Marijuana group pushing for 2016 legalization measure

September 24, 2014

legalize-marijuana-california-environmentThe nation’s largest marijuana policy organization is launching a fundraising effort to place a legalization initiative on the 2016 California ballot.

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is filing a committee Wednesday with the California Secretary of State to begin raising funds for the ballot measure. The organization says it intends for the initiative resemble the one approved by Colorado voters in 2012 that allows the recreational use of marijuana and regulates it like alcohol.

“Marijuana prohibition has had an enormously detrimental impact on California communities. It’s been ineffective, wasteful and counterproductive,” said MPP Executive Director Rob Kampla in a media release. “A diverse coalition of activists, organizations, businesses and community leaders will be joining together in coming months to draft the most effective and viable proposal possible.”

In 2010, more than 53 percent of California voters rejected an initiative to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

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This whole dope thing is a farce every piece of trash is running to their doctor to get a prescription for some conceived pain they have so they can “legelly” smoke dope, isn’t there enough dumbing down of America with out smoking dope to help it go down faster,and dope does impair your judgement just as booze does, one problem is enough,besides most people can’t stand the smell of that crap,if its needed for medicinal use then wad it up into pill form.


There is absolutely no connection to legalizing pot to increase usage among the population; those who don’t use now are not likely to just start using when it’s legalized. So? The “piece’s of trash” you speak of are far more likely already out there buying, possessing and using this “dope” illegally right now, running the risk of arrest which conversely will cost you and me more money than legalizing it.

It’s time we realize that the real victims of the “Drug War” aimed at pot are the tax payers and those who go to jail, and their families, for its possession and use… Combine the tax benefits, the monies saved from arresting and incarceration and freeing up law enforcement to catch real criminals the benefits of legalization far outweigh its continued criminalization.

We have a health care system that on a daily basis prescribes and dispenses drugs to millions of people that are far more addicting, far more dangerous, have withdrawal effects that cannabis doesn’t and are far more expensive, and, we accept this as “normal” as long as it has the FDA approved mark on it. In 2010 a very conclusive study was done that showed about 100K people a year died from prescription drugs, not from their abuse or from illegal use, but just from their side effects! How many from pot? ZERO! Many more studies shows that prescribed drugs are far more likely to be abused and illegally used than the illicit ones, but absolutely no outcry is raised about that (reminds me of when Rush Limbaugh was trying to tell America that the emphasis of the “Drug War” should be directed at the end user, using the contention if you eliminated the customer the supplier would go away, all the while illegally buying pain killers and erection dysfunction medication from drug dealers, Like many Rush wasn’t breaking any law because he hadn’t been caught).

I just don’t get it! We accept alcohol as part of our culture! We think that by putting an age limit of 18 or 21 years on its use is a barrier to its use and abuse from our children and we think that our population is mature and sensible enough to use this highly addictive and deadly substance responsibly, but with pot? Nah! We’ll just have millions of “piece’s of trash” running around in dazed confusion if we legalize it! Get a grip!

I still DO NOT understand how people think that just because we made alcohal legal that we should go ahead and make pot legal? Don’t we already have ENOUGH issues with people

who abuse alcohol? But at least with alcohol, if I live next to them in an apt. I won’t have to

SMELL their horrible habit and breath in their smoke! Where are all the do-gooders that are worried about second-hand smoke? Won’t the pot smoke travel the same way cig smoke

travels – from one window to the next – right into someone’s baby’s room (like the

commerical). AND, if pot, like their trying to promote is now used as a “medicinal” product

and is necessary for some people, then WHY hasn’t it been put in pill form or liquid and

dispensed at the pharmacy like other medicince? Lastly, even when it’s legalized there will

still be the”black market” from those who will want to undercut the gov’t and sell it and avoid paying the taxes, fees or whatever….

I just feel that too that people who would have NEVER, EVER tried it or use it would feel,

like, ok I’ll do it because it’s legal whereas before they would have never gotten involved with it because it was against the law. NO ON LEGALIZATION!

No, you’ll more than likely have to hear them falling all over themselves, fighting, breaking things or even worse; you’ll hear nothing at all as they’ve died from acute alcohol poisoning in a very quiet way (probably smell ’em though).

Read the following for some eye opening information on the medicinal use THC vs. Traditional Medications (this study is a little dated but a current one can’t be had because it is still illegal to test cannabis in a controlled environment):

And this for the list of THC based medicines currently being prescribed:

And your contention that “too many people” would suddenly start using it just because it becomes legal has no basis in fact, none. It didn’t happen with alcohol and it hasn’t happened in countries with less stringent drug laws than ours. The way to minimize drug ADDICTION is through comprehensive, accurate and timely EDUCATION! Laws haven’t curbed ADDICTION one bit…

One more thing…. There is absolutely no ill effects from second hand cannabis smoke (can’t even get a contact high, damn it!). Can’t say that about another legal substance though, tobacco, right? I’m living proof of that; I have chronic bronchitis and have never smoked! My whole family did though! I lived in a era where smoking was permissible EVERYWHERE and now I suffer from a disease that will eventually either kill me or contribute highly to my death. Thanks Mom & Dad and all you legalized tobacco users!

When I started getting high back in HS (by-the-way! I graduated, lettered in two sports and graduated from college) it was because of all of those who said “DON”T DO IT”!!! Why not? What was so good about it? I wanna know!!! Most studies show that those children with HIGHER IQ’s are the ones more likely to use drugs than those with lower ones… Why? Good question, huh?

My niece is super happy since they legalized marijuana in Colorado. And, it is not because she smokes it. It is because the art, music and dance programs in her public school have been abundantly restored. No longer are teachers in Walmart—spending their own money on art supplies. There is no need for any teacher in Colorado to do that anymore. The benefits for schools have been realized in a wonderful way. People are going to smoke this stuff anyway….so why not take the money out of the cartel’s pockets….and put it in the classrooms? Just think of all the children who badly need special learning programs—but there are no funds for these. Who wouldn’t like to see children have better? I know I would….they are our future!!!

And you think if that were to happen here our legislators would just drop buckets of money off to the schools to spend on supplies and such, sorry to break it to you but the money would just got to plug the holes of unfunded liabilities in the pension system, and to salaries, not teachers that is, and benefits.

Not! Just like the lottery was suppose to financially cure our education system here in Cali’, right? Our legislators will find someway of fu@*ing this up too!

While that may not happen, I have to agree with you that the odds are pretty high that it will. Too bad because getting state money to the classroom level would be a good thing.

Let the people have their Pot, that way they can ignore their loss of Freedom and Liberty while Stoned.

Wow, Rich in MB! Were you around when they repealed Prohibition? If so; didn’t listen to you then and won’t now, thank God! I know many, many people who are extremely active in social issues, both constitutional and environmental and most will go home at the end of the day and fire up a phat one, fill a bowl or ingest cannabis in one form or another and get up the next morning without any side effects with the same level of productiveness… Try getting the same effect(s) with your 20 year old scotch, beer or wine without the horrendous side effects and long term consequences they DO cause… Can’t!

It’s about time we free up Law Enforcement to catch real criminals, reduce our prison populations, take some profit out of the hands of drug cartels and tax this stuff (as alcohol is, to hell and back!) so we can ALL benefit from its use…