Counterfeit bills passed in Paso Robles

August 18, 2014

paso police4Paso Robles police are searching for two women suspected of passing counterfeit bills at several businesses off Highway 46. [Daily News]

On July 26, four counterfeit bills were used at the McDonald’s restaurant and the Chevron gas station on Ramada Drive. It was several days later that the bills were determined to be counterfeit.

Police describe the first suspect as a white or Hispanic, heavyset female in her late teens or early 20s. The second suspect is a white or Hispanic female, between 20 to 40 years of age with what appears to be a tattoo on her upper left arm.

Police are asking anyone with information about the crime or the suspects to call the Paso Robles Police Department at (805) 237-6464.

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Our business got stuck with 2 counterfeit $100 bills about a month ago, and it was Rabobank that noticed. Nothing is being done by the Morro Bay Police. I hope these jerks have to make restitution, after they do so serious time. It’s not a victimless crime – by any means.

There are a number of inexpensive means that can be used to detect counterfeit bills. When criminals want to pass phony money, they search for stores that don’t check large denomination bills. By not consistently checking, you make yourself a target.

These counterfeit bills should be excellent currency among all of the counterfeit people running around in SLO county.

Good luck! This happens quite often. It happened to a business in Morro Bay when Chief Amy had just been hired. After being hit with a fake $100. bill, The merchant gave the MBPD video and stills to help catch the thief. The department never circulated them to the media or other local merchants. When asked why the department did nothing to help protect others by putting this dirt bags image out for all to see, all they got back was a patronizing letter stating, We do our best to protect and serve …..blah blah blah. Still no explanation on why they wouldn’t warn others. They didn’t do anything except take a report. Lesson learned. Self help 101. Merchants need to contact the media and newspapers themselves to get the word out. I’ve seen good results on Facebook also. Contact other local businesses asap, with a description to help them avoid being victimized and possibly catch them. If you are suspicious and have no video, look to see where they go when they leave. If its in a car, get the license and car description. These groups usually will hit a few businesses and move on quickly to the next town so contacting other businesses is helpful. Look for small purchases with a big bill. Good luck and look out for your community.

If, in your example, it was only once that someone passed the counterfeit bill(s), it could be that they were not the perps. Sometimes counterfeit bills get passed along before it is realized they are counterfeit. If they were (repeatedly) the same person, then I would be more willing to slander the suspected fraudster.

On a side note: don’t those pens work anymore? Or were these counterfeit 20’s that no one bothers to check?

Not true. They usually only pass one large $100. at a time, get the change and hit the next stop. The point is, PD did not make any effort to get the info to the public or other merchants. With video and pictures at their disposal, you tell us why they wouldn’t make that information public?

In this day of cameras everywhere, no video?