SLO council gives CAPSLO $250,000 for homeless center

May 21, 2014


The San Luis Obispo City Council awarded the Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo (CAPSLO) $250,000 Tuesday to use for the development and construction of a new homeless services center.

The council had previously budgeted the money to aid CAPSLO in its bid to purchase a Prado Road property on which to build the homeless center. But, CAPSLO recently struck a deal with the San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Agency, with which it is jointly purchasing the property.

On Tuesday, the council reallocated the funds toward construction of the homeless services center. CAPSLO is also requesting $500,000 from the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors to use toward building the facility.

Prior to Tuesday’s meeting, Councilman Dan Carpenter wrote a CalCoastNews opinion piece stating that the city should direct funds toward immediately housing people rather than toward building a holding pen for the homeless. Councilman John Ashbaugh, a CAPSLO board member, responded by co-authoring a letter published by the Tribune saying CAPSLO already has a housing first policy.

Carpenter defended his position Tuesday, saying the city should start building permanent housing and that many homeless people would rather live in a car or on the streets than in a shelter. Carpenter cast the lone dissenting vote against the reallocation of funds.

Ashbaugh said the existing San Luis Obispo homeless shelter is filled to capacity and the new one would be properly sized and well managed.

“It’s a very, very exciting prospect,” Ashbaugh said.

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Is there going to be a giant “Funded by Measure Y” sign? Just asking because it is.

Hey, Gone Baby! I didn’t recognize you with your new stage name.

How’s that demotion working out? How’s Prado? Quit that smoking habit yet? Capslo sure knows how to handle things, eh? (chuckle; mine)

I’m considering a Capslo managerial position myself since It’s so easy to write up people once they get themselves into conflicts! Then they come begging at the door to take a shower or get a bite to eat. Ha ha!

When will they ever submit to Case Management and hand over their Disability Dough..


Always easier to accuse someone of something they can’t defend then taking credit for your bone headiness, right? If you are in fact implying that I’m Dee Torres you’re so delusional you’d fit right in with CAPSLO management. So, please, hurry over and apply! They’ll love your type…

CAPSLO is a product of those like you; those who would rather sit on the sidelines and pitch-a-bitch then get into the fight and do something worthwhile. You won’t do anything, you want someone else to do it instead and when it goes wrong you, and others like you, run around screamin’ “I told you so, I TOLD YOU SO!” Then compounding your apathy with either self induced ignorance or out-right-lies you put the focus on those who are supposed to be served as the ones ultimately at fault; no, not just for their current condition, even if that isn’t their fault, but ultimately for all that is done to them.

You either get what you ignore or what you participate in. Your choice…