Paso council weighing marijuana delivery ban

July 15, 2014

medical marijuan rxThe Paso Robles City Council will consider Tuesday a proposed ban on medical marijuana delivery services.

Paso Robles already has a ban on brick and mortar medical marijuana dispensaries. City staff is now requesting that the council adopt an urgency ordinance banning mobile dispensaries.

Staff says marijuana delivery services expose the city to enforcement costs and the possibility of violent crime.

Recently, the San Luis Obispo City Council considered a ban on delivery services. Numerous residents opposed it, though, and the council voted to table the issue.

The Paso Robles council will meet at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday.


It is clear that the remaining holdouts on the marijuana issue are law enforcement who don’t want to lose money and people who are COMPLETELY ignorant of what marijuana is. That being the case, let me offer a solution. Since we all know it isn’t actually going to HURT you to smoke it once, TRY IT. The worst that will happen is that you will laugh at yourself for how wrong you were. (caution: you might laugh hysterically, for an hour or more)


Why stop there, they say cocaine and heroine doesn’t hurt you and is good the first time, it’s the follow up times that cause problems.


If you really want to be that ridiculous, let me take it one step further. Perhaps you should eliminate sugar from your diet. Diabetes is a leading cause of death in America. Sugar is highly addictive and kills far far more people that cocaine. It makes people hyperactive and has even been found to be responsible for murders (e.g. “twinkie defense”) If you really want to start living a life based on FACT, you’re going to find that America is seriously deluded in a lot areas and is constantly chasing after things like illegal drugs and terrorists while people are actually dying from prescription drugs, sugar, and suicide.


Right on Kaney ! Sugar intake has increased like 500% in the last 80 or so years and cancer and heart disease has risen at the same rate. That exact same increase in meat intake has the same effect. Marijuana is not the problem, reefer madness is.


Want to make a huge dent in sugar intake, restrict anything with sugar from being purchased with EBT cards.


Hey, we agree on something!


So, SLO and now Paso Robles have both shelved this issue whether then dealing with it. Yes, they are great community political paid problem solvers. We should all be proud of these losers who work for us and can’t handle a real issue.


Just do it! California will be just like Washington State & Colorodo within a few years…


These delivery services have been operating in the county and in this city for at least five years. There have been no incidents, robberies, carjackings whatsoever. I have no idea how they would even come to suspect someone of such activity.

In any event, it is clear they pose no problem to anyone, why the sudden alarm over something that is benign? What will their probable cause be to pull someone over? This will be nothing more than an additional expense and potential lawsuits for the City.



At the council meeting last night, staff admitted that a citizen went to the city to file for a business license (he/she followed the law and didn’t attempt to operate a black market operation) to run a legal mobile dispensary service in Paso. Jim App & his staff basically freaked out and didn’t know how to process the application. Hence, the “sudden alarm,” withpuppetmaster Jim App falsely claiming that without a ban, there would be a “current and immediate threat to public health, safety and welfare.” More BS from the city manager.

As noted by frequent council attendee Kathy Barnett, the staff report was 100% biased against mobile dispensaries. The slanted, rushed report presented to the public and the councilmen was ridiculous. The police officer who spoke tried to make it seem like all heck would break loose if Paso allowed such services. Kathy Barnett also mentioned how Paso already “worships at the god of alcohol” yet staff is adamantly against medical marijuana delivery…good point, Kathy. Personally, I’m more afraid of the thousands of drunken wine-tasting tourists on our road during the fair, wine festival, and every weekend than I am of some guy in his house, using pot to help with pain management.

Again, I’ve never tried the stuff and am too old to start now but the fact is that California voters passed Proposition 215 over 15 years ago and Paso city manager and staff were foolish to present such a biased staff recommendation with ZERO stats backing up their assertions. There have been ZERO incidents of crime (robberies/carjackings, etc) related to mobile dispensaries within the city limits. Once again, shame on you Jim App.


Very proud of your well thought out and reasonable/unparanoid post pasoparent, even though we often disagree, you are spot on this time!


I appreciate that. Thank you.


Perfect analogy pp. I read that staff report and it was the biggest joke of all time.


When does alcohol delivery start?