen stands in front of the sheriff‘s department in full uniform and says, “Supervisor Ray helps us keep neighborhoods safe and secure for our families.”

Shortly after the ad began airing, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson asked KSBY to remove the portion of the ad showing the sheriff’s logo and alleging department support for Ray. Within hours, that portion of the ad was removed.

Nevertheless, it then was posted in its original form with the sheriff department logo on the elect Caren Ray Facebook page, though it was later changed.

After viewing the ad, an attorney for supervisor candidate Lynn Compton sent a cease and desist demand to the Arroyo Grande City Council, Lucia Mar School Board, the Oceano Community Services District and the South County Advisory Board, asking the agencies to have the Ray campaign remove the ad because it violates the law.

“It was an appalling attempt to imply that public agencies and even the sheriff endorsed Caren Ray, none of them have done that,” said Compton’s attorney Charles Bell, with the Sacramento based firm of Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk.

Several days after the cease and desist demands were delivered, Ray changed her ad a third time. The latest version states that the “titles and organization names are for identification purposes only.”

Nevertheless, the disclaimer is in a type set similar in color to the commercial’s background and difficult to read.

Caren Ray's latest ad with a disclaimer.

Caren Ray’s latest ad with a disclaimer.


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I laughed when she said that she has the endorsement of the SLO Deputy Sheriffs’ Association an Cal Fire! Really!?!? Two

public employee unions are endorsing the Democrat Candidate?!?! I’m shocked!

That is very funny, a union supporting a Democrat, oh my gosh, really!

So Ray being supported by local community leaders is not legit. Ray being supported by Deputy Sheriff’s and Firefighters is not acceptable. Ray being supported by job creating independent businesses like developers is a no-no. Ray getting endorsed by the media is laughable.

Who exactly can support her, north county wineries and out of county agricultural concerns or Peter Keith and the real estate PACs?


Ray isn’t supported by the Deputy Sheriffs, the union that endorsed her represents jail staff.

That is just plain incorrect.

Caren Ray’s

endorsement page
lists the SLO DSA as endorsing her.

Here you go again. Of course it is legitimate for community leaders to endorse a candidate. It is not legitimate or ethical for a sheriff correctional officer to stand in uniform in front of the door to the office endorsing a candidate. This goes for any candidate. The OCSD president can endorse whomever he wants, just not in front of the door to the agency. They know this and did it anyway. What does this say about Caren Ray’s judgment and respect for law enforcement. Come on, after the ad was taken down on KSBY and knowing fully well the sheriff had that taken off, she puts it up AGAIN, this time on her facebook page. On the weekend hoping it could get seen before getting caught again. This tells me all I need to know about who to vote for.

Might as well have the ad read, “9 out of 10 over-paid and underworked bureaucrats support Ray, won’t you?”

Well the only people on that ad that are paid for their public service is the sheriff and firefighter. So what you really meant is 9 out of 10 concerned community servants who have been elected to serve our community or volunteer their time support Caren Ray. Actually if you look at the endowment listings, you should probably say of the leaders who choose to endorse, all but one endorse Caren Ray.

But I think you miss the real story here. The Compton campaign will choose litigation and negative attacks over putting their best up for voters to choose. It seems more and more like an empty campaign. I am also concerned that all the attacks here and Compton support are out of district people. What’s up with that

9 out of 10 cronies support another crony.

Caren, Caren, Caren, most people don’t need a legal injunction to help set their moral compass.

Did the meaning of the Memorial Day holiday escape you? I’m pretty sure you got the paid holiday part. But I also think that you very much missed the memorial and remembering part. You know, the piece where we as a country are supposed to stop and remember those who sacrificed everything so that our country, its people and values will be preserved for future generations. You may not know it, ( though it usually taught in high school Civics class) that Americans are all about honesty and fair play. We very much dislike the dishonest and disingenuous. We like our elections fair, unlike our enemies.

So, do the right thing and honor the memory all those that have given their all. Simply stop trying to cheat your way into office (remember Richard Nixon’s outcome ? and I assure you, he was certainly far cleverer than you are). Run on your record ( which I suspect is a very short sprint) instead of implying endorsements you do not have.

And as a closing suggestion, read the rules, and you might also want to stop taking moral and ethical advice from your Hash House Harrier friends.

