KSBY political ad chopped, but participants still feeling the heat

May 27, 2014

UPDATE: The South County Advisory Council Chair Sandra Caughell responded with the following comment: “The concern was the reference to South County Advisory Council in Ms. Ray’s campaign ad. We as a council do not endorse any candidates for office or will we in the future, it is against our by-laws to do so.”


After receiving several complaints, including one from San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson, KSBY removed a portion of an ad showing governmental support for supervisor candidate Caren Ray.

While individuals are permitted to endorse and promote candidates for political office, government agencies are not. In addition, law enforcement agency logos are not permitted to be displayed in political advertisements.

In Ray’s original ad, which began running last week, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputy Matt Soenksen stands in front of the sheriff‘s department in full uniform and says, “Supervisor Ray helps us keep neighborhoods safe and secure for our families.”

Shortly after the ad began airing, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson asked KSBY to remove the portion of the ad showing the sheriff’s logo and alleging department support for Ray. Within hours, that portion of the ad was removed.

Nevertheless, it then was posted in its original form with the sheriff department logo on the elect Caren Ray Facebook page, though it was later changed.

After viewing the ad, an attorney for supervisor candidate Lynn Compton sent a cease and desist demand to the Arroyo Grande City Council, Lucia Mar School Board, the Oceano Community Services District and the South County Advisory Board, asking the agencies to have the Ray campaign remove the ad because it violates the law.

“It was an appalling attempt to imply that public agencies and even the sheriff endorsed Caren Ray, none of them have done that,” said Compton’s attorney Charles Bell, with the Sacramento based firm of Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk.

Several days after the cease and desist demands were delivered, Ray changed her ad a third time. The latest version states that the “titles and organization names are for identification purposes only.”

Nevertheless, the disclaimer is in a type set similar in color to the commercial’s background and difficult to read.

Caren Ray's latest ad with a disclaimer.

Caren Ray’s latest ad with a disclaimer.


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I understand that, for many, this election is a typical stereotyped Liberal Democrat vs. Conservative Republican race.

For those who don’t like that option, there is also a third choice, Mike Byrd. I don’t know enough about his stands to say for sure that he is the best candidate but supporters of the other two have turned me off with their mud-slinging, exaggerated claims and partisan rhetoric (not to mention the bombardment of ads with all this BS). I am inclined to give him a chance. He is obviously not part of the “good-ol-boy” Democrat network although he is officially a Democrat.

Thank you, Ontheotherhand. I’ve been open and straightforward answering every question put to me, even when attacked for doing so. If you have any questions feel free to give me a call, 441-5133. Alternately, I address a few of what I consider to be important issues at http://www.ByrdforSupervisor.com.

Great! Please answer how your paid endorsement in a deceptive slate mailer “cops” is not against your pledge to avoid false or misleading statements.

Campaigning is a chance for the public to learn about the candidates. Caren Ray has demonstrated that she is either slimy, ignorant of election laws or too lazy too do the work. None of those are qualities the public should want in office. Unfortunately most people, and democrats in particular, will overlook all faults to elect the candidate of their party. This is one of the biggest problems in American politics today. Caren Ray is a crappy candidate, but because she is a democrat will probably win.

This is the 4th district we’re talking about here. I am guessing that this is more of a desperation move than an exhibit of power. The 4th district seat usually goes to a moderate conservative if that option is available. Ray may have the benefit of being an incumbent but that is offset by the general makeup of her district.

I am new to this county. Truth Hurts…what do you think

of The Telegram Tribune’s accuracy in reporting?

Why am I not shocked to see Barnich front and center for Caren Ray? she referred to a group of us as “hysterical residents” because we stated our views. She voted for a project we did not want to only have it overturned when we appealed her decision. Her and Caren Ray are two of a kind.

Caren all the mudslinging you did and now you get caught having first responders in uniform try and city council members say they support, knowing full well you are playing word games.

What mudslinging?

