Cross-dressing baby formula thieves arrested

July 19, 2014
Samuel Frank

Samuel Frank

A pair of men dressed as women were arrested in Glendale on Wednesday for allegedly attempting to heist multiple cans of baby formula. [Press-Telegram]

Police arrested the alleged cross-dressing thieves after discovering that they had placed four cans of baby formula in their purses. A search of their car uncovered an additional two dozen cans of formula, most of which had been stolen from a nearby Vons earlier that day.

According to law enforcement officials, thieves have been targeting baby items, especially pricey baby formula, to sell on the black market. While cans of baby formula start at around $15, some cans go for well over $100.

Darrin White

Darrin White

In 2010, Atascadero Police arrested four people suspected of being members of a gang which has been stealing baby formula from grocery stores throughout California.

Officers seized 195 cans of formula from a car driven by one of the suspects as she attempted to leave the Von’s grocery store in Atascadero. The formula had a value of more than $4,000.

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Open your hearts and neighborhoods to the diversity.

It’s good for us, remember.


They should put them in prison with their clothing of choice. Might be fun for them!

Jorge Estrada

What other states has this happened in?