San Miguel board fires district manager

September 3, 2014
SMCSD Board President Richard Harrison

SMCSD Board President Richard Harrison


Three San Miguel Community Services District Board members voted Thursday to fire their district manager. The legality of which is questionable as the meeting was not on the agenda.

On Aug. 28 at 6 p.m., four board members, Connie Jarvis was absent, met in a special meeting for a six-month evaluation of District Manager Dan Gilmore. Without taking any action, the special meeting concluded so that the regular board meeting, also on the agenda, could begin.

After the regular meeting ended, board members Gib Buckman, John Green and Anthony Kalvans agreed to reopen the special meeting, an action that an attorney from the Paso Robles firm of Carmel and Naccasha approved. (Minutes of the meeting are not yet available and staff is unsure which attorney was present.)

However, District Board President Richard Harrison objected to reconvening the special meeting because it was not on the agenda and he questioned its legality.

“It was not agendized and I said I cannot partake of this suicide,” Harrison said. “It was not right. They are three maverick musketeers.”

After Harrison left, the three board members voted to fire Gilmore without cause. Gilmore, who was paid $72,000 a year, will receive a severance equal to three months’ pay and benefits.

Harrison said the primary reason for the termination was personality conflicts between Gilmore and several board members.

Nevertheless, the district is plagued with legal issues such as grievances filed between staff and board members, allegations of theft of gas from a district tank by an employee, and arguments over the legality of changing out water meters at a board members property.

At 3 p.m. on Wednesday, a special meeting is scheduled to discuss appointing an interim general manager and beginning the process of hiring a new general manager.


John Grren & Gib Buucman think they own San Miguel.

There’s the problem

Get rid of those CLOWNS


So, wasn’t this guy the former GM of LOCSD that was relieved of his position and was the only City of SLO employee laid off five or so years ago. Gotta feel sorry for the guy. This has truly got to be the kiss of death for his career. A public layoff and a very public berating in calcoast.


Based on his track record, he should consider himself lucky to have even got the San Miguel job, even if it was just for 6 months.


The same legal team that investigated Steve Adams and Teresa McClish and again no notes so far and they are not sure which atty attended the meeting?

No wonder why those of us in AG are asking for a independent investigation.


The highly respected firm of Carmel and Naccasha strikes again! Good to know we have them working with those “people of high integrity” here in AG. I feel SO much better now. I wonder if those on the grand jury are secretly hoping we file the paperwork…


From the article “an action that an attorney from the Paso Robles firm of Carmel and Naccasha approved.”

Where have I heard that name before? oh right….

“We’re pleased to be a part of a thriving Chamber that continues to help pave the way for economic growth in our community,” said Tim Carmel, a founding partner at Carmel & Naccasha.

Carmel is the City Attorney for the City of Arroyo Grande, a position he’s held since 1996. In that role, he is responsible for advising the City Council, City Manager, and all City departments on points of law and ensuring that all proper legal procedures are followed. ”

“Tim has devoted much of his practice to public sector clients, including cities, local community services, sanitary and water districts, and has been the city attorney for the City of Arroyo Grande since 1996. In that role, he is responsible for advising the City Council, City Manager, and all City departments on points of law and ensuring that all proper legal procedures are followed. Tim serves as district counsel for the Cambria Community Services District, San Miguel Community Services District, and Cayucos Sanitary District, and he is general counsel for San Miguelito Mutual Water Company, Morro Rock Mutual Water Company, and Paso Robles Beach Water Association. ”


So, the legal (although no one knows who) said it was OK. This is the same law firm that investigated the Arroyo Grande incident involving the City Manager and Community Development Director and there was not a smidgen of wrong doing… Where else have I heard “not even a smidgen of wrong doing”? Must be in the playbook for government politicians and officials!


I wonder if Paavo Ogren has a “Special place in his heart” for San Miguel? He’s such the White Knight he can probably run both districts with one hand tied behind his back.

Or better yet, maybe Lonnie Curtis can go to work up there.

Or maybe it’s time to turn these little districts back over to the county in which they came.


Cost Savings:

1. County assumes control of small costly inefficient districts.

2. Cal Fire , allow each community democratic vote of the people. Why are elected officals afraid of on this issue ?

3. South County Sanitation, stop wasting taxpayers money with short meetings twice a month so you can receive your stipends, overtime for staff, and those increasing legal costs

for each meeting.


4. Automatic Rate Increase Process, these public organizations have No Incentive to control costs , waste or spending. They have a Open Checkbook from Taxpayers. We need some checks and balances with a Democratic Vote.


Given current county leadership, I am not sure that I would entrust them to do the job any better. (You do remember where Ogren came from don’t you?) If the local voters go to the trouble to elect competent board members, they at least have a chance to get responsive government. With the county, the bureaucracy can kill that even if it is more efficient in routine matters. If the voters fail to stay on top of their local officials, they deserve what they get.


12 weeks severance, OMG, only in the public sector… Oh, lets not forget plus benefits…



Rich in MB

As a Resident of Morro Bay, I’m just relieved to see Mayor Jamie Irons has some company in the small town governance circus. Who votes for these bafoon elected officials….opps…that would be us…..


Maybe these ”bafoon” types are related to buffoons and not baboons.


Maybe they are hybrids.

mb business owner

And Morro Bay has come SO far since the loss of the City Attorney and City Manager – NOT! The City has yet to have a permanent City Manager working, no permanent City Attorney, large businesses have left, with no replacements, programs are being outsourced with little public participation and the crowning glory – no progress on a new WWTP. In fact, I don’t believe that the residents are even being kept in the loop regarding the latest on the WWTP. Thanks Council majority you’re doing a rip-roaring job.


The fine citizens would be happy to give you our City Manager, and we’ll toss in an attorney too!


What large business have left MB recently? Unless you are thinking about the power plant, which was scheduled for closing.

I have noticed many new businesses moving into downtown and North MB.

mb business owner

MF, for starters take a look at the loss of Ocean View Furniture, Morro Bay Furniture, to name two large businesses, there are a number of smaller businesses. And thank goodness for the foresight of the previous council, city manager and city attorney, we were ready for the closure of the powerplant and had taken into consideration the loss of revenue some 5 years ago.