Lois Capps accused of deception

October 30, 2014
Rep. Lois Capps

Rep. Lois Capps

The heated race between Rep. Lois Capps and her challenger Chris Mitchum for the 24 District seat just got hotter with Mitchum accusing Capps of running a deceptive attack ad.

In the Capps’ commercial currently playing on several local stations, a 2012 statement by Mitchum is edited distorting what the Republican challenger said. In the non-edited statement, Mitchum said he will not go to Washington to fight for pork while Capps’ ad makes it appear that he said he will not go to Washington to represent the people of the 24th District.

“I do not intend to go to Washington to represent the 24th District,” Mitchum says in the Capps’ commercial.

In the un-edited version, Mitchum said, “I do not intend to go to Washington to represent the 24th District, to bring back baseball fields. That’s not why I’m going.”

Capps’ commercial and a clip of Mitchum’s 2012 statement:

In response to the ad, Mitchum sent a letter to Capps asking her to cease and desist running the commercial.

“Here at the Mitchum campaign, we know it’s up to us to keep the campaign clean, spot on the issues that affect every voter, and run our race on the merits,” Mitchum’s campaign staff says on his website. “The incumbent obviously does not think that way.”

Capps campaign spokesperson Chris Meagher told KEYT he does not see anything wrong with the ad.

Capps past year has been marred with controversy. The parents of the woman fatally injured when a legislative aide for Capps struck her and then drove away filed a lawsuit against the driver Raymond Morua, Capps and the federal government.

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Capps isn’t scared. She is just trying to gauge the number of fake ballots someone will suddenly ‘find’ that will give her the ‘win’. democrats count on voter fraud to ‘win’. Lord knows their policies are both unpopular and disastrous for our economy and our way of life. Vote against failure by voting against Capps.


No evidence whatsoever. Just more fearmongering to stir up the paranoid, low info voters…the morons that vote against their own interests and with the enemy Republicans.

Extremely Stoic

No evidence?

Have you seen the ad? Did you read above what was really said. I truely fear for our country when I read comments such as yours.


Oh boohoo ! Republicans are already scared of everything !


Shhhh… don’t make them throw Ebola into the mix.


So, you did not actually look at the ad? Over the years, Slowerfaster, you have disappointed me that you are always willing to turn the blind eye when the lying and cheating is on the side of the political left.


do you have a link for data about some voter fraud because I think that you’re just blowing smoke up our rear ends here


I googled “democrat voter fraud convictions” and got 52,800 hits. I can show you how to use google if you want — it isn’t hard.

Some of the hits:

http://buzzpo.com/democrat-convicted-massive-voter-fraud-2012/ — pleaded guilty

http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/03/21/Woman-convicted-of-voter-fraud-honored-by-Ohio-Democrats Sentenced to 5 years — out in a few months.

http://www.rottenacorn.com/activityMap.html — big list here

And these are the convictions. If no one looks they won’t find anything.

Why can’t you just admit the truth?


Since 2000 there have been only 31 cases of voter fraud in the US, while over one billion ballots were cast.

Non issue.

Still, one supporter of Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin was charged with 13 separate counts of election fraud.

Source: washington post wonkblog of August 6, 2014


Where did you get that number?

Is that convictions?

Why don’t you want honest elections?


Sorry, I am not a fan of Capps and dislike what her supporters pulled with this ad. However, you don’t correct one wrong with another. Voter fraud is not a major issue in the vast majority of political races and it isn’t limited to either party where it does occur. Keep the criticisms honest and avoid trusting biased sources for your info. on this. (breitbart.com? Really?)


Chris Mitchum is like every other Republican : AN EMBARASSMENT !

Just another stooge for the mega-rich, with a committment to DO NOTHING and to prevent or roll back progress .

Mitchum’s hodge-podge issues are the typical vague nostrums of ‘freedom’ and the usual boilerplate Republican fantasies that never work …in fact, crackpot theories that are designed to fail.

He would privatize Social Security by half, thus imasculating its solvency and effectiveness.

He would privatize education with Charter Schools.

He would repeal or seriously cut Obamacare.

Lower taxes in continuation of the disastrous Voodoo Reaganomics ‘trickle-down’ experiment that has not worked, will never work, and just results with greater wealth disparity of the rich getting richer and richer while impoverishing the 90% everyone else.

Believe Mitchum when he says he won’t represent the 24th district !


“Believe Mitchum when he says he won’t represent the 24th district !”

Or, on the other hand, believe Lois Capps when she says he said what he didn’t say. (Again, this is coming from someone who doesn’t support Mitchum.)


Baloney ! Mitchum said it, meant it, then knew he had made a faux-pas mistakenly teeling the truth of his intentions; and then added the ridiculous afterthought about baseball fields.

The videotape says it, and the full statement shows he’s even more of a numbskull.

He’s just another dumb Republican in the mold of Louie Gohmert, Steve King, Michele Bachmann, Blake Farenthold, Kevin McCarthy, Sarah Palin, Joe Barton, Eric Cantor, Virginia Foxx, Steve Stockman, Jason Chaffetz, Marcia Blackburn, Ted Yoho, Renee Elmers, Ted Cruz, John BOehNER, Dana Rohrabacher, and dozens of other anti-civilization idiots with no sense of history, empirical evidence, or cognitive thinking abilities.

