Lois Capps accused of deception

October 30, 2014
Rep. Lois Capps

Rep. Lois Capps

The heated race between Rep. Lois Capps and her challenger Chris Mitchum for the 24 District seat just got hotter with Mitchum accusing Capps of running a deceptive attack ad.

In the Capps’ commercial currently playing on several local stations, a 2012 statement by Mitchum is edited distorting what the Republican challenger said. In the non-edited statement, Mitchum said he will not go to Washington to fight for pork while Capps’ ad makes it appear that he said he will not go to Washington to represent the people of the 24th District.

“I do not intend to go to Washington to represent the 24th District,” Mitchum says in the Capps’ commercial.

In the un-edited version, Mitchum said, “I do not intend to go to Washington to represent the 24th District, to bring back baseball fields. That’s not why I’m going.”

Capps’ commercial and a clip of Mitchum’s 2012 statement:

In response to the ad, Mitchum sent a letter to Capps asking her to cease and desist running the commercial.

“Here at the Mitchum campaign, we know it’s up to us to keep the campaign clean, spot on the issues that affect every voter, and run our race on the merits,” Mitchum’s campaign staff says on his website. “The incumbent obviously does not think that way.”

Capps campaign spokesperson Chris Meagher told KEYT he does not see anything wrong with the ad.

Capps past year has been marred with controversy. The parents of the woman fatally injured when a legislative aide for Capps struck her and then drove away filed a lawsuit against the driver Raymond Morua, Capps and the federal government.

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I’m really disappointed with how both the Democrat and Republican parties have grown the federal government to a monstrous behemoth. We can thank Capps for her part in growing the national debt to over 17 trillion, an intrusive government, corruption, abuse of citizens, a corporate prison industry, militarized police, a takeover of our health system written by and for the benefit of the medical insurance industry, never ending involvement and instigation of wars overseas, ISIS, confiscation of the fruits of our labor, common core education, and all the other ills of a government that has its tendrils in everything in life from cradle to grave.

I’d have a lot more respect for Democrats if they would acknowledge the worst parts of their policies, and work to undo them – like tax on medical devices, restricted choice in medical plans, fixing social security which is going to face serious solvency issues, taking action against executive abuse of power, taking action against the spying on Americans in clear violation of the fourth amendment, reigning in the government agencies that use swat forces to raid farms that sell raw almonds or milk, stop the use of free speech cages, stop the madness of zero tolerance in schools for gun shaped pop tarts, stop charging people for victimless crimes, etc.

Plenty of Republicans share the blame in much of the same, and they should also be voted out. But only one congressional representative in our district owns a piece of the federal mess, and right now, that is Lois Capps.


Very minor point, but apparently it needs to be brought up occasionally to remind people of the fact; there is no “Democrat” party- there is the “Democratic” party, with the people who belong being Democrats, but there is no “Democrat” party, period.


Give them a little slack, Bob. Republicans have trouble with words more than three syllables long.


I agree with almost all of your points and the differences are minor quibbles.


“Capps campaign spokesperson Chris Meagher told KEYT he does not see anything wrong with the ad.”


That’s it, I’m not voting for Lois. I’ve had it with politicians intentionally spinning truths and intentionally deceiving the voting populous. Lois, you’re a big disappointment.


Based on your criteria, you must hate Lynn Compton.


Lois Capps is a lying B*TCH!!! Nothing new here. Next…………………..


Yes….illiterate invective is certainly nothing new.


You tell me that you have never used ANY slang here or in private with friends in talking about a political figure I’ll listen to your comment till then…………….Oh and I bet I know the answer. We all have. At least I’m honest about it. How about you???


It’s not about me or you.

What you posted is not slang, it’s vulgarity.


It’s not about me or you? I posted it, so yes it would be. I asked you if you have used it in regards to political but my guess is you don’t want to answer, because you will look like a hypocrite. Simple as that.

Oh and as for vulgarity and use of…..PLEASE, Slow I’ve been reading your post for to long. Sell your truck load of B.S. to someone else.


This ad against Chris Mitchum is so bad that you would think there would be a law against it. Lois Capps has no control over her reelection committee just like she lost control over her Santa Barbara office (hiring an ex-con). She is tired and unengaged.

Whoever makes her run over and over for office just because she can win on her name should be ashamed. She doesn’t know the issues anymore, and can’t speak to them. We don’t need a piece of furniture in Congress to represent us.

Remember when she voted against her own bill when she had to read a speech before Congress and got flustered?


