Atascadero man jailed for assault on a stranger

October 24, 2014
Joshua Bradshaw

Joshua Bradshaw

With one punch early Friday morning, a 21-year-old Atascadero man broke another 21-year-old’s jaw and eye socket in downtown San Luis Obispo.

Atascadero resident Joshua Bradshaw was walking with friends near Monterey and Chorro streets around 1 a.m. Friday, when he heard a San Luis Obispo man make a derogatory comment to one of the females in his group. Bradshaw responded by punching the man once in the face with a closed fist, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Police arrested Bradshaw and charged him with felony assault and violation of his probation. He remains in San Luis Obispo County Jail on $100,000 bail.

Responders transported the victim to Sierra Vista Hospital, where he received treatment for his fractured orbital and jaw.


I am shocked at how some of you are defending this person’s actions! You should never, I mean never hit someone in the face like that. You could hurt your hand.


One punch…it’s kind of impressive. I agree with just keep walking but I know some people who run their mouths and could use a good pop in the kisser. Hopefully, they both learn something from this.


Sounds like you’re another a-hole who should stay north of the grade, maybe hang out in Sunken Gardens. What? Not fun enough for you? I have heard that there was no “comment” and that this was just another north county a-hole who had no desire to go to college, just pretend to by partying like a college student, and with a known propensity for violence (gee, where have I heard this before?). They should set up checkpoints and allow only locals or legitimate tourists downtown after 9 pm.


Will the “Victim” be charged for making unwanted derogatory remarks and inciting the confrontation?

I am always impressed when an arrogant bully is counter surprised by under estimating someone they freely mess with.

But the law and judges don’t see it that way.


And what crime was he on probation for? Another assault? If he keeps up this kind of behavior he’ll be on parole rather than probation….


As the World turns….

Into the swirl of toilet water flushed.

Ending up in the sewer pipe of hell.


free Bradshaw. have had the same thing happen to me. drunk punks who liked your woman. a victim?


Tom, I’ve had some experiences where someone makes a comment about my wife, I’ve never resorted to physically slamming them in the face hard enough to crush their eye socket and break their jaw. This is also the same reason I don’t hang around down town after 10pm, a lot of drunken idiots.

Now having read this limited story, I see that Mr. Bradshaw was with several people……so why not just keep walking, if the verbal idiot follows and harasses, then you defend your woman’s honor.

This kind of reminds me of a fire fighter in SLO…..hmmmmm


a) definitely stay away from certain areas at night

b) i always suggested the same thing to my kids; nothing good happens when the bars are in full swing

c) Bradshaw may not be a sweetheart himself

d) just be nice to snarling dogs, they will understand a conciliatory word




Of course he’s a sweetheart, didn’t you read the article? He was defending a woman’s honor. Are you going to take the word of some Poly kids who got into a very competitive university over those of pure NORTH COUNTY TRASH felon(s) (don’t know his friends current parole status, if any) on probation who daily foul our community? Why Farmer’s Market Thursday night in SLO? Well, it was “cruise night”, think American Graffiti, for SLO High students for years. Then Atascadero, Nipomo, Santa Maria kids came up and criminalized and destroyed it so Higuera had to be closed to traffic. Being so, the businesses decided to stay open late and vendors were allowed to use the closed street. Now they’re here Fri, Sat night.


Fire fighter still employed by the City of SLO. As is the employee who stole and pawned city equipment, as is the employee who illegally disposed of toxic waste in a hissy-fit with his supervisor, and a useless $300,000 City Manager. VOTE NO NO MEASURE G.


Hmm… 1AM, downtown SLO… I have a hunch that alcohol was involved.


But not one SLO local involved, pretty much ever. If you hate SLO so much why the hell are you always here? Stay out!


Chivalry isn’t dead after all. I hope that punch teaches that kid to act respectful. Sorry that it ended in an arrest. Sounds like the guy deserved it.


he heard a San Luis Obispo man make a derogatory comment to one of the females in his group. Bradshaw responded by punching the man once in the face with a closed fist,


So the victim was a misogynist bully?

Well, what was the derogatory comment made by the victim to the female. Kind of difficult for me to feel any sympathy for this victim until I know what he said. Maybe he’s learned a lesson he need to learn the hard way?