Doobie Dozen case back in court

October 7, 2014

med potBy CCN Staff

A recent state appellate court ruling is sending the so-called “Doobie Dozen” case back to a San Luis Obispo courtroom Tuesday, when district attorney deputies will decide if they want to continue already-lengthy proceedings.

When the case was ready to go to a jury in Jan. 2011, local prosecutors decided they were not satisfied with jury instructions from the presiding judge, and moved to dismiss all charges. They then appealed the jury instructions, and this ruling sets the stage for reconsideration of refiling all or some of the earlier charges.

A hearing is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. in department 10 of the San Luis Obispo Superior Court. Defendants are represented by San Luis Obispo attorney Louis Koory.

The defendants were arrested in December 2010 following a controversial “sting” by a multi-agency narcotics task force. The case soon gained national attention and the defendants, purveyors of medically-prescribed cannabis, became popularly known as “The Doobie Dozen.”

Five of the group have now filed a civil lawsuit against the California Department of  Justice.

Valerie and David Hosking, Steven Gordon and Rachel and Chip Tamagni allege that the dissolved state Narcotics Task Force engaged in police misconduct, inflicted undue emotional stress, falsely imprisoned and violated constitutional and legal rights when it arrested the twelve collective operators in their San Luis Obispo County homes on December 28. 2010. The lawsuit also alleges that law enforcement denied those arrested food, water, and bathroom use during several days of incarceration.

The lawsuit names San Luis Obispo police officers Jason Dickel and Amy Chastain, who helped lead the sweep, as defendants in addition to former NTF commander Rodney John. Plaintiffs in the suit include children of the medical marijuana workers who were present during the raid, some of whom were put in protective custody.

The suit describes the behavior of the arresting agents as “willful, wanton, malicious and oppressive. The plaintiffs are seeking an unspecified amount of damages, recovery of attorney fees, compensation for medical expenses and a declaration that law enforcement officers will not conduct “similar unlawful seizures in the future.”


Come on Karen, do,your research here. Chip and Rachel Tamagni are not involved in the criminal proceedings as THEY WERE NEVER CHARGED. The three year statute ran out last December 28th. The Hoskings, Steve Gordon, along with Chris and Amy Austin are still on the criminal end. The civil end which may never amount to anything involves The Tamagni’s, Steve Gordon, and the Hoskings. Although putting lead investigator Cory Pierce (heroin addict in Lompoc Pen) on the stand would be nice.


Yes, some research would be nice. The “Doobie Dozen case,” isn’t a single case but 12 separate cases with 12 living breathing people involved. If it was one single case it would be a cartel. This article fails to point out the Tamagni’s were not charged and therefore not involved in all the fun at the court house. The charges against Peter Miller were dropped without appeal and he had his computers, money with interest, 7 registered firearms and cannabis returned to him 1 1/2 years ago. So how’s this all working out for Shea, Inmate Cory Pierce, Bicycle Officer Dickle, Parking Enforcement Officer Amy Chastain and the biggest loser, Concrete Rodney John. See you in court. That piss you made me take in the police van is worth six figures, Never have to work again. Outstanding piece of police work.


I certainly hope our new DA will drop this case like it needs to be dropped, and do it now. What an idiotic waste of resources and taxpayer monies.


If only they had some kind of substance to relive some of that stress inflicted by the police. I heard in addition to denying them water and bathroom facilities that they took away their doritos and other assorted munchies.

The horror!


You probably shouldn’t tempt Karma; you may, one day, have need of cannabis to relieve some issues that modern chemistry just cannot do as well, with no side effects that cannabis can do. Will you be able to acknowledge your snarkiness and go ahead and use the cannabis product at that time? You might want to think about being more careful with your wit ….


Will never happen my friend, no matter what the circumstance is. Plus, I don’t like Doritos and stopped eating pizza at midnight in college.


