Arroyo Grande Council to review Adams’ performance

September 7, 2014
Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams

Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams

Shortly after the release of police officer reports of a late night romantic rendezvous at Arroyo Grande City Hall between City Manager Steve Adams and a subordinate, city officials placed a public employee performance evaluation of Adams on the agenda. It is the last item on the agenda Tuesday and will conducted in closed session. The meeting starts at 6 p.m.

On July 3, Community Development Director Teresa McClish’s husband called 911 to report that his wife had not arrived home and he was worried because she had a heart condition. Officers then discovered a partially-dressed McClish holding her clothes in front of her chest in Adam’s office. Adams then became angry with officers, according to officer reports.

Deputy City Attorney Michael McMahon told the public during an Aug. 23 city council meeting that his investigation did not uncover any evidence of a romantic relationship.

Teresa McClish

Teresa McClish

However, at that time, council members had already read the police reports that included several officers noting that Adams originally lied about McClish being in his office. However, because the officer first called McClish by her nickname, Trish McClish, some city officials determined it was not a lie.

In addition, several of the officers also said McClish was partially dressed when they spotted her hiding behind Adams’ office door. In this case, city officials have pointed at salary negotiation as a possible motivation for officers to misreport the facts.

At the Aug. 23 meeting, about 80 locals including about a dozen officers showed their support for an independent investigation into the July 3 City Hall rendezvous. The council then agreed to set a date to consider an independent investigation into the incident.

The daily paper responded by producing an editorial that railed against an independent investigation, while calling CalCoastNews reporting “slimy.” This occurred after several police staffers informed Tribune reporters that McClish was partially dressed when they found her in City Hall with her boss, police sources said.

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Hope your prepared statement for Tuesday is this creative!

Unless public outcry has the council’s ears ringing in their sleep, my guess is that because the closed session is to evaluate his “performance”, the council will choose only to consider what this man “of great integrity” has accomplished during his much-too-long reign as City Manager.

They will decide that since he was not caught with his pants down he deserves a pass, and no further investigation is necessary.

Forget the public property aspect, apparently it’s not a violation of policy according to the City Attorney. Rules restricting inappropriate behavior must only apply to the private sector, or women police officers. Other public employees must certainly somehow be exempt.

Giving misleading information to a police officer? Naw, it wasn’t a lie if the police referred to her by her nickname, they needed to be more specific!

They will conveniently ignore the fact that he has embarrassed the City of AG, and opened us up to potential lawsuits galore. After all, what’s one or two more??

And who really cares if absolutely NO ONE believes his story? Wouldn’t you be angry if the police entered the building you were drinking tea in, when you thought it may have been a burglar?

Obviously they want to disgregard his “performance ” of July 3, how else can Tony keep everyone else in line?

The title of this Just made me crack up! A.G. council to review Adam’s performance.

Do they have this affair on security cams and if so is he up to par….. and if not… maybe viaga is in his future…. Except today I saw a shyster lawyer add on T.V. that if you take it, you have an increased chance of skin cancer !

For every action there is a reaction.

Actually, Newton’s Third Law states that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.

I wonder how mclish reviews his “performance”, probably from above and below.

It’s time for some to recognize that gov’t employees simply cannot act like scumbags when they do so in a way that opens taxpayers to liability. It’s also important to realize that this sort of scumbag behavior brings into question the overall character of each individual.

The manner in which AG’s City Manager, Community Development Director and Mayor acted reflects very poorly on the city and it open up the city (and hence taxpayers) to liability. The attempted cover-up might well be worse than the adultery and unauthorized use of gov’t facilities.

Adams and McClish need to be released from employment. Ferrara needs to be given a public vote of no confidence.

We can only hope the meeting is as well attended as some were duright the Food For Less fight.

Tony called the police because the crowd spilled out of the room, the overflow room, onto the lawn and the sidewalk.

I wonder how happy they’d be to have to respond to a similar call on Tuesday???

Apathy enables Corruption!

the council is going to bury him…..too much heat….

Some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on

Some feel the heat and decide that they can’t go on

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Some like it hot, so let’s turn up the heat ’til they fry

AG City Council meeting, Tuesday @ 6PM.

Those in favor of the council sweeping this under the rug—-stay home.

Those in favor of demanding the council represent the citizens of AG, and not just Mr. Adams—BE PREPARED TO SPEAK!

He was just having tea.

That is priceless!

Nice touch with the female hand and the enlarged photo of the fam! Im sure that’s just how it went down…perfect! Seeing is believing, right???

I say be prepared to say will be start a RECALL of the entire council if we do not get an independent review.

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