Nancy Johnson reconsidering Morro Bay manager hire

August 14, 2014
David Buckingham

David Buckingham

Morro Bay Councilwoman Nancy Johnson is reconsidering her vote to appoint a retiring Army colonel as the next city manager of Morro Bay now that reports have surfaced of an employment dispute between David Buckingham and the city of Bishop. [Tribune]

On Friday, the Morro Bay council voted unanimously in closed session to hire Buckingham, 49, as the city’s full-time city manger. Buckingham accepted the position on Monday, although the council must still finalize the contract in open session.

Also on Monday, the city of Bishop agreed to pay Buckingham $38,000 to settle a claim he filed over a contractual dispute. Buckingham alleges that Bishop withdrew its offer to make him their city administrator after he already signed a contract for the position.

Johnson said she only learned of the Bishop dispute on Tuesday, and had she known Friday, she would have reversed her vote.

“Regarding the issue in Bishop, we moved ahead with this without full information,” Johnson said. “That’s the thing that bothers me most.”

Johnson added that the lack of disclosure raises questions as to whether Morro Bay’s interim city manager, Ed Kreins, is properly researching candidates for the full-time position. Kreins, as assigned by the council, is in charge of conducting the search for a permanent city manager.

In addition to Buckingham’s employment dispute with Bishop, the Army colonel is also recently removed from a job loss in the military. Following a July 4, 2013 incident in Vicenza, Italy, in which Buckingham verbally quarreled with a military policeman, Army brass removed him from his position of base commander.

Buckingham has since applying for jobs in city management across the U.S.

The Morro Bay council is expected to vote on finalizing Buckingham’s contract at its Aug. 26 meeting.

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Why is this news? Nancy Johnson has made her hostility toward the Council majority more than obvious on numerous occasions, so it is no surprise that she would look for any excuse to try to make trouble.

Fortunately, Morro Bay residents showed what they think about Nancy Johnson by the way they voted in the last election, with Matt Makowetski, who is aligned with the current Council majority getting over 900 votes more than she did.

Creating this tempest in a teapot is obviously just another one of Nancy’s tantrums – and joining her in that tantrum are a handful of others who are also mad about the election results and their total loss of power in Morro Bay.

It isn’t news, but this site and newspapers thrive on controversy.

I’m excited to meet the new manager and see how he handles the needs of our City. WE have so much work to do and the sooner we get to it the better. Onward, City Manager Buckingham as I support anyone who will come into this City, knowing the ‘players’ and have confidence that he can do the job and help us!! I’m in your camp!!

Mr, Kreins if we have another job for you to do, please help us do that too!! Mr. Kreins has seen it all and will not be bullied by the few who oppose a new kind of government/a better one in Morro Bay. Thank you for stepping into a quagmire and going ahead with what you think is the right path for the City.

Ignore the little balls man behind the Irons Curtain. Nothing to are here. We are in control.

LOL! Was supposed to be ‘bald’. Auto correct apropos.

Thinking the little balls was more the appropriate

I like the original “little balls” statement.

But how about the rest of the sentence?

It seemed incoherent.

Once again you characterize dissent as hostility. Your die hard partisan approach to governance is pathetic.

Sounds familiar. Sort of like ” “Pass The Bill So You Can Find Out What’s In It”

This Council majority has moved forward,

the last one only moved backward.

We need to show our support and give the guy a chance.

nay sayers….we don’t need your opinions!!

Yes, they’ve moved forward, and there they go! Right off the cliff……..

Succinctly sums up the Irons autocracy.

Moved forward with what sort of blunders? Progressivism isn’t always positive, village.

We gave Obama a chance (two) and the result has been catastrophic for Middle East peace, job loss, and our national debt size.

We gave Brown a chance (two) and he’s trying to copy his father’s State Water Project legacy with a bullet train to nowhere, at BILLIONS in predictable cost over runs.

We gave Gibson a chance, and he cuts off public comment he doesn’t like in absolute dereliction of duty to good government, and also the Government Code.

We gave Irons a chance, and by not pushing the Coastal Commission he’s doomed your little “fishing village” to tens of millions in Los Osos-sized sewer blunder expense.

That last one is real dollars, village. Trust me. I own a rental in Los Osos.

Methinks you could use our opinions quite a bit, FV. Electing/selecting the profoundly unqualified has costly CONSEQUENCES in our lives.

Gee, really? When did Morro Bay become part of the Soviet Union? Government is always right, right?

Is your village full of lemmings?

Seriously? Oh, and who is “we?” Are you suggesting that ANYONE who disagrees with the new regime is not entitled to express his or her opinion?

How dare you attempt to trash the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Your love or leave it mentality is simply not sustainable, nor is it welcomed.

I agree Fishing Village! Give this guy a chance! Am sure it will be COMEDY RELIEF at its best!

It will make for great material!!!!!

LOL! What a joke.. what other decisions have they made without all of the facts??

I suspect we will soon learn when the bills come due. The fire department is about to lose several of their people to other departments that pay better. This will affect service and probably cause Cal Fire to come in and contract for service. The P.D. will follow soon after when the city discloses that it will have to close some parks, defer street maintenance and other city services.

The county is waiting for MB to fall on its ass,this is all heading in that direction, when it does fall the county will take us over and we’ll get no services,no roads fixed,no sewer lines replaced on the waterfront,all the county wants is the revenue from this town.

If you are just looking for ‘stuff’ to stir up, well you’ll find it. Here is an example of blowing nothing way out of proportion. We think our interim manager has done a terrific job, doesn’t get nervous about criticism. Support would be good when we are starting out with a new manager. Nancy was not elected, remember.

Stir up some more Koolade! Cause it’s gonna take a lot of artificial flavor, sugar, and red dye no. 5 to “save the day” in Morro Bay from this latest Irons f-up.

Be sure to thank Big Ed when you see him for his fine job of doing a background check on this bozo.

Typical Nancy, blaming someone else for her not doing her homework. Do the voters have the right to declare they changed their minds and take back the votes they gave her in 2010?

Yes, of course. It’s called a recall. But I agree with Nancy here. This is an Irons mess and it’s gonna get a whole lot worse in MB, but Nancy will be out soon and there will be no one to blame except the voters.

No need to recall her in her lame duck days. She took a pretty substantial thumping in June, lest you forget.

Plus, the interim City Manager took it upon himself to do the background check. It was HIS responsibility to provide the council with the information they needed to make the decision. Don’t forget also that Irons brought him on board.

The fact that none of the City Council members asked this applicant about either of these incidents during the interview process and, instead, discussed it with Ed Kreins is beyond incompetent. Whatever happened to due diligence? The fact that the mayor and Councilman Smukler defend these actions in the Trib speaks volumes about their competence.

This sums up most people in government, “we moved ahead with this without full information”, most private companies that did that so often would be out of business.

Why is it they can never seem to get the information first then vote?

I rarely agree, if ever, with Nancy Johnson on anything, but the profile on this guy seems to spell out future drama. A prospective city Manager that is lawsuit prone and recently “removed from a job loss in the military” doesn’t seem to be a step forward. His personal life is already in turmoil and Morro Bay needs a boost in morale, and a leader with morals. Of the 50 applications, and the city offering great pay and perks, this is the best candidate? I think not. Morro Bay has enough drama. We need to move forward. I hope the council will reconsider their choice.