Lois Capps’ office murder and coverup scandal

May 22, 2014

Award winning investigative reporter Peter Lance’s series on the murder and coverup scandal plaguing Congresswoman Lois Capp’s office was published in the Santa Barbara News Press and touted in multiple journalism publications in early May, but primarily ignored in San Luis Obispo County.

In December, Raymond Morua, one of Capp’s representatives, struck and killed Mallory Rae Dies after attending a Christmas party as Capp’s representative. After plowing into Dies, Morua fled the scene at times reaching speeds over 80 mph. His blood alcohol was .17.

Raymond Morua and Lois Capps

Raymond Morua and Lois Capps

After Morua was arrested, Capps’ staffers allegedly forged documents in an attempt to get Morua out of jail and into a rehab center for vets. Capps office also responded by retaining legal council for Morua.

Even so,  after Dies was pronounced brain dead and taken off life support, her office did a complete turnabout. The lawyer procured by Capps’ office, suddenly backed out and said he would no longer represent Morua. In addition, her office then claimed that Morua was not authorized to attend the party and that he may have taken the invitation he used to enter the party, off another staffer’s desk.

Following are links to Lance’s five-part series:

Part One: Memories of Mallory
Part Two: Everybody Loved Raymond
Part Three: The Hero And The High Speed Chase
Part Four: Damage Control
Part Five: The Cover-up


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This crap ola, is to attack our Congresswoman Capps before the election. Don’t be fooled folks, she is a wonderful representative.

Morua was sentenced to 20 years to life. http://www.keyt.com/news/raymond-morua-sentenced-to-20-years-to-life/26209400

What say you, Fishing Village?

Why did Capps office hire someone with a criminal record?

Why did they falsify VA documents to get Morua admitted to a VA rehab facility before Mallory Dies died. Why did they deny that Morua was working for them when he attended the party?

Please explain.

While Capps office acted unethical after this tragedy, the ONLY person responsible for the death of Miss Dies is Raymond Morua. Not the government, not Lois Capps but Raymond Morua. I’m sure Mr Morua’s car insurance is more than adequate to cover the financial costs surrounding this tragedy. There is no reason to go looking for extra blood money.

My heart goes out to the deceased family and loved ones. In the mean time, I hope they place blame where blame is due.

A terrible title, this is why we have courts of law and NOT tar and feather people! Good grief.

We shall see….

Coverup? I knew about it instantly.


She works for me .. I’ll call her anything that I want.

Why she does not represent me in any shape or form!


That is self proclaimed ‘bi-partisan’ Capps.