Arroyo Grande Council to review Adams’ performance

September 7, 2014
Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams

Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams

Shortly after the release of police officer reports of a late night romantic rendezvous at Arroyo Grande City Hall between City Manager Steve Adams and a subordinate, city officials placed a public employee performance evaluation of Adams on the agenda. It is the last item on the agenda Tuesday and will conducted in closed session. The meeting starts at 6 p.m.

On July 3, Community Development Director Teresa McClish’s husband called 911 to report that his wife had not arrived home and he was worried because she had a heart condition. Officers then discovered a partially-dressed McClish holding her clothes in front of her chest in Adam’s office. Adams then became angry with officers, according to officer reports.

Deputy City Attorney Michael McMahon told the public during an Aug. 23 city council meeting that his investigation did not uncover any evidence of a romantic relationship.

Teresa McClish

Teresa McClish

However, at that time, council members had already read the police reports that included several officers noting that Adams originally lied about McClish being in his office. However, because the officer first called McClish by her nickname, Trish McClish, some city officials determined it was not a lie.

In addition, several of the officers also said McClish was partially dressed when they spotted her hiding behind Adams’ office door. In this case, city officials have pointed at salary negotiation as a possible motivation for officers to misreport the facts.

At the Aug. 23 meeting, about 80 locals including about a dozen officers showed their support for an independent investigation into the July 3 City Hall rendezvous. The council then agreed to set a date to consider an independent investigation into the incident.

The daily paper responded by producing an editorial that railed against an independent investigation, while calling CalCoastNews reporting “slimy.” This occurred after several police staffers informed Tribune reporters that McClish was partially dressed when they found her in City Hall with her boss, police sources said.

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I can’t imagine how unimportant this all is, but political hay can cause some strange reactions…..this is my last reading/post of this issue.

Thumbs up for this being FV’s last post on this issue.

Can I get an Amen?


Praise the Lord! Tea will be served immediately in the city hall rotunda.

You can fool some of the people all of the time,

and all of the people some of the time,

but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

—-Abraham Lincoln—

None of the people are fooled by Mr. Adams’ version of the events of July 3.

If our City Council thinks we’ll accept his story, and allow them to downplay this as merely a personnel matter, then they’re fooling themselves!

The trust has been broken. Who really cares what they do on their own time? But to twist the truth and then get caught…very poor judgment. How many other “truths” have been twisted?. How can we trust future judgment of important issues?

Adams behavior proves he was guilty of wrong behavior. He was stupid and panicked because he knew he was close to being caught. He lied.

Come on. Adams was just checking her for tics!

Council to review Adams performance, hmmm do they have a video? Will they give him a raise for position? Will council give her points for her dictation skills? This isn’t the only couple at City hall humping away the day! Just look at the queen sized heifer.

We already know the results that council will come back with! They did nothing wrong, no evidence of wrong doing is what Ferrara will say. POS

First will be a email chain saying “nothing wrong here in AG”

Then the tribune will write a anonymous “editorial” nothing to see, move along AG.

Then the Council will review Adams performance,” everything is fine, it was just some tea……

It it never the act, it’s the cover up that cost people jobs.

What does any of this juvenile diatribe have to do with job performance? If every player in AG had to come forth it would discredit 50%+ of the registered voters.

Leaders who practice favoritism in the workplace have no chance to build a culture of trust.–Robert Whipple–

It matters for a number of reasons. First of all, she is a subordinate. A sexual relationship of any kind between a boss and subordinate exposes the taxpayers to potential lawsuits.

Secondly, they made it public by utilizing a house the taxpayers built for their indiscretions. It’s likely they were trespassing in City Hall after hours as they were not there for work. Law enforcement resources were dispatched and resources wasted in the indiscretion and the coverup.

Finally, the city of AG has a written code of organizational values including “We conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times, treating the public and each other with respect, integrity and honesty.”

Does Mr. Adams behavior align with that value system?

Well said. THESE are the facts we need to face.

It would be a ‘karmatic’ event of huge ironic proportions if AG Mayor Tony Ferrara was subject to a recall effort within days of becoming the President of the League of California Cities!

