Latino Outreach Council out of compliance

May 8, 2014

locThe Latino Outreach Council has failed to file require charity registration papers with the California Department of Justice for more than 10 years, even though the issue has been brought in front of the council multiple times. [NewTimes]

In early 2013, with former San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Paul Teixeira serving as the non-profit’s president and his legislative aide Deb Geaslen serving as the council’s secretary, the group’s failure to properly register since 2004 was discussed along with plans to quickly remedy the issue. However, no one on the board filed the necessary papers.

In April, council member Andrea Naemi-Vergne resigned after discovering that after more than a year after the council said the registration issue would be taken care of, the group was still delinquent. In addition, Naemi-Vergne voiced her concerns about mismanagement and the group’s failure to follow its mission statement.

“In 1993, a group of 12 passionate people came together and formed The Latino Task Force,” Naemi-Vergne said in her letter of resignation. “Today you know this organization as Latino Outreach Council.

“Their vision was to find ways to serve the Latino community and the underserved in San Luis Obispo. Today, we are far from the true mission of this organization, and our infrastructure remains uncertain.”

Latino Outreach Council Chair Jacqueline Frederick admitted to the New Times that the group was out of compliance, and said they plan to fix the compliance issue.


The Geaslens need to be out of South county politics. First it was Deb with Paul then Tom getting ousted in Oceano for money issues, now we have this with Deb. These guys are all over Lynn Compton’s campaign too. She better kick them to the curb before We have Deb Geaslan back in as Compton’s aid. You know that’s her plan.

Ted Slanders

Remember in the days past where the Mexican community in Southern California flew the US flag upside down, or removed it altogether and put up their flag, but yet their paychecks were still written in English?×2000822

In prayer with Jesus about this story, He told me that most of the Latino people are still po’d over our country taking away California and parts of Arizona from them in history’s past. And, the fact that the GOP doesn’t do anything about legal immigration within Congress other than to sit on it.

This “could” be the reasoning of why this Latino organization is not filing the proper papers, whereas they are getting back at the country that denies an avenue to their legal citizenship in a timely manner, and along with the irony of knowing that this was their land to begin with.

This opinion of mine is no more farfetched than some of the way out there opinions of some of the pseudo-christians of late relative to the bible. Its fun, and I now see why they disregard known facts and just use their personal opinions instead, because anything goes!


Maybe your not so likely conversation with Jesus is really based on easily read history, Mr. Slanders:

In 1845 President Polk was quoted many times in stating his intentions of “acquiring” California from Mexico who had steadfastly refused to sell it to America at any price. Other prominent Americans in the same year and in response to the President were quoted as saying “Our manifest destiny to overspread the continent, for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions.” When President Polk declared war on Mexico in retaliation for their “firing the first shot” a lowly Congressman from Illinois, Abraham Lincoln, repeatedly demanded the President to name the exact “spot” where Mexicans first attacked American troops. He, Polk, never responded.

Comments from the press like, “…we must march from ocean to ocean. We must march from Texas straight to the Pacific ocean. It is the destiny of the white race, it is the destiny of the Anglo-Saxon Race.” and “The universal Yankee Nation can regenerate and disenthrall the people of Mexico in a few years; and we believe it is a part of our destiny to civilize that beautiful country.” or the “…yielding to a superior population, insensibly oozing into her territories, changing her customs, and out-living, exterminating her weaker blood.” (sounds just like your defended a-typical Identity Christian mantra of racial manifest destiny of America being the New Israel and its original occupants being Canaanites, Mr. Slanders) gave cause to Polk’s obvious immoral intent and swayed public opinion much like the corporate owned media does today. Not just California was taken but Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado as well.

“The most unjust war ever undertaken by a stronger nation against a weaker one.” General Ulysses S. Grant said of the Mexican Wart

(“We take nothing by conquest, Thank God” a great read by Howard Zinn)

Tea Partiers and Conservatives have flown the Stars and Stripes upside down more times that I can count, but when a Mexican does it it becomes unconscionable, a direct affront to all that’s American? Really? It’s the nationally, and internationally, recognized sign of distress and if the disgruntled and angry right can use it as such why can’t a teed off Mexican? I guess freedom of speech only applies to those who choose to wear the flag as underwear, or bikinis or anything else a White Angelo-Saxon American feels like doing. Reeks of racism to me.

Like it or not, the Latin-American population is here to stay, they oft do the work the White Angelo-Saxon American won’t, they contribute to the economical stability to this country, as well as to this state, and we need to address the immigration issue in a comprehensive and humane way.

In saying all of that I do not condone anyone dodging laws that are meant to define and regulate a charity; CAPSLO being the defining factor of its absolute need on the Central Coast anyway.


Maybe they are taking a page from the Caroline Ray playbook, “It was just an clerical error”……..


The Geaslan clan is bad news. They had there hooks into Paul Teixeira with Deb as the legislative assistant and Tom getting the Oceano job only to be ousted for stealing. They try to control the political landscape of south county and it’s time for that to end. This same group is cozy and influential in the Compton campaign too.


Do you have any proof of their connection to Compton? I would like to know if that is true.


Don’t know about 1inthemiddle, but Compton was asked at a meet and greet if Den was her campaign manager (apparently was acting or say that). After much hesitation, Compton said Deb was not her “official” campaign manager but was involved in the campaign.

That was enough for me


Lynn Compton has a campaign manager and she has Amber Johnson. That happened in January. So if Lynn were going to select Deb G. why is Amber her campaign manager?