Walter Capps was a quintessential ethical moral politico. What he ever saw in Lois is

beyond me. I know from personal experience she has a vapid intellect.

fishing village

Lois Capps works everyday to make our California and the Central Coast the best possible place for us to live. My hat is off to her hard work and dedication. Vote for Lois Caps on Nov 4 and support a truly valuable person to represent us. As a senior I thank you.


It sounds like you support Capps out of self interest. In my opinion, I do not think that is a very good way to decide who you will vote for, although it is clearly the main criteria used by most Americans.


Alright then, please elaborate on how, exactly, Lois Capps “…works everyday [sic] to make our California and the Central Coast the best possible place for us to live.” Please cite some examples of legislation which she has introduced, resolutions she has sponsored, or anything. I think she is basically a nice lady who has stayed too long in a job for which she is not particularly well suited. I voted for Walter Capps, even though he was clearly very liberal, because I met him and he was not a bullshitter. Mrs. Capps got the sympathy vote, swore she wouldn’t stay more than one term, and is still there 18 years later. She NEVER breaks with her party line, not ever. I mistrust that in any politician. So, please, as a veteran, I thank you if you can provide examples of Mrs. Capps’ good works.


And would Mitchum ever break from his Tea Party line?


Hopefully he would on occasion but we won’t know unless he is elected. If he turns out to be as much of a partisan zombie for them as Capps has been for the Democrats, we can always vote him out if the Democrats can nominate someone a bit better in 2016.


Why not just take Mitchum at his word, OTOH ? He has stated with absolute certainty that he would not even talk across the aisle, much less compromise with those he disagrees even a little with.


Proofread! “Capps campaign spokesperson Chris Meagher told KEYT he does not see anything wrong with the ad.

“Mr. Meagher has said from the very beginning, through two campaigns, that he intends to go to Washington to represent a very narrow political party.””


Yes, it needs to be corrected to read: Mr. MITCHUM has said from the very beginning…


Regardless of what you think of Lois Capps, it is time for her to go. It is time for us to vote out ALL of the incumbents unless you want to see more of the same. We would be better off getting rid of the incumbents even if it means we elect a few candidates who are actually worse.

But with regard to Lois in particular SHE does not really stand for anything in particular or DO anything in particular, other than vote Democrat party line all the way. And I’m sorry, but even though this ad WAS paid for by the Democratic National Committee, and her campaign office probably DOES run her campaign without much intervention from her, if you allow your people to do this sort of thing on your behalf then it reflect on your integrity. Furthermore, she lied right out of the starting gate with regard to only serving a limited number of terms.


Well said — my thoughts exactly. If Mitchum turns out to be a bum too, it is only 2 years until the next election and it wouldn’t be hard to vote him out then given the political makeup of this district.


In 2 years he could do a lot of damage. When will we learn not to elect washed up former actors?


Your backhanded slap at Ronald Reagan makes you a dog, MF. Wait, hold it, I like your initials better than spelling out your screen name.

Ronald Reagan was an honest, moral, educated and articulate (without prompters) president. Mt. Rushmore material. An American. Quite the contrast with the disengaged peaked too soon empty suit liberal manipulator 200 rounds of golf while the Middle East and USA burn *disgrace* currently in the White House.


Not Walt, but thanks for the compliment. Here are some facts for you:

1. Reagan was a serial tax raiser. As governor of California, Reagan “signed into law the largest tax increase in the history of any state up till then.” Meanwhile, state spending nearly doubled. As president, Reagan “raised taxes in seven of his eight years in office,” including four times in just two years. As former GOP Senator Alan Simpson, who called Reagan “a dear friend,” told NPR, “Ronald Reagan raised taxes 11 times in his administration — I was there.” “Reagan was never afraid to raise taxes,” said historian Douglas Brinkley, who edited Reagan’s memoir. Reagan the anti-tax zealot is “false mythology,” Brinkley said.

2. Reagan nearly tripled the federal budget deficit. During the Reagan years, the debt increased to nearly $3 trillion, “roughly three times as much as the first 80 years of the century had done altogether.” Reagan enacted a major tax cut his first year in office and government revenue dropped off precipitously. Despite the conservative myth that tax cuts somehow increase revenue, the government went deeper into debt and Reagan had to raise taxes just a year after he enacted his tax cut. Despite ten more tax hikes on everything from gasoline to corporate income, Reagan was never able to get the deficit under control.

3. Unemployment soared after Reagan’s 1981 tax cuts. Unemployment jumped to 10.8 percent after Reagan enacted his much-touted tax cut, and it took years for the rate to get back down to its previous level. Meanwhile, income inequality exploded. Reagan disproportionately taxed the poor and middle class, but the economic growth of the 1980′s did little help them.

