Could George Clooney be the next governor of California?

June 19, 2014

66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)Another Hollywood actor may soon make a run for the California Governor’s Mansion. [Daily Mirror]

As Governor Jerry Brown is widely expected to win reelection in November, the California Democratic Party appears to already be turning its focus to 2018. Friends of George Clooney told the Daily Mirror that the Democratic Party is courting the actor to run for governor.

Clooney, 53, is marrying British lawyer Amal Alamuddin in September but is expected to launch a political career soon after. The actor is friends with President Barack Obama and talk has already surfaced of Clooney running for the White House.

In recent years, Clooney has focused his political work on humanitarian missions and gay rights campaigns.

The Hollywood star is the son of Nick Clooney, a longtime journalist who unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 2004.

just thinking

I think your right!

Kevin Rice

Gov. Looney


I should hope not,but look what the voters did in our last election.


Let’s hope he’s the groom this time…

Mike Byrd

Clooney has campaigned for gay equality and Governor Reagan fired his allegedly gay staff members including one who later became a close friend. And Reagan was considered to be gay-tolerant at the time.


Times have changed rapidly in the realm of gay rights and the place of gays in society. I suspect that, while not enough, there are far more Republicans and Conservatives willing to live and let live as far as gays are concerned than there were 30 years ago.


You are mistaken. the Republican Party is the official Party of HATE..

If YOU do not agree with these fascists and haters, then YOU …YOU must seperate from the HATE.

They don’t LEARN .

They’ve learned to hate. You do not. TEACH THEM ( or teach yourself ).


Seems like you are the one with hate issues


You are the one who shouts down any one who disagrees with your position. You are a intolerant hater. Who also is ignorant.


I refuse to be tolerant of bigots, homophobes, racists, misogynists, objectivists, misanthropes, tax evaders, KKK’ers, anti-civilizationalists, economic royalists, plantationalists, or Illinois nazis.

Ideally, responsible citizens should gather these dregs of inhumanity and ship them elsewhere; except no other nation on the planet would take them.

The only practical alternative is to march them into the sea.


The ‘Republicans’ that don’t hate gays, or immigrants, or women, or blacks, or other religions, or science, or health care, or poor people, or government, or reason, or reality, or the whole rest of the world,

are not Republicans anymore.

They’re ‘independents’ or something else.

The ‘Republicans’ that are Republicans aren’t really Republicans either.

They are Hate-icans.

Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, Everett Dirksen, et al would not be welcome in that American fascist party today; nor would they want to be.


Reaganites alienated ostracized C Everett Koop! our surgeon general who would not tell the American people a lie about abortion or tobacco….”successfully campaigning for a ban on tobacco ads, despite being ordered to stay silent by Donald T. Regan, who was Reagan’s chief of staff. Koop told the lawmakers that tobacco was as dangerous as heroin” moderates get tossed under the bus along with intelligence and truth.


RE: the 21 ( current ) neg votes…..where do these fit on the list I provided below ?

“I refuse to be tolerant of bigots, homophobes, racists, misogynists, objectivists, misanthropes, tax evaders, KKK’ers, anti-civilizationalists, economic royalists, plantationalists, or Illinois nazis.”

Check out the article “White Power Rising” by Tom Hayden at LA ( url was way too long ).

The question I have , is why don’t these brave crusaders comment to defend their positions ?

If they feel they are so RIGHT, what are they afraid of ?

I admit my contempt…call it ‘hate’, for the individuals and groups I outlined.

They deserve it; and I will not equivocate, compromise, or be objective towards these walking social cancers.