Morro Bay man involved in fatal accident

August 21, 2014

chalkA Morro Bay man’s truck struck and killed a 70-year-old Fresno woman as she was crossing the street in northwest Fresno Tuesday afternoon, police said.

Gary Collins, 61, was making a westbound turn onto Shaw Avenue from Feland Avenue when the incident occurred. Collins told police he did not see the woman before knocking her to the roadway.

The victim was transported to a Fresno hospital where she died from head injuries.

Police are investigating the incident and have not yet determined if drugs or alcohol played a role in the fatal collision.

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I’m sure the Cliffs was somehow responsible for this one too.

wow, Reinvent an accident from a news story. amazing. You should change your name to Clara Voyant

Very sad situation that can be prevented: First, in unfamiliar areas, don’t be in a hurry, second, as a driver, make sure you are looking both to the left and the right, including the crosswalk, not just the roadway, and lastly, as a pedestrian, make eye contact with the driver before you step out in front of their vehicle. Condolences to the family of the woman killed.