Mitch C

This has nothing to do with a political party, it is that Capps is asleep at the switch … if Capps were of another party I’d still advocate voting for someone else. I have written to her numerous times about issues and or legislation, the replies that I get indicate that she does not understand the issues. It isn’t party that has me voting against her, it is the fact that she doesn’t get it and the millions of dollars that we spend on her staff, expenses, and salary are not getting us effective representation


I’m not a supporter of Mitchum, but this ad is ridiculous on its face and an embarrassment to the Capps campaign. Does her campaign really think anyone watching this commercial will believe Mitchum actually said he “will not represent the district” if elected? From the first time I saw the ad, it was obvious that his statement did not end where the Capps campaign chose to end it. This looks like a “none of the above” choice to me.


Last week I got a call from a Democrat-sponsored polling outfit asking if I had already voted and, if so, who I voted for in the Congressional race.

After the call it occurred to me that the Capps campaign must be in serious trouble, otherwise they wouldn’t be spending money to find out how she’s doing among absentee voters.

The real irony here is that Chris Mitchum might be the weakest Republican candidate against Capps in the past several campaigns. So, if she does lose, it will demonstrate just how far she has fallen in the eyes of the voters.

She really should have stuck to her self term limit promise and hung it up years ago, but she apparently became addicted to the political machine lifestyle.

Sad- very sad.


She discovered what all politicians discover when they get to DC. They have a strict seniority system in Congress and you get nothing done if you don’t play along until you have been there long enough to build power of your own. I have mixed feelings about her breaking of the term-limits promise. She shouldn’t have made it to start. But since she did, the benefits of building seniority are countered by the loss of credibility with voters.

All that said, she has enough seniority now so that she should be able to be a leader and do more than bring in pork. Rep. Kevin McCarthy from Bakersfield has been in office half als long as Capps and is one of the most powerful Republicans in Congress. Capps remains largely an enabler for the corrupt Democrat leadership in DC.


Rep. Capps office has to deal with ordinary constituent services such as problems with Social Security and veterans concerns …from people that live in McCarthy’s district !

McCarthy is a dimwit political glad-handler and ambitious power freak that ignores his own constituents. Capps does her job, and his too because it’s the right thing to do.


Not a smidgen of a chance of her losing.


Probably the most accurate statement on this thread.


I hope not.

She won in 2012 in the newly drawn 24th district by 55% to 45%. But that was a presidential election year, and her opponent was Maldonado, who was generally not well liked by the tea-party radicals that now comprise the Republicans.

Some indication that this may be not that close of a race is that Mitchum has not been funded by Gop or outside sources that much. Mitchum’s personal contributions are over 50% of his funding.


By far the hackiest ad I’ve seen. What an embarassment. Local stations should stop running it. Its what a 5 year old would do.


Didn’t she deceive all of the voters when she originally said she planned to run for her husband’s seat, serve one term and return home? Now she’s a lifer in congress (as they all are).

If you’ve ever heard her speak unscripted, it’s an absolute embarrassment.


She walks around, goes to interviews, etc. carrying her index cards. She is not a free thinker and is scripted for almost everything she says.


I’ve talked with Lois Capps dozens of times, and she always speaks extemporaneously without using any props or cue cards. Even on topics where she and I do not completely agree, she is always knowledgable and quick with answers.

So, I would have to say that you are lying.


She has always been open to listening and responding to our concerns. And I have always received a detailed reply to my calls and emails. Those who doubt, give it a try instead of hurling false accusations.

Theo P. Neustic

Scripted by whoever scripts President Tele-Prompter himself…

Mitch C

Ms Capps has no record to run on … she votes the way Pelosi tells her to. Ms Capps does not represent us … She is clueless and needs to be replaced.


That is an unfair exaggeration. She does bring the district some pork and does work on some issues like health care. However on the big issues, you are essentially right.

She has been in Congress long enough so that she should have the seniority to make some waves about important issues like government intrusion into privacy, lowering standards to allow “legal” corruption of elected officials, and many other issues as well. I don’t know if she is just a weak personality or if she doesn’t think defending the Constitution and preventing corruption are important. Whichever is the case, she does indeed seem to compromise on major ethical issues to get what little she can from the Democrat leadership.

Mitchum may not be any better but he will be more vulnerable in future elections if he turns out to be as bad or worse than Capps.


Capps is a horrid example of poor leadership, “accomplishment” by simply piling on, and of sound bite management. She knows this and is scared to death that finally we have a sound opponent. Finally!

Frankly, I can’t believe her career wasn’t torpedoed even more from the scandals this year.



Vote for Chris. We need to change. End the lies.


By saying she is a horrid example of poor leadership, etc., you are saying that she is doing a great job. Probably not what you intended to say, but amusing none the less.

Rich in MB

Oh to watch and see the Panic on the left is fun.

Capps is in a Panic, she can’t run on her do nothing record, so shazam…out come the lies.

The voters see her for what she is…an out of touch Washington Dem who will say and do anything to win…even lie.


Well, win or lose, she won’t be doing much in Washington for the next couple of years. Pelosi and friends are going to be totally shut down!


Yep, you’re real proud of this WORST CONGRESS IN HISTORY that refuses to do anything substantial, but casts over 50 worthless votes to abolish Obamacare.

Republicans are the enemy of democracy, freedom, and civilization. They’re the most hideous faction, ever, since the birth of the republic.

President George Washington would have considered them traitors: read his farewell address.

Chris Mitchum said what he did and meant it. He would represent the insane, extremist, nihilistic agenda of the Tea Party, and not the constituents of the 24th district !


Extremely Stoic



blind loyalty to a political party is a dangerous thing (just ask any african american voter). question both the democrats and republicans.


Waiting to see anyone panic on the left. More of a soft chuckle.

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