Ferrera defends couple’s City Hall caper

August 22, 2014
Arroyo Grande Mayor Tony Ferrara

Arroyo Grande Mayor Tony Ferrara


Two top Arroyo Grande officials discovered by emergency workers near midnight last month in a darkened City Hall were said Wednesday by Mayor Tony Ferrera to have been cleared of inappropriate behavior by an internal city investigation.

City Manager Steve Adams and Community Development Director Teresa McClish were located in the city building July 3 by police and firefighters after a 911 call from McClish’s husband, who said he was worried his wife might be in distress because of health issues. Officers then discovered a disheveled Adams walking from his office where McClish was scrambling to get dressed, police sources said.

On Wednesday, at an Arroyo Grande and Pismo Beach Chambers of Commerce luncheon, Ferrera took the microphone following the club’s featured speaker to volunteer that “the incident was looked at and followed up by the city council” which then determined no further investigation was warranted, according to several attendees of the event. Ferrera described the July 3 incident as “a personnel matter” about which he could provide no details, but added the two parties involved “have a high level of integrity.”

Telephone calls and emails to Ferrera asking for verification of his comments were not returned.

“The incident” to which Ferrera referred was the subject of a special closed session meeting by the council four days after Adams and McClish were found in what a police officer later described as “an uncomfortable situation.” Adams was described by officers as appearing “disheveled.”

After ducking two days of CalCoastNews requests for comment, Ferrara, Adams, McClish, and an assistant city attorney fed their version of events to the local daily newspaper. Attorney Michael McMahon told the newspaper he had conducted an internal probe costing $1,254, and concluded that “there was nothing that indicated a need for formal investigation” and that the officers found nothing improper.

Nevertheless, city officials told the Tribune that officers said the situation was “uncomfortable.”

Adams penned a statement published in the daily newspaper in which he acknowledged the incident “resulted in an appearance that could be easily misinterpreted.” He contends McClish and he were just biding time to allow their blood alcohol levels to diminish before they drove to their homes, because they had consumed several glasses of wine during the evening.


It must be something in the water piped to government buildings!


Nothing funnier than two people lying and sneaking about and having sex with someone not their spouse and then the mayor telling us that the two involved parties are of the “highest integrity”. ROTFLMAO! Yeah, like Bruce Gibson, etc., etc. I swear, I think the biggest morons are elected to something and suddenly they think EVERYBODY ELSE is a moron and they are more intelligent. Sorry Mr. mayor, you are the fool here.

Mr. Holly

Steve Adam;s comment was they had “about 3 glasses of wine”. Check DMV alcohol chart and a person of Adam’s size with 3 drinks doesn’t constitute a BA reading of more that .07%. DUI is accepted at .08%. Appears these drinks were over a period of time which also comes into the equation.

Sorry Steve, this is a very poor excuse. Maybe you should talk with Tony further regarding this as he is retired law enforcement and probably could have tutored you a little better with this.


I would rather government employees do this type of activity and forego regulating and supervising and implementing all the useless and costly laws and regulation’s the rest of us must endure. If they have a shovel or broom what they do might be of some benefit. Otherwise let them have an orgy during their shift. More harmless!


How can anyone take government seriously anymore? All you can do is laugh.


City officials will have the last laugh if we don’t show up at the council meeting on Tuesday. We have to make it loud and clear that we don’t believe their BS, and aren’t going to tolerate it any more. Enough is enough!

As the world turns

The natives gather to make a circle and protect each other. What else is new in Arroyo Grande, also known as the Big Ditch.


You are right As world turns.

Not only are the official gathering to make a circle in AG but they are calling upon their dishonest counterparts in SLO to back them up.

Did you notice the blog posts on the Tribune’s AG story. One by Jeff Buckingham and one by Jan Marx. In typical “CYA” fashion they attack the messenger (CCN). This underscores that old saying that if you lie down with dogs you get fleas.

We all know that Marx is worthless and dishonest so natutrally she would attack CCN.

As far as Buckingham I believe he is intertwined in SLO politics and the Chamber of Commerce and I don’t doubt for one second that his business “BlueRooster” profits from SLO city contracts, maybe with AG as well.

I used to like you Jeff, but this shows me your other side, the side that protects those who do misdeeds.


Hey folks- a little background music for you to listen to as you try to absorb these creative explanations coming from Steve and Tony’s smilin’ faces:


Yeah- “Just keep movin’ along, folks- nothin’ to see here. Everything’s just fine. Everything is just peachy keen.” “Trust me.”

But if only Steve had taken this following approach, maybe he (and everyone else) wouldn’t be in this situation right now:


Yeah, well- but don’t worry about a thing, folks- Smilin’ Tony and Steve have it all under control. And the council in their pockets. You’re in good hands…….


If the city attorney is making $250,000+ then why did the “investigation” cost an additional $1254.00!


Apparently, the city attorney did not even bother to submit a written report of his $1254 worth of findings.

That is a lot of money for oral, especially since McClish and Adams did not even bother to rent a motel room.


what’s amazing here is the legal fees to the City is about $1,250.00……. what does that tell

you about about the amount of time spent for this detailed investigation ?


It likely was about as detailed and the investigation into Dee Torres by Biz Steinberg at CAPSLO.


I don’t always drink tea…

but when I do…

I drink it close to midnight…

at the office….

and in the DARK!


You forgot the last line…

…”And with my underdrawers around my ankles.”