Will surfing goats storm Pismo Beach?

May 20, 2014

Surfing GoatThe Pismo Beach City Council will consider this evening whether goats belong on private property and public parks within the city limits.

A Pismo Beach resident and YouTube star has recently received tickets for herding goats in the city. Pismo Beach resident Dana McGregor has been raising goats at his home and filming videos of the surfing.

City code currently prohibits keeping or raising goats within Pismo Beach limits, as well taking them to public parks. City staff is recommending that the council change the municipal code to allow up to four goats on private property.

Staff is also recommending that the council allow goats in public parks so long as they are kept on leashes. No regulation currently prohibits goats from wandering the beach.

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What about the old goats in public office? Can’t we get rid of them as well?

I am not a over the top animal lover, but is driving around with goats in your car and goats on surf boards really what is best for goats? Would these goats swim in the ocean by themselves, or is this just another unique individual who thinks goats like surfing?

These are farm animals and if you let him have 4 goats then what is to stop others from having goats. I know some ladies you have pigs they claim are their pets, yet they hide them because they know they are not suppose to have them within the city limits in a residential area.

I love animals and have 2 dogs and 3 chickens, the dogs are my pets, my chickens provide eggs, and are by no means pets. I live within the city limits of AG and I have to say I would have a problem with a neighbor having goats or pigs. If I want to live near farm animals I would live in the county.

If you have ever smelled pig poop you would not soon forget it. Would the council like this guy living next door to them, and what does he do for flea and tick control on these animals? And what about other parasites these goats carry, sorry buddy your goats don’t belong in a residential area.

I have 2 neighbors with goats and the goats aren’t a problem in the least. They don’t create obnoxious smells at all. I also have a neighbor with 2 pigs and she does clean up their poop daily and place it in a receptacle with a cover on it. I’ve never smelled the pig poop permeating the air and given a choice (as these pigs are given), they prefer cleanliness to dirt. Pigs only roll in mud because they need to stay cool and parasite free, when offered water misters instead, the pigs lay under the misters every time and they like having a bath to control parasites during the summer. Her pigs are clean, friendly and stinky free!

NOW as to the neighbor across the street with her 4 obnoxious barking smelly Dalmatians and a poop infested yard that rarely gets cleaned up…….don’t get me started.

Pigs & Goats ? Not a problem.

can you report the dog neighbors to the health dept?

Have you ever talked to your neighbors about your chickens? One of my neighbors has chickens and on certain days parts of my backyard are off limits due to the smell, and then we can talk about the noise. You want your chickens but want to deny someone else their goats? Double standard? Chickens are farm animals too. Yes, I live in the city limits of AG.

My niece lives in the country, has 2 BIG pigs and 2 dogs, pigs get the run of the house just as the dogs do. The pigs (smarter than the dogs) are trained to poop in one area outside, just like the dogs. They are very friendly and loving, greet you when you arrive, just like the dogs. I have never noticed a bad odor. The chickens however smell worse than all 4 house pets, and are properly located well away from the house. The pigs are happy, the dogs are happy and so is the owner.

Goat poop is even less offensive than the dog poop! I don’t think we should be telling this guy what he can or can’t Love for pets! Goats are less offensive than dogs! They don’t smell, don’t bark and I am sure are well taken care of! I don’t see his neighbors being offended why should you? I mean cats are even worse, they will cross your property line and poop in your yard!

and BTW you DO live with farm animals, Chickens!! Noisy, smelly….worse than Goats too!