Never say never. My older brother who is a million times more conservative than me and is anti any substances which give you a buzz has started smoking pot regularly to deal with his cancer side effects, he is now a convert and happier than ever, but still conservative. I will now get him to switch from the republican party to the libertarian.


Have need of cannabis. What a scam.


Have you had depression and anxiety so bad you prayed for death? Have you tried all conventional medications and they failed to do anything except make it worse to the point of suicide? Have you had aggressive Cancer and been afraid to try conventional treatment because of previous failed pharmaceutical treatment? I HAVE!! Two years later with major lifestyle changes and CBD by the Grace of God I am Cancer free. Judge not or your “Achilles heal” will be your downfall.


I once tried to commit suicide by swallowing an entire bottle of aspirin. After I took the first two, I felt better.


time wounds all heels


that’s clever!


stolen from Dorothy Parker.


or Groucho Marx


Where can we donate to their legal fees? and then I want to know where we can donate to their harassment and double jeopardy law suits? It’s time the people fight for what we have voted for and not let some bureaucrat that wants to make a name for him or herself treat people in a unconstitutional fashion. We passed a law allowing the legal sale of marijuana for medical reasons. The feds and the state need to adhere to the wishes of the people they serve.


What nobody ever seems to acknowledge about these raids and police brutality is, how fun it is to kick open a door and throw someone on the floor and stomp on their neck with a boot. Don’t knock it until you try it.

But wait there’s more. Once you come down off that high you’ll be jonesing for your next fix. You’ll be like “Hey! there’s a kid on a bicycle. What happens when you taser somebody riding a bike??” “I don’t know Ponch. Let’s find out.” and then ZAAAPPPP!!. Whoa what a rush. I for one have never punched an old woman in the face, but I hear that it is invigorating.

Everyone needs to step back and understand that cops nee their highs too.


Your post reminds me of that taser scene in The Hangover “In the face! In the face!”


I hope they win their lawsuit and collect millions, even though we the taxpayers will have to pay and the offenders will suffer absolutely no consequences because they are protected by the government whereas the non-government employee person has no protections other than lawsuits.


the only law i am in favor of passing right now is making government officials, namely the police, legally responsible for their actions while performing their duties, so they can PERSONALLY be sued.


Please don’t stop with the police, although their actions are the most obvious it is often the administrators which do the most damage to society with their actions.

Ted Slanders

Our Hebrew God of the Christian faith told us that Mary-Jane is good because after all, He created it for a reason! Therefore, it’s about time that all state agencies quit wasting the taxpayers money by going after anyone that harbors this herb. When they do, they are slapping our particular God right in His face, blasphemy!

“The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed according to their own kinds, and trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.” (Genesis 1:12)

“ For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, for it is made holy by the word of God and prayer.” (Timothy 4:4)

“Better is a dinner of herbs where love is than a fattened ox and hatred with it.” (Proverbs 15:17)


Dear Lord will you please fry Teds hard drive?

Extremely Stoic

I fear that the Lucifer virus has commanded Brother Ted’s cyber-ride


God also made the Heroin Poppy, the rye ergot (LSD), the psilocybin mushroom and a magic frog, None of which he intended for man to ingest.

Ted Slanders


The Hebrew God also made the ingredients for all alcoholic beverages. To use your notion in the same vein as being possibly damaging to ones person, then we Christians are not to use alcohol as well!

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”


that would be the opium poppy, try dying of cancer without it, God has mercy,a clever german chemist made heroin. ergot the fungus that infects rye is necessary to synthesize LSD 25 thought to increase intelligence , ask Larry! .you also have DMT in a gland near your brain the toad has more, keeps it in a gland on it’s back. Magic mushrooms have a unique phosphate group attached that is found no where else in nature, perhaps a candidate for ET status.

I want to try the drug that provided you with knowledge of creator’s intentions must be a burden day to day hanging with all this mundane crap when you know the mind of god ,eh.


MY GOD! Don’t they realize how dangerous this stuff is???? LOL!