Union thugs and Democrats are one and the same.

yeah the thing in common , they are elected , democracy some people don’t like democratic method of rule, I don’t know what to say but ask, what ‘s the alternative method?

Whoopsie! Caren Ray has NEVER, EVER, ONCE been elected.

she was appointed by people who were, and not hand picked by the wealthiest prick with a grudge from the 1930s. the democratic process is how we roll.

And Lynn Compton has NEVER, EVER, ONCE been elected OR serve in any position of public trust anywhere.

Something you have in common with Caren.

“Union thugs”? Please elaborate; I worked for over thirty years in a union setting, working every day with other union members and over that time we had two strike calls that never happened. In all of that time I never saw any union member behaving “thuggish” in any manner whatsoever. Most unions are run by good people trying to make sure that their members are fully represented, not taken advantage of, and will step up to the plate to fight off any unjust terminations of the members.

I do understand that there have incidents of picket lines getting hostile, of violence being used to attempt to keep people and vehicles from crossing picket lines, but almost all of that happened in very specific, very male dominated industries like truck drivers, longshoremen, electricians, pipe fitters and so on, and, that is not to say that all of those industries have “union thugs” either. There are good and bad people in every facet of society and when some people get confronted in their working conditions by negotiations trying to reduce their benefits or pay, some get a little upset, especially if their negotiations aren’t going well; none of that is any excuse for violence, ever, though.

My request for you is stop with the labeling of all union members as “thugs”; it isn’t even remotely true. That is very similar for someone like me to say that all conservatives are racists; it isn’t true by a long shot, but because some conservatives seem to have a real tough time with an integrated society, would it be fair to label all conservatives as racist? Again, not by a long shot.

Last point; as Zaphod stated, unions are by their very nature democratic; each member gets a vote for who is going to be their leader, each member gets to vote on any contract negotiations, and any member can throw their hat in the ring to become a union president. That is democracy.

Anyone can write this type of trash. Since you are a personal acquaintance, have seen this type of behavior, and want to certified, put your name to this. This is the type of trash Adam Hill writes on Topix and turns everyone off. Only an idiot would believe this hatred on the eve of an election where it is quite obvious anything is going to be said and done to win an election.

Very sad people can’t win on their principles and visions and let the people decide. This type of last minute tripe is a disgrace. Stay with the facts!

Well if it isn’t Mr. Fear and Self-Loathing in SLO! Mr. Adam Hill everyone!

That is always the go to response when you do like a post. Sad

So let me understand this clearly. A candidate has an ad created that is designed to support her endorsements, right? So that seems reasonable enough.

A deputy sheriff appears on uniform, apparently not knowing it is not allowed. So when the candidate and TV station are notified, they properly alter the ad. That seems reasonable and appropriate.

The many of the other people appearing on the ad have their titles or rolls as public leaders shown with their name. All the titles are accurate but the Compton camp hires lawyers to threaten to sue and send out cease and desist letters to all involved.

I would say the appalling thing is hypocrisy of someone touting personal rights then going after individuals first amendment right to free speech. Nothing like finding a legal technicality to be used to stomp on others rights.

Pardon me, but anyone working in a government position knows. or should know, that you cannot show support on government property, wear pens, stickers, or other types of ads or endorsements on government property or during working hours. This is a no brainer!

Yes, you are a free citizen to support, financial and by name, your personal support of a candidate but you cannot take advantage of your government position, title or occupation. Amen!

Well setting aside the inaccurate leaps you just took, I guess you then are against some of the Dan Dow advertising which does the same thing but his campaign is run by the same people that run Compton’s. Do you think they send themselves cease and desist orders?

I think using money and lawyers to squash free speech is unacceptable, period. I am very concerned that the double standard the Compton’s are using is foretelling how she will be on the board.

