SLO man receives three-year sentence for pimping teen girl

October 1, 2014
Douglas Stephens

Douglas Stephens

A 20-year-old San Luis Obispo man received a three-year prison sentence Tuesday for pimping a 16-year-old girl. [Tribune]

San Luis Obispo police arrested Douglas James Stephens during a prostitution sting in May. Stephens accepted a plea deal in August and received his sentence, which will make him eligible for parole in a little more than two years.

In addition to Stephens, officers arrested nine other individuals during the May sting. The woman Stephens is accused of pimping is considered a victim in the case.

Law enforcement officials say the prostitution operations spanned Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo. They also involved drugs sales and trafficking of stolen property.

Stephens’s deal with prosecutors required him to plead no contest to pimping in exchange for the dismissal of a charge of pandering a minor for prostitution. He will still have to register as sex offender once released.


Just think: if men never hired young girls for sexual favors….this guy wouldn’t be pimping anyone to anyone. We hardly ever consider this fact.


Just think: If women didnt treat the “vagina” like its made of gold.. most men wouldnt have to hire prostitutes!!


most men don’t hire prostitutes


I might be saying something you all dont want to hear..and I dont like to hear about anything like this going on… but visit slo.craigslist… go to casual encounters or women seeking men.. and there you will find college age girls offering themselves up for money because college is “expensive” or looking for a sugar daddy.. yeah right!!

A good friend of mine found his college age daughter doing this.. she quit her job.. but somehow had very nice things being bought for her.. after some detective work he realized that she was going on “dates” he was disgusted and brought her back home and now she goes to a local city college.


3 years? a lousy 3 years? This punk should be put away for 30 years. Maybe some guy named Bubba will pimp out his skinny rear end while in prison so he can feel what it’s like. We can only hope.


It costs at least $75,000 per year to keep someone in a maximum security prison. 30 years X $75,000 = $2,250,000. I think we can find a better use for our money.


“I think we can find a better use for our money”

Not if she were my daughter…


Well, if its any consolation, the “sex offender” label he is stuck with will be almost as bad as jail time and it will be forever. That label severely limits the availability of housing (forcing many of them into homelessness,) employment and access to a whole lot of other societal benefits we mostly take for granted. In his case, I don’t have any sympathy.

But if I were accused of such a crime, I would not accept that label as part of a plea bargain. I would fight the charges totally and not plead out for a reduced sentence.


I’d give him a solid 20 years, plus 6 days a week cleaning freeways. Lock him up in medium security.

As far as the cost, I have a bridge to sell you if you think this is the first child he has pimped out. He likely raped her, and they she was subsequently raped by all of those Johns. This plea deal is embarrassing, are these attorney’s too lazy to do their jobs?

Rich in MB

Hello….this is your ELECTED DA letting thugs off. Want it to end…then stop electing soft on Crime DAs!


Did anyone read the original story?? Shes a “victim” ? really?? sounds like she was probably enjoying the money and drugs her “acts” were providing since she ran away from the cops and tried to alert her pimp?? what victim would do that.. I bet she was totally into it.. and when she finally got caught it was easy to play the “victim” and throw the other guy under the bus…


Even the police called her an “active participant” in this article…


Active participant or not, what brought a 16 year old to this point in her life? Perhaps those who were SUPPOSED to ensure a safe and healthy up-bringing?

This is a tragedy any way you spin it. A young life is on the brink of destruction and an adult has committed a reprehensible crime. There are NO winners.

Hopefully the young girl can be helped. As far as the adult goes, he should be locked up forever.


She is 16– legally considered a minor in CA and below the age of consent for sex regardless of your feelings and opinion about her behavior.


She’s a minor, therefore, yes she was a victim. In 2 years she can be a “legal” illegal prostitute but not at 16.

All of her customers committed statutory rape as well as minor’s cannot legally consent to sex. They are fortunate that they are not being prosecuted if their identities are known.


A multi-agency prostitution sting resulted in nine arrests.

According to the San Luis Obispo Police Department, the sting began was conducted in the cities of Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach, and San Luis Obispo beginning in September 2013.

The sting was done at a motel in San Luis Obispo during an one-night operation last Thursday.

Police arrested James Stephens Douglas, 20 of SLO for felony human trafficking of a 16-year -old female, and pimping a minor. Stephens also had an arrest warrant from Sacramento County. His bail was set at $45,000

The 16-year-old female, who is unidentified because of her age, was arrested for prostitution and resisting arrest. She also had a felony no-bail warrant out of Sacramento County. She was later booked at the Juvenile Services Center.

When officers attempted to arrest the juvenile, she fled on foot and directly to the vehicle where Douglas was in order to alert him about the police.

After alerting Douglas, she fled and was captured about 30 minutes later.

Douglas was arrested before he drove away.

Also arrested were Depeche Ronnelle Lewallen for prostitution, David Jay King for solicitation of a prostitute, Tyeshia Antionette Orr for prostitution, Melissa Monia Amey for prostitution, Shuante Suzette Madden for prostitution and possession of a controlled substance (MDMA), Crescensio Hernandez-Villar for solicitation of a prostitute and Harry Endon Choate for solicitation of a prostitute

Its easy to find the details of the arrest.


I know what the “law” says but common sense tells me this girl was having lots of fun with her “lifestyle” until she got caught and then realized that shes a “victim” and voila instant sympathy and coddling. and basically letting her get away with it.

I wonder if you all would say the same thing if it was a 16 year old boy taking care of his customers.


She’s 16, and was pimped so they blame the adult. I’m sure she’s no choirgirl as she had an arrest warrant in Sacramento, but the DA obviously didn’t think it was worth going after her for the solicitation of prostitution and resisting arrest charges.

Plenty of female teachers have been arrested for sex with underage boys. The boys are classified as victims in those cases.


Yes– I would say the same thing if the victim were a male minor. Adults should not be having sex with minors. Just because there was a monetary transaction and you think the minor was a “willing” participant doesn’t mean that minor is not a victim, wasn’t being coerced, or wasn’t being taken advantage of.


I gotta agree with you here. A girl like that may act like she is into it but lacks the maturity to think about consequences beyond the immediate future (even ignoring the legal consequences). If she was also addicted to drugs (a fairly good assumption), she was probably even less capable of comprehending the situation and where her life is heading.

There are reasons for the laws against sex with minors even though they are sometimes applied too rigidly.


Maybe she was afraid that he would beat her to a pulp if he found out that she didn’t warn him about the police. Pimps are not forgiving about these things. She was possibly waiting to make sure that the police had arrested him and she had a warrant.


She is 16, can’t give consent, she is a child.


I am sure if the “victim” had been a relative of the judge, the sentence would have been harsher.


The sentence is arranged through the plea agreement. If the judge refuses to accept the plea agreement, the case goes to trial. The judge doesn’t set the sentence when a plea agreement is in place. If the victim had been related to the judge, he would have to recuse himself and an alternate judge would be assigned to the case. The sentence must still fit within the state’s sentencing guidelines.

Rich in MB

There you have it folks….our Great Tough on Crime DA pleading down a Pimp Thug to two years! Talk about a War on Women!


With the tats ya think he’s a gang member?

Rich in MB

Sure and a Dem voter