Arroyo Grande police union backs change

October 11, 2014

agpoliceAmid a vote of no confidence against Mayor Tony Ferrara, the Arroyo Grande Police Officer Association voted unanimously Friday to endorse write in candidate Jim Hill for mayor.

Following police officer allegations that Ferrara participated in a cover-up over a city sex scandal, a group of city residents announced their plans to unseat the controversial mayor by running a write in candidate. In addition to allegations of the proposed coverup, the group contends Ferrara has done favors for special interests which have cost the tax payers millions.

Hills supporters contend Ferrara is running roughshod over the citizens and staff while promoting supporters such as the Wallace Group.

“Ferrara is not for open government, violates the Brown Act by making decisions before meetings, ignores conflicts of interests and supported misspending of funds and mismanagement of the sanitation district,” said Mike Byrd, the Write in Jim Hill for Mayor 2014 treasurer.

In addition to endorsing Hill, the Arroyo Grande Police Officer Association endorsed Lynn Compton for San Luis Obispo County District 4 supervisor over former Arroyo Grande Council Member Care Ray, discounting Ray’s union member status. Ray’s close ties with Ferrara and her actions while a Arroyo Grande City Council member were noted as reason she was not endorsed.

In continuing a push for change, the police union also endorsed Arroyo Grande City Council candidate Barbara Harmon. Harmon is running for one of two open seats against incumbents Tim Brown and Joe Costello.

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Lots of jobs around for Adams:

It appears that the tail is wagging the dog. If the current Mayor is re-elected and the current City Manager is asked to stay has the AG Police personnel put themselves in a position that they will need to resign? What loyalty will they have to an administration that they don’t belive in?

Francis Mitch Cooney,

We the citizens (also known as the dog), are sick and tired of our tail (Tony) doing the wagging for us.

As for the police, they currently work for an administration they don’t believe in, that’s what we’re working to change!

—Write in Jim Hill for Mayor—-

Hey Mitch

If the only way to get Ferrara out is to put Hill in

Let’s do it.

There will be 4 council people watching every move he makes

The mayor is a 2 year term in AG

Tony has got to go.

This is our opportunity!

HI surferdude—I have a copy printed out and can make more for the rally if you want— I will be online and offline all day today—-let me know what you think would be most beneficial to bring to the rally—–

Please repost the letter from the mayor to m and j

Looking for it