John D this has nothing to do with free speech. You can spin the ad all you want but bottom line the correctional officer in a Sheriff uniform standing at the door to the Sheriff station with Ian Parkinson’s name on it was wrong,illegal and Ms. Ray knew it. How do you explain that on the weekend, two days later the AD in it’s entirety was placed on her facebook page. The Sheriff had to get involved again to have it removed. What kind of arrogance is that? What does that tell you about Caren Ray? She is the appointed supervisor, not the anointed supervisor. This was a calculated plan to imply endorsements of government agencies that do not exist. Spin it any way you want.

You have taken quite a few leaps here. We do not know whether Ray knew it or not. I don’t think the position of supervisor actually covers that type of law. Certainly one would expect the officer to know that. There was nothing wrong with filming in front of the door but the implication of Ian’s endorsement was incorrect. Nowhere does is there indication that Ray was contacted by the sheriff to remove the Facebook posting that briefly appeared.

That was the only part that was incorrect. Everything else is Compton campaigns empty threats to scare individuals and groups. You will note that nowhere does this indicate that the lawyers sent a letter to the Ray campaign. Why, because they are using scare tactics to control people’s speech. Yes, this is about individuals rights and the Compton’s wielding money and power to crush all who oppose them. This should concern everyone.


It is all about pimping your government job for politics.

Aside from the fact your “government property” statements are false, even by your own standards your argument fails. The photos all appear to have been taken in a public right of way, which — well, how in the heck can you say that’s wrong? We can’t speak our minds on a public sidewalk along a public street? So where can we speak? Or is speech free just for you, and not for others? Which communist dictatorship taught you this oppressiveness?

You are correct, except with respect to the uniformed deputy while under the color of wearing a badge.

Someone needs to tell Mayor Jamie Irons of Morro Bay the same thing. He posted a photo of Police Chief, Amy Christie, in uniform on his flyers and officer Bryan Millard without their permission. They were in uniform at the time. This group of politicians, Hill, Irons, Gibson, and Ray don’t think the rules apply to them.

Taxpayer, we are relatively new to Morro Bay and are in shock over the decisiveness that exists here. While my husband, myself and 3 children were leaving a supermarket here in Morro Bay, we were approached by what seemed to be a nice, shall we say elderly woman asking for a vote of a candidate for mayor and city council. We hurriedly explained that we had not made up our minds, and declined her offer of informational material. She followed us to our car and insisted that the other side was very bad and not to be tricked. Those were her words. Actually we had gotten in our car and she was trying her hardest to make sure we would accept the material. As we drove off we chuckled, as we thought about such a small community the size of Morro Bay. What really is the attraction of being a mayor or council member? It certainly can not be the $. Made us wonder what is REALLY going on behind the scenes here in the sleepy little city.

Everyone who thinks that Jamie Irons is pushing for a General Plan Update for the good of the City of Morro Bay should realize that the real reason he wants the update is so he can rezone the commercial property he owns in Morro Bay to feather his own nest. Follow the money.

No Deputy Sheriff appeared in the ad, it was a Correctional Deputy (part of the staff that works in the jail).

Probably a member of the same Hash Harried Runners group that Ms Caren Ray, aka Cop-u-Later, belongs to. Why else would he and she be so arrogance.


Geeeez, I have not been in this county that long. Initially I was bewildered as to the goings on with the supervisor of my district number 2, as well as the mayor and council in the city where I live. I am now no longer bewildered but find it all humorous. Where in the name of god do you find all of these elected “officials”? We have been trying to teach our 3 children about integrity, honesty, and respect. My oldest son just did a report on elections. He is only in 6th grade. I suggested he use the district and city in which we live and give examples of political differences and candidates. Well I have to hand it to him. He certainly did his research, but after discovering what he learned we had to change course mid stream. The more I read the less inclined I am to think I have arrived in paradise. Talk about revisiting The Andy Griffith Show!

That would be the Andy Griffith show ” R ” rated.

Sadly if you are looking for truth and honesty, then you probably should avoid online forums.

