Cal Poly to investigate football player drug use

August 13, 2014
Cameron Akins

Cameron Akins

Two days after San Luis Obispo police arrested five university football players for allegedly robbing a fraternity house near campus, Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong announced plans to mount an investigate drug use within the football team.

San Luis Obispo police are looking into allegations that the motive for the Sunday’s robbery could have something to do with the anti-anxiety drug Xanax. If the robbery is determined to be drug related, it would be the second time in a year that Cal Poly football team has been linked to drug crime that involved a firearm.

“Illegal drugs and criminal activity have absolutely no place at Cal Poly,” Armstrong says in his statement. “They are anathema to student success, the Mustang Way and the expectations we hold for all members of the Cal Poly family.”

After the official criminal investigation concludes, Cal Poly’s administration plans to conduct an investigation into possible illegal drugs and criminal activity within the football program and on campus. In addition, university officials are reviewing policies and procedures related to student conduct.

Plans have been made to expand drug testing to include all student athletes and to increase the number of drugs tested for. In the past, the university conducted random testing of student athletes for several drugs, but not Xanax.

Cal Poly football player’s Kristaan Ivory, 20, of Los Angeles; Cameron Akins, 19, of Monrovia; Cortland Fort, 20, of Fontana; Dominique Love, 19, of Poway; and Jake Brito, 18, of Cypress are schedule to be in San Luis Obispo Superior Court on Aug. 25 for their arraignments.


Glad to see that authorities are considering drugs as a motive. Business would go on as usual had one frat boy not mentioned the motive for the robbery “might” be to obtain Xanax.

For personal use by the athletes or to sell, we may never know: but rest assured, Xanax doesn’t enhance one’s athletic performance.

The Delta Sigs are equally at fault for endangering the lives of their own peers. Xanax isn’t some medication one frat boy took to relieve his anxiety and panic attacks (lol). It is now used at college parties nationwide.

Welcome to the drug world, boys.


Drug use/ addiction

Great mitigating defense for robbery

Judge can dispense with prosecuting and order drug rehabilitation

Best of all because they are under 21 their records can be sealed!


This is what you get when you choose your student eligibility based on equal opportunity and sport skills instead of academic ability.

This is more of a parental issue (or lack there of) than an academic issue. If their parents had done a better job at raising them, situation like this would be few and far between.


Priority one is education…not sports. Drug test them all. They should be leaders, not criminals.

Just look to the NBA and NFL if you want to know what’s up here. Choose your role models carefully.