California jails letting inmates go early

August 18, 2014

jailIn the wake of California prison realignment, local jails across the state are releasing more and more inmates before they have completed their sentences. [LA Times]

California jails are currently releasing more than 13,500 inmates early each month in order to reduce overcrowding. The early release rate has increased by 34 percent over the last three years.

Additionally, some counties have curtailed or virtually eliminated incarceration for a variety of misdemeanors, jail data shows. Crimes that are often not resulting in sentences include parole violations, domestic violence, child abuse, drug use and driving under the influence.

Critics of prison realignment say the resulting jail overcrowding has emboldened criminals. Many individuals now commit crimes and violate probation terms knowing they are assured immediate release.

Proponents of prison realignment point to a recent federal crime study. The report showed that  California crime rates have dropped significantly since prison realignment took effect in 2011.


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That’s great, more qualified applicants to work at the City of San Luis Obispo!

After they are released they should be given bus tickets and directions to Sacramento.

Early release should be allow where the inmate is willing to accept full employment in the Middle East. After their contract commitments have been met, there employment here could be treated as a contract extention.

I will suggest that once they are deployed, they will switch sides and take the lives of our allies; therefore I will use my pre-presidential power to veto this idea, praise!

Sounds like a good move. I’m sure we’ll all benefit greatly from this.