I suggest you actually listen to the candidates. There are YouTube postings of the candidate forums that are moderated and will give you a better idea of the true candidates. All candidates were on the local KVEC radio Dave Conglton show. There are podcasts to listen to on their website. These interviews included public questions. Again the responses give you a good idea of each candidate.

All this other stuff is distraction orchestrated by a handful of people.

Go listen to each candidate, the truth will be clear.

Thank you John D, we have listened to forums on tv on your local channel 20. We love healthy debates. Everything sees pre orchestrated. I have been searching everywhere online where one might find unbiased reporting from a news agency. The local newspaper in San Luis Obispo clearly endorses one or the other candidate. That is their right. We just prefer not to be told who to vote for and am very suspicious of press that swings one way or the other. This is the only forum we have found thus far that offers a discussion board. If you know of any others please let me know.

Thanks again.

Nurse I understand your hesitation with the Trib but to hear the candidates tell it, there was a lengthy interview process. I agree that one should decide for themselves. That is why I suggest looking other places. This forum is far from balance or unbiased. It is what it is, but don’t be deluded into thinking it is something else.

I highly recommend the Dave Conglton KVEC pod casts. When the candidates are forced off script by callers the real people come out. Beyond the channel 20 videos, I think the Compton campaign has posted the full videos of some of the other forums. I have not watched the postings fully so they may be edited to the candidates advantage but it is a plAce to start. I guess if they are edited that says something too.

There is a crazy amount of negative BS going around that does not reflect reality in any way. All one can hope for is an informed electorate.

: ( thanks for your input. I think my 6th grader said it best.


nurse1, Your sixth grader and his class might just be old enough to benefit from a little reality if carefully guided by a parent. Something to think about?

Bwaa-ha-ha! What a knee-slapper!

Especially prior to elections, politicians are all about riding the fence without falling on their kiesters.

If there is any truth in what they say, or especially their promises, it is purely coincidental.

What do you expect from someone mentored by Gibson and Hill? Let’s see, her signage was illegally placed, she failed to disclose donations from developers, and she is willfully misleading potential voters, and breaking campaign laws doing it.

Seriously, isn’t Hill and Gibson enough? We don’t need another who is so willing to do for herself and not those she represents. Also, Hill really pushed to get her appointed. That, and her willingness to lie as demonstrated by these recent episodes are enough for me to not vote for her. I like Byrd, but Compton’s okay too. Caren Ray is not qualified.

Can a guy from Paso vote in the 4th district?

Maybe, if you have a friend or relative in District 4. Done all the time if you are smart enough to figure it out, Don’t even have to be legal anymore, just advised and careful not to get caught.

I the true tradition of the Compton campaign, ignore laws, hide donations, suppress votes, crush opposing opinion through intimidation, spread deception, and now voter fraud. It’s a small wonder that few good candidates ever step forward.

Really, the only problem is not to get caught? Is the current operative advice and tactics for the Compton campaign? Voter fraud?

Early and often!

No, I can’t. I’m being rhetorical–thought you might figure that out.

But I am willing to be in a commercial, standing before the BOS building and say I do not endorse Caren Ray because she is unethical and a crony of Adam Hill.

No doubt it was rhetoric. That seems to be the foundation of the Compton campaign, rhetoric over substance.

When that’s all you got, that’s all you use. Puff and stuff.

C’mon Adam, you supposedly are someone who once taught English. You should know there is a difference between the two words. You are a desperate poster.

If her signage were illegally placed, why are the Compton signs sitting beside them today? The Compton signs are oversized against County law, and there are too many per property per County law.

Ray didn’t fail to disclose donations. She just fully disclosed using the address (PO Box #) on the check, then corrected the error.

Nor is she misleading the voters with phony slate mailers like Compton and Bird.

I just read that Ray is the only 4th district candidate to not use the deceptive slate mailers since Katcho in 2006.

Financial decision, or ethical decision?

You just read that, eh? Oh, please, you’re obviously a campaign insider. Quit posting as if you are a citizen that just fell off the turnip truck.