Better late than never. People thru out the county are going to have the opportunity to get some of these arrogant and egomaniacs out of office come November. They are easy to spot as they show up for every photo op that they can telling everyone how great they are and what a wonderful job they are doing, great self admiration.

In reality it’s usually the silent members of the local councils that get the most work done and achieve what is best for their cities and not themselves.

Vote for change.

yo to my bro … east coast Tony Ferrara … this youtube is for you

LOL TacomaRose!

Apparently they were enjoying the tea just a little too much!

Still, there is so much sorrowful fallout because of this story. :(

And much of it hearsay. Funny how one thread leads to gossip, preconceived assumptions and blatant accusations. The fallout is devastating to the target, and unforgivable to the lynch mob.

It’s only hearsay until the facts come out. The facts will lead to the truth.

I am still trying to figure out as to why Adams and McClish or (Trish) didn’t hear

the police announcements, see the flashlights or hear the commotion

outside the city hall? Or call 911 if they thought a burglary was happening?

Maybe the tea they were drinking was some “calm and relaxing” type of tea?

One of three reasons:

1) they were humping and to excited to hear anything. or

2) according to the police reports they appeared to be half asleep, probably due to #1, and finally,

3) they were loud tea sippers, exhausted from #1 and half asleep #3 and were waiting for the fireworks and just not paying attention to business…

To our entire City Council: you might have very serious problems here. One of the worst potentially is how this has apparently become a De facto “Brady issue” for members of your own Police Department. For non-law enforcement readers, a Brady issue occurs when an allegation of dishonesty is made against a peace officer. If substantiated, an officer can no longer work in law enforcement.

There are several apparent inconsistencies between the City’s version of events, and their own Police Officers’ observations and documentation of the same events. City Council, please wake up and take control of your council and your city. If it means going against one of your own, or being skeptical of potentially entrenched legal advice, so be it. This has been an absolute Train Wreck Mess so far.

To Ferrara: you claim to have previously worked in law enforcement. You know how infrequent it is for police officers to cross the code of silence and expose something like this. Even if it is an absolute matter of public concern. You also know how infrequent it is for police officers to show up collectively, and united, to attend council meetings. Beyond the incredible amount of damage that’s already been done…what’s going to happen to your community’s Public Trust With Their City Council, when our officers really air out the concerns they have with the handling of this scandal?

Do you think the Los Angeles Times got lucky, and just happened to come across the City of Bell scandal all on their own?

The city of Santa Maria had a mess on their hands with the shooting death of one of their own officers. They brought in the Office of Independent Review. By all accounts, it was truly independent and dealt with the problems they were having. Might consider them as an option, because any prior cozy connection between the City and whoever is hired on this, Will Be Found Out by the media and our grand jury after the fact.

I would bet money the plan here is to give him a review. Clam they gave him a written reprimand and sweep it under the rug in 8 mo. How stupid do they thing we are?

They were drunk and using City Hall as a motel 6. Everyone else they would fired on the spot. Do your ***** job and send them down the road with giving them MY MONEY. They may be nice people but they knew what they were doing. Do not gamble with my tax money or give it to your buddy!!

I hope you meant WITHOUT giving them our $$$.

That’s why they need to be fired, so they don’t get severance packages!

Gee, who do you think PAID for their dinner and drinks that night? They WERE on city business, right? Only makes sense that they should sober up at work, too.

As Telly Sevalas would say “WHO DO TRUST BABY?”

A politician?


A police officer?

Sad Insider, I’m curious to know if you feel a grand jury investigation is warranted?

The local grand jury really has no power just recommendation. the only way that this will get resolved is to bring in an outside independent investigator.

Tony will do everything in his power to avoid this. I think this may be his first big leak in the ship and it’s starting to go down.

Many of us know there have been leaks in the ship for years. We’ve each individually dealt with the one that significantly impacted us personally.

This seems to be the final straw for many. The roles are now reversed, now it’s Adams fighting for his professional life and livelihood, just as we’ve done.

How many of us have been subject to the uneven hand of the City??

The council is hoping they can apply a different set of rules for Adams’ “incident”. It’s more of the same, preferential treatment for the chosen few.