And yes, I am a Vet.

Caren Ray and the liberal machine behind her is showing that they will do anything to gain power. The citizens should avoid electing these type of people at all costs. Caren and her supporters will do anything they want in office and to h3ll with the rules.

KSBY should have known better and not allowed the ad to begin with – although I’m not surprised given the channels left-leaning ways. Ray is the Establishment and everyone is closing ranks. To hell with the public.

It seems that Caren Ray will say anything and do anything to swing an election… hopefully this doesn’t go too far…I really don’t want to see Caren Ray in her weekend attire … isn’t it leather and a riding crop??

We also need someone who doesn’t fit in so closely with Gibson and Hill… in politics or lifestyle… someone who can join and work with the remaining supervisors for the economic and environmental good of the county.

Three stooges is only cool in the movies.

The disclaimer words are of no value when they are too hard to read and only on the first person on the commercial.

Caren must be running scared to have to create something that is clearly a violation in trust between the voters, organizations and herself. “The ends justify the means” once again is employed by Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson LIKE candidate Caren Ray.

Adam Hill made a phone call and lied about who he was to discredit Ed Waage. Ethical behavior and honesty are needed in our county government. I hope you will see that.

Says Lynn Compton, who prominently endorses herself on a “DEMOCRATIC VOTER GUIDE” mailer, right alongside REAL Democrats – as if she were one! Far from it, like in far-right from reality! Clean up your own campaign, Compton!

Gosh, she must have learned this from Adam Hill back in 2012. To bad that deception has to be used at all, but once it starts, it is like a raging fire with no end in site and becomes free game for all I guess.


Oh that’s what we need. Compton acting like Adam Hill.

You should note that Ray is the only one who did not use deceptive slate mailers. No Adam Hill connection there.

Yes, every bit of connection to Adam Hill!

Who went to Sacramento and solicited the governor to appoint Caren Ray, oh yea, Adam Hill.

Who didn’t have time to go to APCD meeting last summer because he was sick but was seen having coffee with Ms. Caren Ray during the time the meeting was suppose to be in place but was cancelled due to Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill.

Who solicited for Ms. Caren Ray to be appointed to the Arroyo Grande City Council, oh yea, Adam Hill.

Caren Ray is connected at the hip, or whatever, to Adam Hill. Their personal behavior and habits as political ambitions go hand-in-hand. What we don’t need are two (2) educational three (3) misguided immoral people on the

the board of supervisor.

We need change!

Who went to Sacramento and solicited the governor to appoint Lynn Compton, oh yea, Lynn Compton. What would Lynn Compton’s complaint have been if Lynn Compton had been appointed as she requested?

At least Lynn can represent herself she does not need a mouth piece.

SLOBIRD, that’s more of your/Compton rhetoric instead of real content.

Ray had a lot if people in her camp including republicans pushing for her. In the end it was the interviews where Ray shown the appoint board who she was and Compton showed she had nothing to offer. Big money connections may get Lynn’s foot in the door but at some point she has to stand on her own. Anyone who has heard Compton stray from the carefully prepared say nothing script know that never leads to anything good.

You think Adam had influence in the city council appointment too. You must be taking the same conspiracy pills as Adam. You give that guy a lot of credit, you must be reading his bio and believing it.


Apparently Oceano CSD will be discussing this on Wed. night; item 10B is mysteriously titled, “Clarification Vote for Board of Supervisors’ Election.” (Agenda linked above).

No staff report accompanies the item, making it impossible for the public to participate.

I hope Lynn’s attorney also recognizes a Brown Act Violation when he sees one.

Citizen letters (linked below) condemn attorney Board President Matt Guerrero’s participation in the advertisement for using the OCSD logo in the background of his segment. This unapproved use of the OCSD logo gives the impression the Board/District supports Ms. Ray’s candidacy. It is inappropriate for any agency to take such a stance.



Oceano is so unique and so special; yet so under-appreciated and neglected. What do each of the candidates actually bring to the table for Oceano? What can any of them do that will bring about the change needed to polish this diamond in the rough?

I just went to YouTube and typed “Caren Ray” in hopes to see the advertisement…WTH?

Yeah right, no one believes your innocent act

So what’s new? Nothing will become of the violations. It’s just business as usual in SLO.

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