Arroyo Grande Council to review Adams’ performance

September 7, 2014
Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams

Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams

Shortly after the release of police officer reports of a late night romantic rendezvous at Arroyo Grande City Hall between City Manager Steve Adams and a subordinate, city officials placed a public employee performance evaluation of Adams on the agenda. It is the last item on the agenda Tuesday and will conducted in closed session. The meeting starts at 6 p.m.

On July 3, Community Development Director Teresa McClish’s husband called 911 to report that his wife had not arrived home and he was worried because she had a heart condition. Officers then discovered a partially-dressed McClish holding her clothes in front of her chest in Adam’s office. Adams then became angry with officers, according to officer reports.

Deputy City Attorney Michael McMahon told the public during an Aug. 23 city council meeting that his investigation did not uncover any evidence of a romantic relationship.

Teresa McClish

Teresa McClish

However, at that time, council members had already read the police reports that included several officers noting that Adams originally lied about McClish being in his office. However, because the officer first called McClish by her nickname, Trish McClish, some city officials determined it was not a lie.

In addition, several of the officers also said McClish was partially dressed when they spotted her hiding behind Adams’ office door. In this case, city officials have pointed at salary negotiation as a possible motivation for officers to misreport the facts.

At the Aug. 23 meeting, about 80 locals including about a dozen officers showed their support for an independent investigation into the July 3 City Hall rendezvous. The council then agreed to set a date to consider an independent investigation into the incident.

The daily paper responded by producing an editorial that railed against an independent investigation, while calling CalCoastNews reporting “slimy.” This occurred after several police staffers informed Tribune reporters that McClish was partially dressed when they found her in City Hall with her boss, police sources said.

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Here is a question for council to consider. None of the other directors and deputy directors had any knowledge of the misconduct? The idiot finance director didn’t see the travel discrepancies on the monthly reimbursements, 1 room two people? So the finance director was in collusion to this misconduct, partook in it, or is simply an idiot who covered it up, irrespective this idiot needs to go to?


And did we taxpayers pay for their dinner at Robert’s and their after dinner drinking at Rooster Creek? Could not be doing “work” if they were drinking so much they could not drive home!


If the city council wants to know how Adams performs shouldn’t they be asking Teresa McClish


pelican1. great one! but can we change the tea from the rotunda to city hall. Then we can all forget our names and play hide and seek from the police. hey it works for the administration. oh, what fun!


Confucius say: “If you lie down with dog, you will get up with fleas.”


I just don’t get it. Our City Manager and City Attorney in Morro Bay served the City ethically, faithfully and with grace and dignity. They were liked by almost everyone. They got fired. The City Managers and City Attorneys for SLO and AG are unethically and a disgrace to their Cities and have caused their Cities tremendously financially and they continue to work. I just don’t get it?

mb business owner

I hear you waiter and completely agree, but I am sure they are better off, both of them. Can you image having to work for irons, smuckler and christine Johnson, a threesome who have little or no experience in business, basic supervision or how a healthy organization is run.


But then we have Mr. Adams, Ms. McClish, and Mr. Ferrara in A.G. with all this experience in business, basic supervision, law enforcement and how to organize and I can imagine working in that environment was not pleasant. I understand Ms. McClish could do no wrong in the eyes on Mr. Adams, even when he was directly told she violated city policies, but if you complained you risked delays in projects or worse. Could not have been fun to have to deal with that. So sometimes it just needs to be new to get rid of the “Good Old Boys” Club, like in Morro Bay and other places.


There is now a “good old boys” club in MB more than ever before. If you don’t do what King Irons says, even if it is illegal, you will be fired. Don’t cross him or he will screw you over. Everyone is so afraid of him. Unless of course you are within their circle. Then you can get whatever you want., like a job in SLO that your husband is not qualified for. And someone explain why we are negotiating for property with Dynegy that we already own? Because Irons worked there?


I guess it just depends on which “network” you prefer and/or were a part of or liked, the one from before or the one that replaced it. If the previous one was your favorite you of course are not going to like it when they are out of power.


The current Mayor Irons, along with Smukler and Christine Johnson don’t want ethical people working for the City of Morro Bay. They want people who will follow directions even if it means bankrupting the City.


Why review it? Just ask McClish.


A council member judging an employees performance shall award from 0 to 10 points for an act according to his or her overall impression using the following criteria:

– 10: Excellent

– 8½ – 9½: Very good

– 7 – 8: Good

– 5 – 6½: Satisfactory

– 2½ – 4½: Deficient

– ½ – 2: Unsatisfactory

– 0: Completely Failed

When judging a performance, the judge must not be influenced by any factor other than the technique and execution of the act. The act must be considered without regard to the approach to the starting position, the difficulty of the act, or any unnatural movement.

The following elements must be considered with equal importance by the judge before awarding a score:

– the starting position and the approach

– the take-off

– the flight

– the entry


Sounds very similar to judging springboard or platform diving!


Well….this is considered a “different” kind of diving ;-)!


What rating will his performance receive – an R or an X?


So the city is up to it’s same old games, we KNEW they would put this at the end of the agenda, and they will drag everything out right up until this item hits the floor.

They don’t want people to wait around until the end and state their views. Tony wants this little grey cloud to move on after tonight. I bet the agenda is a big one , and we will be there until 10 pm or so.

I hope to see the police there again in force, as this is terrible when the city manager starts talking smack against the police.

I think it might be time for a recall no matter what they do tonight. They have lost their moral compass at city hall. I have ZERO CONFIDENCE IN TONY FERRARA, and for this council, you had the chance to do the right thing at the closed door session, and you choose to do a cover up.

NO on the CHARTER also. There is no way in hellll I will give you more power, you have lost all my trust. You could have put this earlier on the agenda, but no you play the same games you always play, TONY you are a CONTROL FREAK. You think you know better than the citizens what this city needs. We need someone who listens, and works with us not against us.

I hope everyone who speaks states that if this does not go to review we will have to do a recall.


The agenda looks to be a big one alright!


Agreed 100% NO ON CHARTER! Who writes up the City Charter anyway? Leave it to tthese buffoons to set their own guidelines? Check out what happened in San Diego when their Mayor was accused of sexual harassment (can ours be accused of Bullying?)


“Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

—Lord Acton, 1887—–