4. Reagan grew the size of the federal government tremendously. Reagan promised “to move boldly, decisively, and quickly to control the runaway growth of federal spending,” but federal spending “ballooned” under Reagan. He bailed out Social Security in 1983 after attempting to privatize it, and set up a progressive taxation system to keep it funded into the future. He promised to cut government agencies like the Department of Energy and Education but ended up adding one of the largest — the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, which today has a budget of nearly $90 billion and close to 300,000 employees. He also hiked defense spending by over $100 billion a year to a level not seen since the height of the Vietnam war.

5. Reagan did little to fight a woman’s right to choose. As governor of California in 1967, Reagan signed a bill to liberalize the state’s abortion laws that “resulted in more than a million abortions.” When Reagan ran for president, he advocated a constitutional amendment that would have prohibited all abortions except when necessary to save the life of the mother, but once in office, he “never seriously pursued” curbing choice.

6. Reagan was a “bellicose peacenik.” He wrote in his memoirs that “[m]y dream…became a world free of nuclear weapons.” “This vision stemmed from the president’s belief that the biblical account of Armageddon prophesied nuclear war — and that apocalypse could be averted if everyone, especially the Soviets, eliminated nuclear weapons,” the Washington Monthly noted. And Reagan’s military buildup was meant to crush the Soviet Union, but “also to put the United States in a stronger position from which to establish effective arms control” for the the entire world — a vision acted out by Regean’s vice president, George H.W. Bush, when he became president.

7. Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million undocumented immigrants. Reagan signed into law a bill that made any immigrant who had entered the country before 1982 eligible for amnesty. The bill was sold as a crackdown, but its tough sanctions on employers who hired undocumented immigrants were removed before final passage. The bill helped 3 million people and millions more family members gain American residency. It has since become a source of major embarrassment for conservatives.

8. Reagan illegally funneled weapons to Iran. Reagan and other senior U.S. officials secretly sold arms to officials in Iran, which was subject to a an arms embargo at the time, in exchange for American hostages. Some funds from the illegal arms sales also went to fund anti-Communist rebels in Nicaragua — something Congress had already prohibited the administration from doing. When the deals went public, the Iran-Contra Affair, as it came to be know, was an enormous political scandal that forced several senior administration officials to resign.

9. Reagan vetoed a comprehensive anti-Apartheid act. which placed sanctions on South Africa and cut off all American trade with the country. Reagan’s veto was overridden by the Republican-controlled Senate. Reagan responded by saying “I deeply regret that Congress has seen fit to override my veto,” saying that the law “will not solve the serious problems that plague that country.”

10. Reagan helped create the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden. Reagan fought a proxy war with the Soviet Union by training, arming, equipping, and funding Islamist mujahidin fighters in Afghanistan. Reagan funneled billions of dollars, along with top-secret intelligence and sophisticated weaponry to these fighters through the Pakistani intelligence service. The Talbian and Osama Bin Laden — a prominent mujahidin commander — emerged from these mujahidin groups Reagan helped create, and U.S. policy towards Pakistan remains strained because of the intelligence services’ close relations to these fighters. In fact, Reagan’s decision to continue the proxy war after the Soviets were willing to retreat played a direct role in Bin Laden’s ascendancy.


Ronald Reagan and his administration was as corrupt as the day is long. As a conservative, it deeply disturbs me how many other conservatives buy into the Reagan myth.


He was not as bad as some portray him but your memory of him sure doesn’t jive with mine. If he was honest, he was as poor a judge of his associates as GW Bush as many of them were both arrogant and conniving and he went along with their actions. Otherwise, his morality was limited to certain issues. He was a “great communicator” (the acting background had to help there) but so was Hitler. (No, he was nowhere near as bad as Adolph — I am just making the point that the ability to “communicate” with the masses is not a positive attribute unless it is used for good purposes.)


Well, I don’t see that electing lawyers, professional politicians and former execs has done much good. And is electing actors any worse than electing politicians who receive enormous financial backing from them (Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi, etc.)?

I am not saying that Mitchum would be a good representative (or not) but that an acting background is irrelevant to making that judgment.


The Capps ads are an insult to the voter’s intelligence. They contain the typical list of platitudes, such as being in favor of the middle class, as if Mitchum and the rest of the conservative world is against the middle class. The current ad, however, goes beyond just appealing to stupidity and crosses the line as a blatant lie. Capps is exactly the type of career politician who will say anything to stay in office. She has proven it. At the same time, she is afraid of engaging in a genuine debate on the issues. Unfortunately, there are probably enough low-info voters out there who will give her their vote because “she cares”: