California Democrats trying to slow impact of cap and trade

July 14, 2014

breaking-chevron-oil-refinery-catches-fire-over-s-1-12547-1344319415-3_bigCiting concern over rising gas prices, a group of Democratic California lawmakers are pushing a bill that would delay requiring oil refineries to buy carbon credits under the state’s cap and trade system. [LA Times]

California’s cap and trade system, created under AB 32, will require refineries to buy carbon credits in order to release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. AB 69, currently in the legislature, would delay the implementation of that rule until Jan. 1, 2018.

Fresno Assemblyman Henry Perea, the sponsor of the bill, said that requiring refineries to buy carbon credits could add at least 15 cents to the price of a gallon of gas, which now tops $4 in many parts of the state.

“The cap and trade system should not be used to raise billions of dollars in new state funds at the expense of consumers who are struggling to get back on their feet after the recession,” Perea said. “In some areas of the state, like the Central Valley, constituents need to drive long distances and they will be disproportionately impacted by rising gas prices.”

Governor Jerry Brown, a proponent of cap and trade, has not yet taken a position on the bill. But, a spokesman for the California Air Resources Board, the agency tasked with implementing the system, spoke in opposition to the bill.

“Having transportation fuels under the cap is essential for California to achieve its AB 32 greenhouse gas emission reduction goals,” said CARB spokesman David Clegern.


Typical liberals…pass laws that are bad for the people and then try to ease the pain for a very brief time and sell it like you care about the people.

Jorge Estrada

There is a chance that these new taxes may price the Democrats out of this state? I say tax fat and lazy people too, this may cut the medical costs supported by all Californians.

Theo P. Neustic

Right, because taxes are so conducive to productivity…


This entire ‘carbon credit’ scheme is nothing but a scam. Just one more way for the 1% ers to rip-off the productive people of this state and country. Brought to you by the democrats.


Yes, but all the lies are coming unraveled. Happen to read or hear Obama’s wife defend O about the immigration problem. Not one word was in favor of sending anybody back where they came from. This was premeditated and our administration was aware of what was coming. Look at global warming, or is it climate change now? Research he facts, look at the global satellite images of the increases of the ice caps, their growing not shrinking, Polar vortex anyone. Guess its cold cause its hot. Or is it hot cause its cold. Another $.18 gas tax? really think thats gonna fly? maybe by a handful pre’ass owners. O’s popularity rating is in the can, lower than any presidents in history. Cap in trade? crap for trade. Our hard earned dollars for crap in value at the store,pump or taxes. Send back 5 top terrorists leaders to kill again? nice. Folks are tired of the same crappy flavor of Koolaid and its time for something else.

fishing village

sounds like a good idea to me.

Extremely Stoic

We the voters reap what we sow.


The Democrats wouldn’t be delaying implementation of this until after the 2016 and 2018 elections would they. This will be very painful for Californians and they will be extremely pissed off at whoever enacted this. Maybe even pissed off enough to get off their collective butts and vote.


Time to give serious thought to moving to Texas. Moonbeam and the Unicorns in the legislature are hell-bent on ruining what is left of this once great state.


Don’t let anyone stop you.

Some appealing places: McAllen/Edinburg, Brownsville, Laredo …ranked as the #2, #3, and #7 Dumbest cities in America, with El Paso close.

Or you could just stay in California …slightly further away than here; where Merced is #1, Visalia is #4, Bakersfield is #5, and Modesto is #10.


What do all of these cities have in common, Slowerfaster? They are areas top heavy with illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrant adults from Mexico arrive here with an average 5th grade education. The ones coming in from Central America, well, we just don’t know and can’t compute, as most are kids.


Welcome to the year 1900.

Downtown Bob

Stepped in it there Slowerfaster didn’t you? My guess is you’re a government worker looking to be a leach for a good long time collecting our money while sipping your latte thinking how brilliant you are.


Gov. Brown never meet a tax or fee he didn’t like, especially the ones that don’t apply to him or the Sacramento/Government elite.


What a bunch of idiots. THEY created this environmental worshipping mess and now they are trying to act like the good guys and delay it? If you want to pinpoint the number one threat to our economy and our standard of living it is morons thinking we can have any significant impact on climate change by implementing these stupid rules. These same people whine about “big oil” profits which amount to about 5-10 cents per gallon yet the politicians seem to forget about the fact that THEY are making about 70 cents per gallon in taxes off of it! What a bunch of lying hypocritical bastards. The next biggest group of idiots on the list are all the ignorant citizens that have bought this environmental crap they’ve been fed. There is no hope left for this country, despite what the Obama worshippers say.


But remember they will never tell you how they think. They will tell you how they feel.


The oil refiners take in over $10,000 for every barrel they process.

They keep hitting record profits while paying disgustingly pitiful taxes, or even none ( due to ridiculously archaic oil depletion laws and other lobbyist approved perks ).

Americans are driving less and less ( why we are now a net energy exporter and producer ), yet we are being charged more and more at the pump. Middlemen hedge fund speculators on Wall Street drive up the price while raking in Billion$.

Those are your thieves and crooks, not government.


Refineries are not allowed a depletion deduction, only oil producers. Chevron owns one of the largest refineries in CA, El Segundo, and they paid over 20 billion in income taxes in 2013. But don’t let a few pesky facts get in your way.


Slower…. Said:

“The oil refiners take in over $10,000 for every barrel they process.” HUH? That would make gasoline about $750.00 a gallon and diesel about $300.00 per gallon. Meanwhile, the government adds up all these taxes, adds it to the price of the gasoline and calculates sales tax on the final amount. Thereby, taxing the taxes! Only in America!

Old Salt

Slower doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

I own Chevern Stock and I’d be worth MILLIONS if that were true.


Gasoline and diesel are not the only products/chemicals derived from crude oil.

Downtown Bob

Brilliant……I learned that in sixth grade, but your math does not even work considering how many billions of barrels of oil a company produces that would mean they are making trillions of profit?


Please explain to me the market dynamics that allows oil companies to take in $238.10 a gallon when we pay four bucks for that same gallon or is this another talking with your butt checks moment from the grand master of hyperbole.


Do a little research and you will find the Federal Government makes more on every gallon of gasoline than the oil companies.

Extremely Stoic

Why the blatent lies, Slowfaster? You as mch cred as Lucifer, another blatent liar.


About .34 in Fed on gas, .18 state, state tax .075 all per gallon. Um yea there is more quite a bit. So that leaves roughly $3.22 per gallon. A barrel is 55 gallons so that makes $177.10 per barrel. Mind you distribution and gas station profit hasn’t been subtracted from that yet but I’ll leave. So back to the $177 per barrel WHERE IN THE HECK do you come up with $10,000 per barrel???


Actually, a barrel of oil is 42 gallons.

Downtown Bob

Don’t tell the fools that they pay us for that thinking it is 55 gallons! You are ruining our secret plan man!




I was going off of barrels from when I was a kid that were old oil drums and they were 55 gallons. O.k. so that even lowers the price more and reinforces my point more how does it cost $10,000? Do you have an answer you can goole for that besides, a barrel of oil??