Well that’s more than I got. I do know that Deb had stated many times the position of legislative assistant was wrongfully taken from her and that it was her job. She has been all over Compton’s campaign from the beginning. Anyone in Nipomo watching the campaign sees the involvement, one of Nipomo’s many dirty little secrets about the Compton Campaign. While it’s total hearsay, the rumor was that the Geaslens said they could deliver Nipomo for the campaign if Deb was manager, or was that LA.

I know Amber, I fine upstanding person to be sure but she does not have the experience to manage that campaign. She may do the thankless footwork but my bet is there are other forces at work.


Will Lynn sign a pledge stating that Deb Geaslen will not be her Legislative Assistant?


Will Caroline Ray sign a pledge stating she was never a involved with the Hash House Harriers?


I am guessing you mean Caren Ray. Since Ray has acknowledged that she was a part of that group in the past then I can only assume you are acknowledging that Deb is a part of Comptons campaign and will be her legislative aide. Neither can sign the proposed pledge.

Very good input thank you you must have some inside knowledge.


Yes, I meant Caren Ray, my mistake. I must have missed Ms. Ray’s comment on her membership and activities performed while being a member, I only recall a vague non-answer from Ms. Ray, but then again that is what she normally does, even when sitting on the BOS. A would caution you when assuming a comment means something, I avoid it and prefer facts and asking straight forward questions and hoping for straight answers, but unfortunately Ms. Ray’s time on the BOS has been void of straight answers.


Your statement of desire for facts is undermined by your numerous presentations lacking fact.

I do not believe Ray acknowledged any of the unsubstantiated behaviors you suggest are facts. She did say she had previously been a member of the group. Very different things indeed.

Jorge Estrada

With Out Papers, I’ve heard that before. Very nostalgic to hear it again.


I have been aware of this situation since February 2013. What I have been particularly perplexed by is the “Geaslen Factor.”

Mrs. Geaslen, married to the ousted (for stealing) Oceano GM, was appointed Secretary to the LOC Board and with the “IRS Enrolled Agent” (license revoked in 2009 — but still preparing other people’s taxes) living in her home, she couldn’t/wouldn’t step up and remedy the matter immediately upon its discovery?

Fast forward; Mrs. Geaslen was appointed Treasurer of the LOC (in Dec. 2013) and as of mid-April 2014 STILL hadn’t/hasn’t brought the group into compliance.

In light of the “Geaslen Factor” perhaps Mrs. Geaslen should not be LOC Treasurer after-all? It’s a question.


I simply fail to understand how people who are supposed to be taking care of the public, be it politicians, ombudsmen or here to serve the “underserved” are not held to the highest of standards.

Both in the realm of compliance and general observation of the law.

If a mere mortal working their asses off to support all these systems were found to be in violation of rules, regs or compliance issues we would be brought to a halting stop and crucified for the same behavior.

It truly is time for accountability in all areas.


Barring the actual recognition of those that are “under-served” as being real human beings you’ll never see any of those “serving” them held to any standard of real accountability. It just won’t happen.


Perhaps the labyrinthine regulations and laws serve to discourage those without the resources or motivation to understand and follow them? I can see where someone volunteering or getting minimal pay might just throw up their hands and say, “forget it — I can’t handle this.” They might be even more inclined to do so if following the regulations required a substantial financial investment.

I mean, if the big high-tech companies commonly adopt the policy of “its easier to ask forgiveness than permission,” why shouldn’t the little guys do the same?


It’s generally not the unpaid volunteer at the helm steering the ship, it’s usually the well and or overpaid administrator. That being said it’s always easier to ask forgiveness, but it’s usually the large corporation that is better financed to pay the penance usually attribute to “forgiveness” than the smaller 501(c) would be.


Try to run a private business in this County/State for 10 years, and not be in compliance…….fines, fines, fines….


Not necessarily true. I had a business that did comply but many of those I competed against did not — especially in regards to hiring legal residents. Few of them were penalized.


No habla….


The organization supporting undocumented workers (illegal immigrants) fails to follow the law for 10 years. This shows the arrogance of the leaders and their lack of respect for our laws.


You miss represent what they represent Mr. Citizen; what they support is a realistic immigration reform that recognizes the FACT that without the immigrant worker, illegal or otherwise, California farms and farmers would suffer greatly. Ignoring this law of registering is wrong, don’t get me wrong, but to marginalize those that they serve in the process does no one any good.



As you stated the Anglo Saxon Americans are not lining up for the back breaking work that these Mexican workers are willing to do. Back ground checks Work permits ( that can not be fraudulently mass produced). No legal residency, unless they go through legal application process. Employers provide health care and housing benefits. Yes, we would pay more for our produce, but that would be a decision we make. We have no choice when it comes to our tax increases. If we had not “taken” Mexican territory our issues with illegals would not have changed. The only change would be the name of the US State Border.

Blaming, whites, tea party, conservatives using racism, so predictable these days.. . Blame our Government our civil servants in whom we put our trust to do what is right for ALL citizens.What these elected officials do offer is a shameful failure to fulfill their promised obligations.


That’s one way of looking at it, there is another though…

We can round ’em all up, put ’em in detention centers and foot the bill for that. We could do that, but consider this when you call out our current officials for not carrying out their promised obligations: there are currently somewhere between 35,000 to 36,000 people in INS detention centers on any given day, costing us about $2 Billion Dollars a year. There are currently anywhere from 350,000 to 400,000 people on any given day awaiting INS hearings with less than 400 Judges presiding over those hearings, costing us another $3 Billion Dollars a year. So is it really responsible to dump more fuel on that fire while it only burns up more tax dollars we don’t have? Or would it be more responsible to approach this in a humane and comprehensive way that doesn’t father our tax burden?

Think about it. That’s all.