Police, public ream Arroyo Grande council and manager

September 24, 2014

arroyo grandeThe Arroyo Grande City Council and its embattled city manager received a barrage of criticism Tuesday night from both members of the public and city police officers.

About 75 people attended Tuesday’s council meeting, many of whom wore black in support of the Arroyo Grande Police Officer’s Association and spoke during public comment. All of the speakers spoke in opposition to the council’s handling of an apparent affair between City Manager Steve Adams and Community Development Director Teresa McClish, whom officers discovered together in a darkened City Hall office late at night on July 3.

On Tuesday, officers who spoke during public comment focused their criticism on the alleged coverup of the July 3 incident. They maintained that city management and council members have misrepresented their statements about Adams and McClish, have lied about apparent violations of city policy and have impeded a proper investigation of the matter.

One former officer said during public comment that Adams broke the law by lying to a police officer, and that he should be terminated. Other public speakers also called for the termination of Adams, as well as the resignation of council members.

Adams was frequently shaking his head in disagreement with the officer comments Tuesday night.

Not one speaker supported him.

Over the weekend, the council caved and agreed to allow an independent investigation of the July 3 incident. A task force including council members Tim Brown and Jim Guthrie will choose the investigator.

Mayor Tony Ferrara invited the police union to participate in the selection of the investigator, but the police officers association rejected the offer Tuesday. Officers said that it is not their duty to investigate personnel matters and city policy violations by city leaders and questioned why officials involved in the alleged cover-up would have any say in the investigation.

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